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His Duct Tape Marketing Blog was chosen as a Forbes favorite for small business and marketing and is a Harvard Business School featured marketing site.
In a series of 15 workbooks and 12, 1-hour audio sessions, you are introduced to every strategy, every tip, every tool and every strategy that make up the Duct Tape Marketing System.
John Jantsch is available to present small business marketing workshops, seminars and keynotes to groups and associations. As far as business growth strategies go, one we always come back to is marketing. The reason for this repetitiveness is that marketing has many facets. As business owners, we must develop the mindset that says, “We are in the marketing business!” Although we work in many different industries, we are all in the same business: the marketing business. A marketing engine is simply a set of strategies and tactics that consistently deliver a specified number of qualified leads.
As a business coach in Houston, Sugar Land, and Richmond, I receive a tremendous amount of gratification from helping business owners create their own marketing engine so they can rev up or slow down their number of leads each month. In the previous post we talked about prioritizing your current customers as a marketing strategy. First, you must understand that all people prefer to buy from others they know, like, and trust. With that understanding, you can grasp the value of a good referral: It allows you to begin the process with a certain level of trust already built in. Now that you grasp the value of a referral, you’re ready to take action to turn it into lead. Wise business owners who grasp the value of referrals will implement specific tools and tactics that are designed to generate an increasing number of warm, interested prospects through their satisfied customers and strategic partners.
As a Houston business coach, I help local entrepreneurs design and implement referral marketing systems. That’s the tip that Joe Pulizzi, content expert and author of Get Content, Get Customers, explains in this interview from Social Media Examiner. If you want people to share your message, they won’t do that until they read something from you that is worthy and interesting.
Ask yourself, “Where are my customers hanging out online?” Most of us have no idea where our customers are.
There’s a lot of outsourcing right now because writers know how to tell a story, and marketing departments are already swamped as it is. Before business owners shell out money for a television advertisement or spend hours at networking events, they must pause and consider this business fact: Their existing customers should be their FIRST marketing priority.
The existing customers of a business are the people who have already chosen to do business with them, and they are the ones who are most likely to do business with them in the future.
Contrast that with the investment of time, energy, and money that it takes for a business owner to attract a new customer.
Rather than grasping at new customers, they should be on the lookout instead for ways to increase their customer loyalty. Business owners should make it their goal to increase the size of the average sale by adding more value. Remember: Strategic business owners remain on the lookout for additional ways that they can serve their existing customers more in the future, and then they make sure they always serve their customers well.
One of the biggest mistakes I see small business owners making is that they do not track and measure the performance of their marketing efforts.
Feeling like a prisoner to their business because they have inadequate systems and too much depends on them.
Working too much, which hurts their family, other important relationships, and their health.
Slowing you down, catching your breath, getting you focused, and mapping out the needed changes.
Providing a proven process that will keep you focused for the next two years, hold you accountable to your goals and plans, and empower you to achieve the results you desire. Our proven process has helped many local business owners improve their businesses, their incomes, and their lives. You’ll grow your business, make more money, work with less stress, and have more time to do the things you want to do.
You’ll build a business that doesn’t depend solely on you but that can become a separate asset that you can sell for a good return for your sacrifice and effort.
I’m constantly improving on my value proposition like every good business owner, but I hope this example gives you a picture of how to create and improve YOUR value proposition.

The goal of thought leadership in marketing is to build trust and become a valued resource to your prospects BEFORE they need your services. However, to succeed at this you must know your target market!  What do they want to know?  What do they need to know?  Where do they look for that information?  How can you become that source? Let me encourage you to make it a part of your marketing strategy to position yourself as a thought-leader. Most of us want people to talk about our businesses in positive ways to their friends and colleagues. The downside of this reality is that people will talk about their disappointments with your product or service as much as they will talk about their pleasure. If your customers won’t talk about your stuff, you have to buy lots of advertising to generate sales. Begin thinking today about ways that you can make your product or service more interesting. As a business coach and executive coach, I help business owners and leaders in Sugar Land, Katy, and the Houston area achieve exceptional performance in their businesses.
I thought it’d be helpful to share some steps to help you get a business blog up and running.
If my blog is for business, am I targeting my customers, or my employees, or my prospects, or other people in my industry?
Now that you know your goal, think about the topics and content in which you are interested and the types of readers with whom you want to connect. Use your blog as an opportunity to reach out to your market and to make yourself accessible and available. If a reader takes the time to comment on one of your posts, be sure to take the time to respond back to him or her.
Think about the words that your audience might be typing into Google to find your product or service. Godin’s response to the question of ads was this: “If the local bank were offering a sale on dollar bills, ninety cents each, how many would you buy? If your ads work, if you can measure them and they return more profit than they cost, why not keep buying them until they stop working?
He is a presenter of popular marketing workshops for organizations such as the Small Business Administration, Kauffman Foundation, Painting and Decorating Contractors of America, Associated Builders and Contractors, and National Association of the Remodeling Industry. In other words, you know that if you execute tactic “A” each month, you will produce “X” number of leads each month.
They do not know what marketing tactics will keep them alive, much less what tactics will enable them to grow. I would be very pleased to serve you in your efforts to establish a consistent marketing system.
So in order to have a real opportunity to make a sale, you have to first overcome the buyer’s skepticism – you have to achieve a certain level of trust. Building that trust is difficult if you’re a stranger, but a referral allows you to fast-forward the trust-building process. They will literally create a referral “system” that enhances and leverages word-of-mouth marketing. Here are a few highlights from the video, in which Pulizzi answers a few questions about what it is and how to make it happen.
Before you do anything with your social media strategy, you first need a content marketing strategy. Maybe you’re taking content from lot of different places, but you can put it together into an ultimate guide.
But ten years from now, I believe it will all come back, and the writers will be hired in-house because everyone needs to be publishers.
Believe it or not, his or her investment typically costs six to eight times more to attract a new customer than it does to keep the existing customer!
Also, they should make it their goal to increase the frequency of sales, again by adding more value!
It should say something about your reputation, your experience, your training, your systems, and your guarantee.
If you are a business owner who would like to improve your performance, contact us today to set up a no-obligation strategy session to get started. If we wait until the selling conversation to start building trust, we have done ourselves and our prospects a disservice.

I encourage business owners to get inside the head of their best customers and prospects so they can understand what they need to know. You position yourself as a thought-leader (an expert) so that your market looks to you for information and guidance. Most importantly, you share this knowledge without mentioning your company or products at all.
They talk about things that are interesting, unusual, or disappointing – and that reality can help or hurt our business.
If you’re wondering what inbound marketing is, check out this post about the power of inbound marketing and how to harness it in your business. The most important thing to know about the frequency of your updates is that it should be frequent and consistent.
And for some sorts of products and some sorts of ads, you’ll get no argument from me.
You should know cost per click and revenue per click and be able to make a smart guess about lifetime value of a click. They would buy unlimited ads, of any kind, as long as they generated new customers for $33 or less each. This is a great way to get started, particularly if your budget doesn't allow you to engage a coach. We can become marketing experts and create what I call a “marketing engine” for our unique business. Contact us today about setting up a no-cost strategy session to work on your marketing engine. However, my experience is that most business owners are not very intentional about leveraging this incredible opportunity. While referral marketing typically has a low hard-dollar cost, it does take time and mental energy. Then ask, “What is the niche for which we want to be an expert?” Provide content, then focus on what gets the most interest. They can find additional ways to add value and then let their customers know that they want to serve them more.
By setting a budget, you are more likely to discipline yourself to spend more wisely and effectively.
By calendaring your activity, you are more likely to generate a steady stream of new business leads. We help business owners in Sugar Land, Katy, and the Houston area improve their marketing, sales, management, systems, and leadership. Once you understand the issues they wrestle with, you can begin to generate content that will help them. Even worse, if your customer service or customer experience is poor, then word-of-mouth will kill you. There was a risk that $33 was too high a number for the business to sustain, but the ads were no risk at all.
Then to increase your number of customers for business growth, you will simply need to rev up your marketing engine. Consider creating a blogging schedule or editorial calendar for yourself so you can stay consistent. Do some research on the internet on how to optimize your blog content to be friendly toward search engines. For my business, the channels that work the best include outside speaking, seminars, referrals, community networking, and thought leadership (through our blog, publishing, PR, and social media). A good business coach can be a great asset and investment to help you gain this leverage – contact us for help! That’s where you need to be forming conversations because then they’ll be more likely to share content. They then spend more time and money on the marketing activities that generate the most and best leads.

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