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Val strongly believes in the power of positive thinking and our ability to create more fulfilling lives through personal development. Learn more about Val's Self-Empowement Awakening, a compilation of knowledge and personal experience on overcoming negative thinking and applying the law of attraction. She is a contributor for the Huffington Post and has been featured on sites such as Scary Mommy, Redbook, and BlogHer.

I hate getting into these funks, but affirmations like this help… so does that book you recommended!
One thing that always helps me is starting a mental grateful list, and I start with smallest, basic things that I’m grateful for in that moment and work my way up to bigger things.
I have a board entitled Deliberate INSPIRATION – and it contains many inspiring photos and quotes.
If you let your attention wander to unimportant things, you will use your energy to do unimportant things.
He is a writer who researches many self-growth topics and shares ideas on how to overcome difficulty and anything that helps bring balance to our body, mind, and spirit.
It’s full of inspiring quotes, excerpts from books and motivational speeches, and anything else that helps me remember how powerful I am in the creation of my own reality.

It can be so hard when you want something but the timing isn’t right, and you just have to wait.
Val believes we can overcome challenges in our lives through awareness and better understanding of who we are. And I think that I set some big goals this year, so hopefully I can achieve them and blow my mind!

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manifesting reality quotes tumblr

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