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While some business schools offer as one integrated and introductory course in Marketing, many other business schools split (taking into account the breadth and the depth of the body of knowledge) the course into two distinct modules - Marketing Management I and Marketing Management II. Abstracts: Legendry marketing expert, the ‘Father of Modern Marketing’ Philip Kotler together with Theodore Levitt is accountable for defining the marketing concepts from traditional horse-trading habits of mid-20th century to modern marketing techniques. Abstracts: Peter Brabeck, CEO of Nestle opined that marketing should be the backbone of the company to sustain growth in global markets. Abstracts: The case study highlights how companies that formulate appropriate marketing mix can succeed and become industry leaders.
Motors in the new millennium and how consumers value innovation, quality and services in the consumer markets. Abstracts: The case study analyses how the Cincinnati-based Procter and Gamble (P&G) a pioneer in mass marketing has revamped its marketing strategies in the new millennium from mass to micro marketing by understanding the core audience of its brands.
Abstracts: The case study provides insights into how Toyota executed marketing activities in a constellation of micro marketing environment. Abstracts: With the advent of globalisation during 1990s, renowned brands like Coca-Cola, Mc Donald’s, Microsoft, CNN, KFC and Marlboro etc penetrated into the global markets.
Abstracts: Douglas Daft, CEO of Coca-cola believed in ‘Expanding from global to local’ and the companies business lay in the local markets, and the key success to the business growth was building relationships with suppliers, bottlers, transport companies, supermarkets and majorly with customers. Detailed Syllabus: A Buyer Behavior perspective – Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behavior – Consumer Buying Roles – Types of Buying, Decision Behavior – The Buyer Decision Process – The Buyer Decision Process for New Products. Abstracts: Having forayed into Chinese PC market in 1998, Dell Inc, primarily targeted Industrial and public service departments with its unique direct business model performing moderately well. Abstracts: The advent of Internet brought sweeping changes in consumer buying process, shifting the focus from supplier of goods and services to the customer during late 20th century. Abstracts: Indian Auto Component Industry during the recent years transformed from a low-key supplier serving the needs of domestic market to a supplier of high-value and critical automobile components provider to global automakers like General Motors, Toyota, Volkswagen and Ford and so on. Abstracts: The need and application of Semiconductor ICs broadened with the proliferation of myriad consumer electronic products of present day world.
Detailed Syllabus: Levels of Segmentation – Patterns of Segmentation – Procedures for Market Segmentation – Requirements of Effective Segmentation – Market Targeting – Evaluation & Selecting Target Markets, Focusing and Niching – Mass Customization. Abstracts: The case study highlights the market segmentation of Indian Hotel Industry after economic liberalisation of the country. Abstracts: Kazuo Nakai, Vice President Asia Pacific for Sony Ericson trusted until 2003 that company should have one hit model in each segment rather than having lot of undifferentiated ones.
Detailed Syllabus: Competitive Differentiation – Concept of Positioning – Positioning as Strategy – Communicating your Positioning Strategy.
Abstracts: Brian Bolain, a member of Toyota’s Genesis team suggested the need of changing the company’s strategies by positioning its new products targeting Generation Y customers.
Abstracts: Ever since Madura Garments forayed into Indian Textile markets it offered famous brands like Allen Solly, Van Hussein, Louis Philippe and Peter England catering to the apparel needs of various user segments.
Abstracts: The case highlights how Dell’s direct business model benefited both the company and customers with its customised products providing a competitive advantage to the company. Abstracts: The case study focuses on value chain analysis of Dell’s direct business model of selling and build-to-order supply chain philosophy that ensures the supply of products directly from supplier to customers establishing a two-contact for feed back and ensuring that the company maximizes the profits and customers derive satisfaction. Abstracts: Michael Porter introduced a new marketing concept called ‘Competitive Advantage’ and defined it as an advantage that a company can enjoy over its competitors position. Abstracts: The case study presents the modular production strategies of IKEA’s low-cost furniture with a slogan ‘one-size fits all’ in Japanese furniture markets. Detailed Syllabus: New Product Development Processes – Challenges in Developing New Products – Consumer Adoption Process for New Products.
Abstracts: The case study highlights P&G approach of new product development with open-business model by connecting consumer wants and company’s innovation technology. Abstracts: Philip Kotler remarked the success of iPod was the combination of its excellent product design, smart marketing and great timing. Abstracts: The case study enables in understanding the behaviour of Lifebuoy’s product life cycle during various stages of its life and the strategies it adopted by repositioning and rejuvenating the brand with a new life cycle.
Abstracts: JI Kim, managing director of Hyundai Motors was quite happy with the overwhelming success of Santro’s market performance and remarked that the company has been assiduously focusing on delivering not cars but joy and happiness. Abstracts: Ian Fleming’s fictional character James Bond excelled for four decades by changing its product offerings periodically to suit the contemporary demand of markets without changing the core value. Abstracts: The case provides insights into how Tata Group’s ‘IndiOne’, a no-frill model hotel, created landmark innovation in Indian Hotel industry with simple and smart basics like simplicity, convenience, informality, warmth, modernity and affordability in the industry. Abstracts: The case study highlights P&G’s philosophy of Customer Driven Supply Network and ability to win customers with two critical ‘moments of truth’ after purchase process. Abstracts: The evolution of organised retailing after liberalisation changed the conventional supply-chain channel model that was designed in such a way that a producer was directly selling the goods to the customers during shopping seasons.
Abstracts: The case study presents Wal-Mart’s reentry into Japan with modified supplier-retailer relationship strategies in the Japanese retail industry. The Hudsucker Proxy The movie is an aweinspiring creation of a goofy, dumb hero having ‘greatness thrust upon him’. Tucker: The Man and His DreamPreston Tucker, an American automobile designer had a dream of producing a classic Tucker car of his times that other contemporary cars could not design with features like an air-cooled rear engine, disc brakes, independent 4-wheel suspension, and additional center head light that could be pivoted left and right for better vision when turning.
SalesmanPaul Brennan, an Irish-American and his colleagues, a group of real-life Bible salesmen for the Mid-American Bible Company traipses door-to-door in an effort to sell the book to housewives who find it hard to afford but don’t want to appear rude to a Church-sanctioned representative. The CorporationThe movie was a well-orchestrated and fascinating documentary about the growing significance of global businesses, and the impacts of corporate decision process to the external world.
Super Size MeThe movie is a great documentary about the manufacturing processes of a billion-dollar fast food industry besieged by doctors, lawyers and nutritionists. Thank You for SmokingAaron Eckhart plays Nick Naylor, a lobbyist for the Cigarette industry who travels, talks, spins arguments over their heads to ensure that people keep on smoking.
Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?A comic satire of 1950s television in which a writer for advertising, Rockwell P. Fahrenheit 451Oskar Werner plays the role of Montag, a fireman whose mission was to burn all books and collections on sight. Cast AwayTom Hanks the Federal Express Executive was stranded in a deserted island as his plane crashes on a fight over South Pacific. Full-time: three years, or four years with 48-weeks industrial placement or international study in year 3.
Marketing and advertising professions offer challenge, excitement and open up a number of career prospects across different sectors. View our fantastic facilities, learn more about your course of interest and get an insight into student life.
This specialist route builds on the existing BA(Hons) Marketing Management course and introduces a suite of digital marketing modules which incorporates the digital knowledge and skills required for a career working within a digital marketing industry. Winners of the highly prestigious Chartered Institute of Marketing student competition 2005, 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2012 which means that our students are recognised as some of the best in the UK. 2013 winners of the Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing (IDM) Student Marketing Competition, beating over 100 student teams from universities across the UK meaning that our students really stand out from students at other universities when it comes to being recognised for their excellence by prestigious industry bodies. The Business School's state-of-the-art Greenbank and Brook buildings are in the middle of the campus offering a comprehensive range of study, learning and social facilities including a cybercafe and easy access PC workstation rooms. Put theory into practice in a professional business environment by taking advantage of the optional 48-week industry paid placement in a company based in the UK or overseas.
The 2013 National Student Survey (NSS) results show Public Relations and Marketing courses at UCLan were listed in the top 10 of similar courses in the UK, and 94% of students studying Business related courses said they were satisfied with their course and that staff had made the subject interesting which means our students are really happy, not only with their course but also the staff. According to the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), there are 880 Marketing degree programmes in the UK.
In the 2015 National Student Survey, students studying marketing courses at UCLan scored academic support, assessment and feedback, personal development and access to learning resources very highly. We have a strong business network between local and national businesses which you will benefit from, for example, there is an opportunity to attend guest speaker events, which are organised in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI) and Chartered Institute of Marketing (CiM).
You will benefit from a variety of teaching and learning methods including: lectures, seminars, practical workshops, group activities, personal research and case studies.

During your first year you will, on average, attend between 12 and 14 hours of formal study per week. New Delhi, bulk sms company in bikaner, bulk sms company in warangal, bulk sms company in mire, bulk sms company in guntur, bulk sms company in bhavnagar, bulk sms company in durgapur, bulk sms company in asansol, bulk sms company in ajmer, bulk sms company kolhapur, bulk sms company i ulhasnagar, bulk sms company in siliguri, bulk sms company in saharanpur, bulk sms company in dehradun, bulk sms company in jamnagar, bulk sms company in bhatpara, bulk sms company in dewas, bulk sms company in indore, bulk sms company in sangli miraj & kupwad, bulk sms company in kozhikode, bulk sms company in nanded waghala, bulk sms company in ujjain, bulk sms company in gulbarga, bulk sms company in tiruneveli, toll free no. The aim of the Master is to train marketing managers able to operate in luxury goods companies and service providers. The master offers the opportunity to deal with established companies and to develop specific skills on implementing a marketing plan, by analyzing significant cases as well as by realizing projects in collaboration with firms of that industry. The original settlement developed on hills that faced onto a ford beside the Tiber island, the only natural ford of the river.
This module has been developed to give you a head start in creating and running your own tax preparation service. How to prepare for and conduct your client interviews for efficiencies, retention and referrals.
If after completing the course within 30 days, you find the course did not meet your expectations, simply return all materials for a complete refund of any monies paid.
Nearly every retailer on the Internet Retailers’ Top 500 list has an affiliate marketing program. IBSCDC's marketing case studies have been mapped as per the latter approach - Marketing Management I & II. Marketing strategies pioneered during 1960s and 1970s led to fierce competition with dwindling profit margins due to increased market segmentation, commoditisation of products and shrinking product life cycles forcing manufacturers to make revolutionary new products to remain competitive in global markets.
He integrated the marketing activities with strategic plans by repositioning the entire food group as a health corporation. It delves into how Titan Industries engineered its marketing mix with sophisticated technology, innovative marketing, and high quality products to become a leading brand in the Indian Watch Industry. The ‘Big Three’ suffered from quality, reliability and safety related problems leading to loss of consumer faith and brand loyalty in the new millennium. Its qualitative and creative corporate working environment that stimulates learning desire is the success factor of Toyota’s management style.
American firms were viewed as a threat for local manufacturers and consumers in Europe and Asia resisted ‘Brand America’ and Americanism and viewed it as a threat to local manufacturers, consumers and their culture.
The case study was primarily written to understand how Coca-Cola faced controversial business allegations against its overseas business activities in Latin America, Europe, Uzbekistan, Middle-East and India posing serious challenges to its business activities. As Chinese consumers exhibit a desire to touch and experience the products before making an actual purchase, Dell was faced with challenges to revamp its business model by establishing Kiosks to demonstrate and trial its products and features.The case study delves into critical success factors of Chinese PC industry and the drawbacks in Dell’s marketing strategies to gain market foothold in Chinese PC markets. The case presents how customers are empowered with modern tools of information search, evaluation of new alternatives and speeding up the buying process. The case study describes the characteristics and growth of Indian Auto components industry since liberalisation of markets in the Indian industrial context.
They are the most vital components in manufacturing commercial products right from a small mobile phone to automobiles, military radars and weaponry system. Until recently India considered only five-star hotels as luxury and everything else as budget hotels, while the industry on global scale segmented as luxury, mid-scale, budget and economy hotels.
The case focuses on how Sony Ericson had initially focused on high-end low volume market, but realised later the need to foray into low-end high volume market targeting mass segments. The case presents the dilemma of market positioning strategies of Toyota Scion in US focusing on to the taste of Gen Y customers. The case highlights how Madura Garments explored new market segments stretching its brand offerings from men’s wear to women’s wear to kid’s apparels.
It simplified the process of product search, geographic location, average unit price, and total dollar value, thus ensuring optimum customer satisfaction by establishing a 1-1 two-way contact. This advantage can be achieved when it ensures greater customer satisfaction either by lowering prices or providing extended benefits and services to offset the prices. It debates the reasons for its failure during its first entry in 1974 and the factors that encouraged re-entering the Japanese market with the ensuing challenges. The case explains P&G’s innovative learning methods and its understanding about customer habits, wants and behaviour. Apple’s timed launch with smart marketing strategies made customers more willing to adopt to the MP3 concept that ensured a superior product concept.
The case demonstrates the long mileage of the brand image in tune with the changing customer preferences and technological revolutions in the film industry. The case study presents how Dell’s direct distribution model became the envy of PC manufacturers and made it a darling on Wall Street by virtually integrating itself by building close relationships with suppliers and customers. It explores the manufacturer-retailer relationships in co-creating value and identifying supply-chain as a profit centre rather than a cost centre, a source of competitive advantage in ensuring top-line growth as well as bottom-line performance.
The case delves into how organised retailing set its feet with the rise in income levels of affluent middle class in India since 1990s and the evolution of super markets and shopping malls that adopted scientific supply-chain channel system. It was faced with challenges like Japan’s multi-tier distribution system, understanding Japanese buying behavior and creating a right product assortment to remain competitive in the industry. A business fulfills this purpose by providing a product or service that satisfies a customer need. Marketing comes second.”Value offered means nothing without communicating that value to a potential customer. It is a theme plotted on corporate corruption and the mind set of those who are responsible for organisational development and growth. Although he could succeed raising money, create product demand and set up a factory, unfortunately unlike many small entrepreneurs he too failed to fight the big guys in the industry and failed to fulfill his dreams.
The documentary was a collaboration of Maysles brothers that tells how Brennan exchanges war-time stories with fellow Bible-sellers and attends management and sales meetings. It highlights how corporates have ballooned in size and power since industrial revolution and how the loopholes in laws enabled managers to remain unaccountable for their actions. It reflected how fast food industry exploited poor Americans by satisfying their materialistic appetites and becoming a self-seeking money machine at the cost of Americans health.
Hunter (Tony Randall), desperately puts all his efforts to convince a beautiful movie star Rita Marlow to endorse for product promotion.
His duty was to burn the books at a temperature of 450 degrees F because government believes that books make people unhappy and fears they create independentthinking public. The film progresses with Hanks attempts to survive using the remnants of plane’s material and his eventual escape to join the civilization. The advantage of this course is that it provides you with in-depth knowledge of marketing whilst specialising in digital media, covering a range of digital marketing modules incorporating the digital knowledge and skills needed for a career within a digital marketing industry.
They are among the most popular career choices in the world and offer a variety of career prospects across different sectors, from commercial businesses to public and non-for profit organisations.
Digital Essential is introduced in Year 1 which combines practical skills and knowledge related to the use of digital media. The Marketing related programmes at UCLan are in the top 10 in the UK, which means students are studying at one of the leading universities in the UK for Marketing. The companies we work with offer internships, placements, live projects and mentors to provide you with excellent practical experience. In your final year you will have the opportunity to undertake an independent dissertation or company project. In the second and final year attendance will vary depending on which options are chosen but typically between 10-12 hours per week.
Rome is an important centre for music.The original language of Rome was Latin, which evolved during the Middle Ages into Italian.
You will find yourself light years ahead of the competition as you put these strategies into play. The process to earn this designation is not easy, but the knowledge I gained from taking the Universal Accounting Professional Tax Preparer course has made it ‘attainable’ for me.
Geno, who has conducted such workshops for the American Marketing Association in DC, Baltimore, and internationally, will walk you through the entire process of researching, setting up, launching, managing, and building an affiliate marketing program for your business.

As everyone agrees, one of the ever green and increasingly demanding MBA subjects has been Marketing. The making of Tata Nano for a price of INR 1 lakh or $2000 portrays how an appropriate mix of marketing tools creates blockbuster products and sensation in consumer markets. The case study presents how Nestle’s strategies were guided by principles of marketing innovation and an observation of balance between geographical activities and product lines.
Japanese automakers, in particular Toyota Motors posed a serious threat with its quality and fuel-efficient automobiles and lean manufacturing techniques forcing them to adjust their manufacturing and marketing strategies to sustain in the highly competitive marketing environment.
Its corporate philanthropy encompassed eco-friendly activities, motor sport events such as Formula-One to reach out various segments of marketing environment. The case study focused on how American brands like Coca-Cola and Mc Donald’s had attuned to the demographic, ethnic and cultural environments with appropriate marketing strategies. Samsung ranked number two in manufacturing semiconductors with consistent performance in sales. The case explains the challenges faced by the Indian Hotel Industry due to high taxation, poor roads, limited tourism infrastructure, and bureaucratic visa processing system and so on. The case study delves into how Harrah’s successfully managed competitive advantage by ensuring customer relationship with the help of science and IT and analysing the behavioural patterns of its customers.
Santro was positioned in premium compact car segment and priced less than its nearest rival Maruti Zen.
The case also debates whether it missed out the opportunities in successfully responding to the changing environments in US PC markets. The satisfaction of this need provides value to customers for which they are willing to pay.
Norville Barnes (Tim Robbins) was appointed as the proxy president of Hudsucker industries by Machiavellian executive Sidney J. Tucker’s failure to fulfill his Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal defines the success and failure of entrepreneurs and entry-level barriers in industries despite capable of developing revolutionary new products. It examines the corporate behaviour, history, culture, environment, and deliberate attempts to break laws to reap benefits. It highlights the harmful effects of school lunch programs, declining health and physical education standards, food addictions and tough measures people adopt to lose weight to gain their health. It highlights how tobacco industry in US wields political power because of its ability to saturate political process with money.
After the successful endorsement of the model, his commercials rock the market and he moved up the ladder at work becoming company president, but his triumph in the world of advertising cost him to loose his fiancee. He never questions what he does or why he does until he meets a lady Clarisse when he begins to read confiscated books and suspects the motives of government behind book-burning.
The 2013 National Student Survey (NSS) results show Marketing courses at UCLan were listed in the top 10 of similar courses in the UK. The BA (Hons) Marketing Management programme provides students with in-depth knowledge of marketing and provides a critical insight into some of the most contemporary developments taking place within the field, including digital technologies, customer relationship marketing (CRM) approaches and sustainable initiatives such as environmentalism and social responsibility. In Year 2 students combine their marketing, digital skills and knowledge in the new Digital Marketing Planning module.
We also offer an International Travel Bursary Fund paying for you to take part in week-long international visits. The School also offers a number of electives and options that provide students with an opportunity to gain an additional professional body qualification. I must say I was pleasantly surprised and am looking forward to the QuickBooks training that I've signed up for as well. Whether you are looking for sales, leads, phone calls, or any other kind of performance, affiliate marketing is a powerful tool you should not overlook.
You’ll start your day learning how and walk away with all the tools and knowledge necessary to make your affiliate program a success.
The case delves into the marketing challenges in the Indian automobile industry and challenges posed during the manufacturing process of Nano. The case study enables to understand the industrial buying behaviour in semi-conductor industry with rapid developments in personal computers, mobile telephones and telecommunications and automobile sectors. The case study highlights the product life cycle strategies of Santro by offering new variants in the category with models like Santro Zip Drive, Santro Zip Plus, and Santro Xing to prolong its growth stage. The customers’ perceived importance of this need determines how highly they value the product or service and what they are willing to pay for it. It is the whole business seen from the point of view of the final result, that is, from the customer’s point of view. From how you answer the phone, to what is printed on your invoices, to how engineering thinks about design, to how the CFO establishes and communicates financial policy, everything should be evaulated on the basis of whether or not it improves the companies ability to get and keep a customer. Mussberger (Paul Newman), who intends to forestall a public takeover company by lowering investor confidence, thereby driving down the price of shares and allowing the board to purchase the controlling asset. According to Centre for Responsive Politics tobacco industry gave more than $7 million dollars to President Bush and republicans during 2000 elections and $1.4 million to democratic during the same period. An Inconvenient TruthThe movie is focused on a critical issue like global warming intended to deliver as a wake-up call to the world. The film provides an understanding in greater detail how product placement functions in individual films and affects the narrative and texture of a film. This programme allows student to graduate in one of four exit degrees, each route having been specialised to satisfy a range of needs within the current market place. Students studying this module are required to work with a real client to produce a digital brief.
Undertaking a placement year is invaluable and provides a practical introduction to business which will benefit you upon your return to study and also increase your employability upon graduation. You will also have the option to develop your skills in a variety of areas such as IT, web searching, social media, and specialist Microsoft packages. It proceeds to analyse how revolutionary products create buzz marketing and reduce the need of costs involved in product promotion. Effective marketing is viewing the company from the outside, from the customers’ perspective. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise.” Fifty years ago, Peter F. The story is plotted around tobacco industry’s efforts to prevent Senator Ortolan K.Finistirre’s from nailing them from peddling addictive and unhealthy products.
Al Gore, the lead role in the film takes the issue to the road after he failed presidential bid to raise awareness and inspire people on the crisis levels of green house gases and the havoc they are wreaking on the planet. The movie included product placement of two prominent brands Wilson Sporting Goods and Fed-Ex. In the final year, students develop their digital skills and knowledge further with two digital focused modules. The Universal Accounting QuickBooks Specialist course was extremely helpful in preparing me for all of that!
Some I have watched more than once and I really do get soooooo much great information from them!
Customers buy solutions to problems and businesses sell products or services that provide these solutions.
Though the idea of Fed Ex plane crash was not liked by the company, it was convinced later due to its brand awareness in Asia, Europe and other parts of the world.

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