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The skill-tree got a big overhaul in the Marauder and Templar areas in 1.3 and this build takes full advantage of it. The first thing to note about this build is that it can be one of the most affordable builds out there, and still have the power to carry parties in higher level maps.
Seeing as Burning Prolif is so meta at the moment i decided to do this build one last time before it gets nerfed. The addition of the Vaal Burning Arrow Skill in 1.2 and the Improved Chin Sol bow made this build finally viable. The most important part of the gear on this character after Life and Resistences is base fire-damage, as this will boost our overall Prolif exponentially. Using a Carcass Jack is not a necessity at all, you can chose other Unique Chests like Belly of the beast or Lightning Coil. If you are afraid of getting shocked its not a bad idea to have a quicksilver with removes shocked in your inventory. Using this item when you are level 62 for a fast cheap 5L is a great idea, that is what i did, link to that is below in the Gameplay section.
Getting more aura reserved in the tree is absolutely something to consider if you want to go for it, the build is close to Sovereignty and Champion of the cause, so if you want to run Herald of ash aswell it is doable. Anger is the most bang for your bucks when it comes to what damage aura to use, this is because everything scales of our base Fire damage.
Vaal Burning Arrow is in my opinion the single most broken skill-gem in the game at the moment.
To be honest, this is just as much a Vaal Burning Arrow character as a normal Burning Arrow character, i throw equal numbers of both traps. We are using Chance to ignite in conjunction with the Flammability curse to get to 100% chance to ignite, this is important for consistency. Because we are starting as a Marauder and therefore getting alot of Strenght from the tree, we are grabbing Iron Grip from the skill-tree, this is not a massive boost in damage, but it gives us more base fire-damage, which is very important for our build.
Starting as a Marauder means we do not have the points to get to Clever Construction in the Shadow tree, this is regretable. Currently using Weapon Elemental Damage over Fire Penetration because i don’t have a second leveled Fire Penetration. Blink arrow is a great addition to the game, it is mainly used as a way to open boxes safely and traverse ledges in a easy way. Note that these are not all the links i currently have myself, this is simply what i would call optimal if you can chrome everything right. Helping Oak or Killing all in Cruel is a hard choice, i find myself helping Oak everytime though.
In my old guide i said it was possible to play this is a ranged character right from level one, this is still the case. The only thing we care about is getting alot of Life and elemental damage until we reach level 62.
We start off getting alot of HP on our way out of the Marauder tree, we will equip an Intelligence ammulet and start flamblasting at Level 10. We will keep flameblasting with Chance to Ignite and Prolif and work our way into the Templar starting area, here we will grab all the AoE, life and Elemental damage necessary to keep us leveling really fast. This is how our tree is going to look when we finally reached level 62 and we are ready to take Point Blank and Avatar of Fire. Here we can see that we address our small current mana problems grabbing the Unrelenting and Catalyze wheels.
A: Trap passives are not all that good for damage, it is totally wasted going for them (as a Marauder). A: Shadow has more consistency from getting to take Clever Construction and arguably the same damage as a Marauder with this build. A: All the other damage nodes i have taken are more efficient, these include 8% weapon elemental damage nodes, 10%+ elemental and fire damage nodes. Storm Heralds, Arc casters and Leapers can be hard to get used to fighting at first, but you get a hang of it.
Dexterity we will be needing on a few gear pieces, nothing major, we are getting 114 dexterity for the tree itself.

Big thanks to GGG for featuring my build this second time around, so happy and in-awe that you guys take the time to make build of the week for us players!
Big thanks to WillyWonkaHC my dear friend that mentioned my build in State of exile some episodes ago and featuring me in one of his streams, thanks buddy. First time i made him was back in the start of invasion, back before vaal-gems, before chin-sol was buffed, way back before 1.2 when BA had shit damage and not enough fire conversion to work on its own with AoF. I played alot around with several templars, some of which ripped horribly, needless to say the build was pretty garbage, but it had potential. I played the build the entirety of beyond-league and never ripped, keeping a steady stream of 77-78 maps because of the diversity of map-mods the build can handle. I have never been more happy about a build i have made myself, when i got to level 90 i saw the character as finished. This is my Burning arrow Marauder, he uses traps and the unique bow Chin Sol for insane amounts of burning damage.
Espessialy considering this is a Beyond Leagues build, where elemental resistant mobs are everywhere. Eventhough the Character is far from finished and is still only in the early 80's, it has so much damage that it can basically 1shot most map bosses and even Merc Vaal oversoul. Doing lower level maps because of recording + playing might cause a crash, and i want to stay alive.
The build is going to be using Grace soon aswell, usually you get this from your teammates but you totally have the capacity to do so. This is because Herald of ash is not as build enabling as one would think, it is still a great dps boots when your Reduced mana is leveling.
The reason Herald of ash is not THAT great is because the traps do not cause an overkill effect, this only works if its my own attacks.
The whole consept of this build is stacking stupid amounts of fire damage that we can proliferate to kill the monsters of wraeclast. This in combination with all the fire damage nodes we have on the tree and all the Strenght we get from going the route we are going and picking up Iron Grip gives us a stupid amount of Fire damage on out Buring Arrow hit, This then gets all the Multiplicative bonuses and has the potential to 1shot anything i have faced in the game so far(Not gone over 72 maps). Notice that the Chance to ignite on Burning arrow does not take in account the chance to ignite from Mokou's Embrace and from passives in the tree, This number goes up to 100% with the Flammability curse. You will be using the Vaal Burning arrow to clear things like Totems with other minions cannot die, bosses, beyond packs and just regualr blue packs.
At the start just find yourself a bow and use Rain of arrows, theis will be our skill of choise until we get our Proliferation gem at lvl 24. Some people have suggested to me that going Molten Strike was a faster way to level, but i really think that the Burning arrow Prolif will do more than enough for you.
This will be more than enough to get you to merciless, take all the hp on the tree and the AOE in the Templar.(Don't get Damage, you do not need it). At level 62 you finally convert to Traps when you get your Chin Sol and Point Blank in the tree, at this point, you are already broken, and then you get all the fire damage from the tree.
You can also drop the Marauder resist nodes whenever you have good enough gear, this saves us some points. And those towershield bastards that shield charge you in barracks, They block your normal Burning arrows, its not a BIG deal. Not only is this my third try at a build like this, but there are still alot of improvements to be made with this build. Getting the insanely overpowered Adds 1 additional arrow on a quiver, holy chriswilsonjesus that thing is powerful with this build.
And this Character can also be improved by buying more MTX to make him look even more badass. If i get enough responses to this thread, i might add some footage of me 1 shotting map bosses. Dmg must be insane, but overkilling whites is meaningless if clear speed is low, so here is my question: How's clear speed? Well your build does the same as a burn fire trap build and plays exactly the same way so its not more or less fun since its the same just with other gear, so if its not better there would be no point to do it.
I have tried this only in 1v1 pvp because it is hard to find team for pvp when I play, even find someone for 1v1 isn't fast.

It also takes advantage of several fairly cheap unique items, and uses them in both creative and powerful ways.
Vaal Burning Arrow is a very important part of this build, as it has the potential power to kill most map-bosses in one shot. This is important to understand, Herald of ash is not bad for damage, but it doesn’t really compare all that well with Anger. The fact that it is an Area of effect skill, has a damage effectiveness of 160%, has a low soul requirement to get charged, that it charges up to 3 times (synergizes perfectly with traps) and that it doesn’t need Chance to ignite makes it a crazy addition to this character. This is also why we decide to grab the Resolute Technique Keystone passive in the skill-tree. The difference is only noticable in 75% Fire resistant maps, or generally very fire resistant mobs.
But after leveling again in Bloodlines i have found that using Flameblast is a much better way to level with this character. Then we can finally start using our build, this is because level 62 is the level requirement for our bow Chin Sol.
Don't forget to craft a +1 Firegem sceptre, this alone will carry you way into the 50~ish levels. Not having Clever Construction it is just something we have to live with, but it is honestly not that bad. This Character has alot better gear then the one i am going to showcase later in this guide. This is the third time i have made this character, but all the changes in the 1.2 patch make this builds potential absolutely insane. You can see from how i rape a +5 chest level box with an exile in it in the Pier video that i have more than enough damage. All of them die from 1 vaal burning arrow, so you can just keep running, the addition of this makes the build very effecient in doing both piety farming and clearing maps at really good speeds. You have to play smart if you want to kill these with your traps, These are usually not a problem aslong as you have a vaal burning arrow up, this is because it goes of alot faster than the other burning arrow, i do not know why. I have wasted well over 150 fusings trying to fuse this mess of a bow, but i will keep pouring all my rewards into linking that shit. This combination of gems and skill-tree is absolutely insane, and it is by far the most fun i have had in this game.
We don’t need crits to do damage, we have more than enough of that already because of how we scale our damage. We are also grabbing some resist on our way out of the Marauder, you can chose to skip this because we are going to respec it later anyway.
Little did i know how strong it was going to be or how popular my build-guide would be, many thanks to WillywonkaHC showcasing my and my build on his stream one day<3. This is both used for boss killing and as a fast pack clearer when you are out of normal traps. We also take advantage of the Avatar of fire keystone passive to reach 100% physical to fire conversion. There is no reason Grace should be a better option than Determination however, so i would level them both and test for yourself. Don't forget to level with a Clarity aura, we will drop it later, but it will help us alot to flameblast.
Then they Fracture, and they don't leave corpses, so its impossible to kill them all without having a vaal burning arrow. That is what i found when i played in Beyond atleast, with all the new free armour nodes in the Marauder area this might have changed.

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