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Hyderabad, May 1: Madhava Reddy and Lakshmi Reddy married off their only daughter Farzana in Islamic way. It was a simple wedding in Goraipally mandal in Yadgirgutta on Sunday (28th April), which moved so many hearts and left so many eyes moist that her wedding ceremony became one huge congregation of people from all faiths and even far-off places. Madhava reddy arranged the marriage for Farzana after finding her a groom, Abdul Rasheed, with the help of Ghiasuddin Babu Khan, the prominent philanthropist, who heads Hyderabad Zakat and Charitable Trust.
Muallim – The Muslim lifestyle magazine congratulates Janab madhava and mohtarma Lakhsmi reddy for their benevolent behaviour, May all bless the newly wedded couple and give Hidaya to the reddy family.

Farzana, who lost both her parents in childhood, was adopted by her neighbor Madhava Reddy and his wife Lakshmi and brought up in pure Islamic traditions as her own biological parents would have. In today’s scenario where communal forces are active in creating differences between Hindus and Muslims, this incident is an eye opener.
The Reddys had to step in to take care of four-year-old Farzana as none of her relatives came forward to do so.
You know the Arab Muslims treating the Indian Muslim as Slaves and the very old Arabs try to marry young Indians.

Reddys not only arranged a separate room for Farzana to offer namaz and recite Quran but also provided her the best education. Farzana was also seen shedding silent tears as she hugged the duo whom she loved more than her biological parents.

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marriage in hyderabad india

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