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A Customer Journey Map (CJM) is a very helpful tool that represents the whole interaction with a product or service in a transparent manner. We were asked to create a Customer Journey Map for one of the leading email service providers in Poland. However, what should you do in case you do not have time and money for additional user research before points 3 and 4?
The answer is simple – gather product or service stakeholders, create personas and a Customer Journey Draft (CJD). Another result of our workshops was the Customer Journey Draft – the initial release of the Customer Journey Maps. Afterwards, we conducted quick, but detailed research on a about a hundred users using UserZoom. The last step of our approach was adapting the Customer Journey Draft to reflect the research results.
Tight time and cost constraints triggered our innovative approach to modifying the traditional technique of creating a Customer Journey Map. Due to the project limitations we decided to use a different solution – combining workshops with online research turned out to be a quick and effective method for us.
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She continues, ‘I initiated the wiki and invited the classroom teacher in as a co-administrator – and as a collaborative tool it has been wonderful.

Deborah explains, ‘Our Library team will be presenting to the whole staff next Term on our Web 2.0 training, as we were a Professional Learning Team for this activity and all PLTs at school are presenting their learnings to our colleagues.
Thank you to Deborah and Samantha for their terrific work, for sharing their learning with us and with their staff. It clearly points out the strengths and weaknesses of each stage of the interaction – particularly those that affect the user experience. Our client wanted to know why users are choosing their email service, while analyzing the context with which they were using it. It was a graphical representation containing a set of hypothesis about users and their interaction with the email service at every stage of the process.
The main goal was to verify quantitatively our hypothesis about Personas and the Customer Journey Draft while extending our knowledge about users. We rejected some hypothesis and enriched the Customer Journey Draft with additional findings.
Ideally, all the information and insights about users and their interaction with a product or service should be supported by in-depth user research during the initial phase. Tomasz specializes in UX and user-research, designing web portals and mobile app interfaces. She has developed an excellent wiki in conjunction with classroom teacher Samantha Gooding. We can both add to the wiki without having to physically be together – but the history page allows us to keep track of developments.
Our aim was then to invite other teaching staff along so they could add to the wiki if they wished (eg. We have decided to create a wiki for this presentation and this wiki will have links to our Graphic novel wiki and Library blogs etc. One of the challenges we had to face was to find out what elements users admired the most and the things that should be improved as quickly as possible.

Personas are simplified visualization of information about the target group in a form of description of a particular person. Another purpose of this study was to discover usability issues and outline possibilities for improvements. Deborah and Samantha both attended the SLAV conference early this year which featured Will Richardson.
We are hoping that this presentation and wiki will encourage other teaching staff to come on board with the Library next year and create more wikis for curriculum development and resourcing.
Another thing was to identify solutions that would exceed users expectations and strengthen our client’s position against competition. Research also revealed some additional user needs, which we addressed so as to exceed their basic expectations.
We hope that this presentation will encourage wiki use by other English teachers in the school. In this article I would like to introduce to you the approach we have taken for one of our clients.
Unfortunately, there were two problems – a tight deadline and budget constraints (I bet this sounds familiar!). The technique that we applied allowed us to quickly create a Customer Journey Map in a quick and cost-effective manner.

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