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Mass comm is an academic discipline that deals with the study of mass media through which individual transfer their information to the large number of peoples at the same time. In Pakistan many universities are offering degrees in the field of mass comm at graduate and post graduate levels. Superior university is at the top of universities that are offering degrees in the field of media communication. The faculty of business and Management sciences of the university is offering degrees in various disciplines including Mass comm, aviation management, industrial management, HRM. Usually mass communication relates to the radio, book, magazine, TV newspaper and also films, because these medium are widely used to transfer information to many peoples at the same instance of time. This discipline of communication is very different from other branches like interpersonal or organizational communication.

Institute has a department of Business and Management sciences under which they are offering degrees.
The program is design to prepare students for an extra ordinary career in the field of journalism. The program is specifically design to meet the requirements of today’s life, which are proper method to circulate eye catching and inspiring news to the peoples. Mass communication is very different from other fields of communication like organizational skills. The program is design to give a practical experience to the upcoming superiors of the industry. This program is providing a complete opportunity to the students to give their best in the field of media sciences.

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mass communication in canada 7th ed

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