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This Marketing Communication Matrix is itself a template and should be expanded as necessary.
Do you have insights, strategies or a story about marketing communication to share with other readers?
Your product, service or idea and the prevailing market conditions will determine your optimal Marketing Communication Mix as well as define your target audience and the right message and media to reach them with.
The purpose of your analysis is simply to determine who your customers are and how they buy.
In particular, the criteria of Time - how long each effort will take to design and over what timeframe it will be implemented -, Reach - how many prospects you will reach per dollar spend a€“ and Range - what subset of your total target customer group you are reaching a€“ should be elaborated on and added to as necessary.
Perhaps you have implemented a new strategy that is working really well or have insights into how the Internet is changing the communication landscape. The basic question you are answering is what you are going to communicate to who, how and when. Successful Communication Planning can be broken down into a three-step process entailing Analysis, Strategy and Implementation.
It is crucial to answer these questions before proceeding as they will form the basis of your overall Marketing Communication success. Customer Analysis Throughout the sales and marketing process you should return again and again to your customer: Who are they?
What is important is being able to compare the various marketing communication tools at your disposal in building an optimal Marketing Communication Plan. Your Marketing Communication Matrix should be expanded to include specific communication tools that are part of the Marketing Communication Process such as e-mail, flyers, mailing lists, newspaper and magazine ads, Yellow Pages, merchandising and packaging, trade fairs and events and eMarketing. These are covered below as part of a comprehensive process of building a comprehensive Marketing Communication Plan by drawing on the various elements that are pertinent to your business situation and in line with your overall marketing approach. In listing these out and thinking about them you will begin to come up with ideas around the best ways of engaging your customers based on your analysis. Select it and click on the button to choose it.Then click on the link if you want to upload up to 3 more images. Rather than force your Marketing Communication Process to adhere to a strict formula, you should pick and choose what areas of this overall template are appropriate for you. You will also have the opportunity to investigate associated costs and other considerations. As a final point, don't at all feel limited to just these two approaches to analyzing the enormous mix of resources at your disposal in Communication Planning. Another approach might be to perform a high-level analysis where you compare communication approaches in terms of Written, Spoken, Physical and Multimedia.
While it is important to have a picture of your ideal customer in mind as you shape your Marketing Strategy, bear in mind that this picture will change over time and that experience should be key in determining who your customers really are.
Although this is a high-level discussion it comes after Analysis simply because understanding the customer should always come first before any other activity in sales and marketing.

Once we know who our customer is and we have an idea of how we should communicate with them, we can formulate goals and a general philosophy around how this communication should take place. Objectives It is only after analyzing your customers and their communication process that you can develop strategic Marketing Communication Planning objectives.
It is not uncommon for a business to spend time and effort reaching out to a class of customers who in fact do not turn out to be the ideal customer. While we generally like to put objectives at the beginning of any plan, in marketing our strategy should first and foremost be defined by our understanding of the customer and their needs. For example, a dry-cleaning business may have in mind to tailor her efforts and approach to busy executives whereas over time the bulk of its customers may turn out to be everyday middle class clients living in the neighborhood. This is especially true in creating your Marketing Communication Plan and so even if you do create a formal plan document that begins with a high-level Introduction and Objectives, make sure to revisit goal setting in the strategy section. What segment of your target audience are you going to focus on?
It is easy to get caught up in fantasizing about the wrong kind of customer which may lead to the wrong kind of marketing communication plan approach. As you narrow down on who your customer is, put yourself in their shoes and try to think like them. Now that you understands the size of your potential customer base are you looking for a specific conversion rate in terms of sales leads produced through your Marketing Communication Plan?
Perhaps your objectives are more qualitative and you simply seek to increase awareness and educate customers and prospects. Do you have specific calls to action or a most wanted response you are trying to generate as a result of your Marketing Communication Planning? These are just some suggestion of what kind of strategic objectives you can have in creating Marketing Communication Plans. Quantitative results can of course be tracked allowed you to adjust your approach in future iterations of your plan. On the other hand, depending on your stage in the product and market lifecycle, a more subjective approach in shaping consumer behavior and attitudes is called for.
As you being to understand the mindset of your customers you will naturally evolve to meeting them at their level in both your personal and professional communications. However you choose to approach the question of strategy and objectives do remember that you are in business and the end result of your Marketing Communication activities should be to engage customers, build quality relationships and make sales. Message The Marketing Communication Plan revisits aspects of creating your overall Marketing Plan and this should indeed be the case.
It is important to come back to the basic questions of creating value and creating customers that are central to business. From a sales and marketing perspective, it is important to readjust your approach to these questions as your understanding of your customer and their needs increases. The goal is to formulate an understanding of which Marketing Communication tools should be part of your Marketing Communication Process in reaching out to customers most effectively.
This is just as important in the question of your Marketing Communication Plan message as elsewhere. It is more important today than ever to have a customers first approach to sales and marketing.

How do your customers buys and what is the best way to reach them? Communication Process Analysis at this stage will lead into the next section of Marketing Communication Strategy where you chalk out specific strategies to build on what you have discovered in your analysis stage. The difference is that during your analysis you are fact-finding and in the next stage you develop your plan based on what your research uncovers.
The marketplace is simply too competitive and customers today are far too discerning and downright fussy over their purchasing choices. Ask your customers how they buy and engage in ongoing experiments to determine which forms of marketing communication they are most open to. This applies to creating a valuable product based on your customers' needs as well as understanding what they are looking for in your product and crafting your message accordingly. Your Marketing Communication Plan message begins with how you position your product, service or idea.
The matrix should consist of a comprehensive list of marketing communication tools checked against various criteria that enables you to evaluate their feasibility during your Marketing Communication Planning. After understanding your customer's needs and general market conditions you can design your product and messaging to answer to those needs and thus create value for customers. Your message simply communicates how your positioning strategy aligns your product or service features with the benefits your customers seek through using your product. Using the dry cleaning business example, a quick turnaround benefits busy customers with little time. A common mistake marketers make is creating superficial marketing communications that are nothing more than fanciful announcements that do not engage nor impress customers. Think like your customer and communicate to them in a way that you yourself would be open to if you were them. Some final considerations are making sure that your message resonates with salespeople, customers and employees and can be applied across all communication channels.
Your message should speak to the customer - a€?youa€? - directly, addressing their needs in their language. Media What communication vehicles are you going to utilize as part of your Marketing Communication Planning?
You have done some basic research in the Analysis phase and now is the time to flesh preliminary thoughts out into a full-fledged plan.
In creating a Media strategy, keep in mind how you can keep your message unified throughout all of the components of your Marketing Communication Mix so that you use a single voice, that of your Marketing Personality. A key goal of your Marketing Communication Plan is to create strategies and tactics around each of the stages of the Sales Process.

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