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Describing her reaction as “total disbelief” Shelly calmed down and then waited anxiously for her husband to return home so that she could share her good news. With five grandchildren, Shelly intends to share a bit of her winnings, but the bulk of the prize will go toward paying bills. For confidential help or information at any time about gambling problems, please visit or call 1-800-GAMBLER.
Donald Spencer of Delaware cracked open a Money Vault scratch-off to win its top prize of $30,000.
A lucky Delaware man who decided to buy a Maryland Lottery scratch-off while he was working in Baltimore just added a $30,000 pile of cash to his bank account. Donald found his good fortune after stopping at the Aberdeen 7-Eleven to purchase a few scratch-offs.
The 33-year-old native of the nation’s first state isn’t a regular Lottery player but enjoys trying his luck when in Baltimore for work. He was worried about losing or misplacing the ticket so Donald kept the scratch-off with him until he claimed his prize at Lottery headquarters. When a Silver Spring Lottery player purchased a Big Money Mega Play scratch-off ticket yesterday, he couldn’t have imagined that he’d be soon be heading to Lottery Headquarters to claim a $50,000 cash prize.  The winner, who chose to remain anonymous, did just that this afternoon. The still-stunned winner told Lottery officials that although he’s won cash prizes before from the Maryland Lottery, he’s never won anything this big.
The 45-year-old man, who has worked in maintenance for over 18 years, said he plans to help the clerk that picked out the ticket for him with some kind of reward.
He said that beside giving the clerk a small reward, he plans to put some extra money on his mortgage, pay a few bills, and put some aside for his daughter’s college tuition. Winning numbers (Pick 3, Pick 4, BM5, Multi-Match, Mega Millions and Powerball) have always been – and will continue to be – purely the luck of the draw and a matter of random chance.
For monitor games (Keno and Racetrax), the computer system that selects the winning number is a completely different system than the one that is accepting numbers from players.

All Lottery games, scratch-off results are purely the luck of the draw and are simply a matter of random chance. When taking into consideration all Lottery games it simply comes down to overall probability. Never nothing on the lower shore.I think the eastern shore should go on strike from the lottery. You've probably seen Planet Aid's bright yellow bins around town, asking for your clothing donations.
Maryland Governor Larry Hogan has formally approved a new crackdown on child predators and child pornography. Fate helped Donald Spencer of Laurel crack open the Lottery’s Money Vault game and walk away with that scratch-off’s top prize. There was no rhyme or reason for his choice of the $3 Money Vault scratch-offs other than the fact that he liked the ticket’s name, he said.
And, good luck is just what the Sussex County resident encountered when he stepped into the store at 1345 James Way Road to buy three Money Vault tickets. After he scratched off his winning ticket, Donald said, he couldn’t stop hollering with excitement! For selling the top-prize ticket, the 7-Eleven will receive a $300 bonus from the Maryland Lottery.
There are hardly ever any winners outside of the Baltimore region.Particularly,NORTH of Baltimore!
Because the population is higher in Baltimore and a few other parts of the state, more tickets are being bought, which results more winners from those areas. But what you might not realize is the federal government is also giving millions of dollars to the charity, headquartered in Elkridge, Maryland, despite receiving warnings for more than a decade about the organization's possible connection to an international fugitive named Mogens Amdi Petersen.Planet Aid brings in as much as $50 million a year, according to its financial filing with the Internal Revenue Service.
Last week when she stopped after work, as is her custom, to get her Lottery scratch-off tickets, she discovered good fortune was on the menu.

When he finally calmed down, he shared news of his win with his wife of four years and some friends. However, research tells us that more winners come from areas of the State in which more people are playing.
Many of us have stopped purchasing lottery tickets,now.I mean,why fund the Md.Lottery,for all of the Baltimore winners?! But a joint investigation with Reveal at the Center for Investigative Reporting found the U.S. Department of Agriculture has allocated at least $133 million to Planet Aid in the past 12 years.The grants come from the USDA's Foreign Agricultural Service, which supports food programs outside the United States.
Capitol lacks the number of baby changing stations and lactation stations required in federal buildings by the U.S. Capitol facilities shows the grounds have 12 lactation stations for women members and staffers. Federal building standards issued by the General Services Administration require six lactation stations for every 1,000 women employees at federal buildings. Once funding has been awarded, FAS conducts ongoing monitoring and oversight to ensure successful program implementation and to prevent waste, fraud and abuse. However, FAS does not have the authority, or the means, to conduct background investigations of individuals who work for the PVOs that receive program funding.None of the formal compliance reviews, ad-hoc reviews, site evaluations or audits FAS has conducted of Planet Aid projects have yielded significant findings or concerns. As far as oversight of the Planet Aid Food for Progress project in Malawi, in addition to regular review and auditing of required performance and financial reports, FAS conducted four site visits: Three were by FAS Washington-based staff, in June 2011, May 2013 and April 2015. Reports from those visits were provided in response to the Center for Investigative Reporting's FOIA request.

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maryland lottery money to education

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