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President Catanese outlines his vision for Florida Institute of Technology and explains why the best is yet to be. Discovery Florida Tech Magazine: Focusing on the discoveries and innovations faculty and students are making at Florida Institute of Technology.
Students who plan to continue on a traditional academic track may opt to complete the master's thesis.
Preadmission visits to the campus and conferences with faculty and students are encouraged.
Andrea (Andee) is a full time student looking to transition careers from marketing into change management. When I began looking to apply to graduate school, I was exploring both MBA and Industrial Organizational Psychology programs. MSLOC is teaching me not only the knowledge necessary to make a career change but also the skills needed to execute it. As a full time student, I feel honored to have the opportunity to work alongside my classmates who have an amazing array of experiences across industries and functions. Renetta McCann (MSLOC 2011), former Starcom MediaVest Group CEO, has joined Leo Burnett as the agency's U.S. Lori Kinast (MSLOC 2011) has been promoted to Vice President, Organizational Development at Mercy Home for Boys and Girls in Chicago.
Claudia Richman (MSLOC student) recently joined Digitas as Senior Vice President, Integration Lead. Julie Sutter (MSLOC student) joined the American Association of Orthodontists as Director of Leadership Entities and COO.
Master of Science in Learning and Organizational Change (MSLOC) students, alumni and faculty work in a variety of organizational settings and roles. Students and alumni advance in their careers by leveraging a strong MSLOC network and the leadership and strategic thinking skills developed during their time in the program. Over the past three years, 55 percent of MSLOC part-time students who were working full-time received promotions while students in the program; 92 percent of full-time students pursuing human capital consulting jobs graduated with a job.
Following her completion of the MSLOC degree program in March of 2015, Christina Pedulla joined Social Edge Consulting, a management consulting firm specializing in social collaboration partnered exclusively with Jive Software.
During her time as a full-time student in the MSLOC program, Christina worked at Aon as a Knowledge Management Intern and an HR Target Operating Model Intern. Jesse Newton (MSLOC 2011) is now Managing Director and Founder of NOD Consulting Network LLC. In 2013, Brad Becker (MSLOC 2011) co-founded doc&i with the hope of shifting the way medical professionals think about and make critical decisions about pharmaceuticals. In February, 2015, Business Insider named doc&i one of the 25 coolest new businesses in Chicago.
Margaret (Peggy) Troyer (MSLOC 2013) joined Northwestern Mutual as a Human Resources Consultant in 2014. Peggy has 18 years of experience in consulting external and internal clients by developing various HR solutions in the areas of Performance Management, Talent Management, and HR process improvements. Will Leahy (MSLOC Student) has landed his dream job as a Consultant within LinkedIn's Customer Success organization.
Cathy Barrera (MSLOC student) has been promoted to Director of Research Administration for Northwestern University’s McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science.
Stephanie refers to her MSLOC library, concepts, learning and network to create creative solutions for her organization’s complex needs and areas of opportunities. Stephanie’s MSLOC Capstone research focused on the connection between induction programs of new teachers to increase retention.
Whit Wesenberg (MSLOC Student) has been promoted to Professional Development Specialist - Litigation at the law firm of Winston & Strawn LLP. Laura Zeligman (MSLOC Student) has recently taken on a new role within PwC, as Manager in Assurance Transformation. Nicole Haris (MSLOC 2010) has been promoted to Director of Talent Management for Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa for McDonald’s Corporation. After 11 years of employment with global pharmaceutical firm Pfizer, Jim Green (MSLOC Student) recently accepted a new position with Sorin Group working as a Clinical Sales Operation Specialist.
Barger applied to be an Education Pioneer to be able to work on a strategic human capital project while capitalizing on her previous experiences in the education sector.

When Domijan worked as a senior management consultant with Accenture, specializing in human capital strategy and learning initiatives, her interest in social entrepreneurship and innovation grew as she volunteered for education projects and organizations. As a Northwestern MSLOC student, Domijan is focusing on strategic change in education and hopes to pursue a career advancing education quality and academic outcomes for all students.
She studied sociology and psychology at Hamilton College and has since that time been interested by the organization of human behavior and systems.
Once I learned about the MSLOC program, however, the others immediately dissolved from the picture as MSLOC perfectly merges the best of the psychology and MBA worlds into one dynamic experience. I reflect on my own leadership, presentation and team skills as much as I do the MSLOC course content. Not only do they bring their own experiences into the classroom but they also bring a wide array of leadership styles from which I am constantly learning.
In this new role Claudia will be architecting and implementing processes, structures and training to bring together Digitas, agency partners and clients to work together on multimedia advertising campaigns. But their career stories also speak to a common thread – the impact they make as innovative change leaders.
Many students do not wait for graduation to move into new roles – after just a few classes they are often recognized within their organizations as transformational change agents and strategic partners with a unique point of view. Her passion is empowering organizations and individual contributors to harness their collaboration potential. She was also a Consultant Intern with BPI group, contributing to talent development, organizational effectiveness and leadership development engagements. Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, Brad worked for GSK as a pharmaceutical sales executive and district trainer for almost nine years. Understanding the process and complexity of change keeps him motivated to continue on his mission to change the current mindset and behaviors of doctors, payors, pharmacy benefit management programs, patients and pharmacies related to pharmaceuticals.
With the decision to change from an insurance company to a financial services company, Northwestern Mutual has experienced sudden growth which has called for a significant change to HR. Her experience spans industries including electronics, manufacturing, telecommunications, engineering, insurance, energy and medical products. In this role, he lives at the intersection of technology and talent acquisition as LinkedIn continues to disrupt the industry. In this role, Cathy leads the strategic management and day-to-day operations of the Office of Research Administration, overseeing research administration for eight academic departments and several research centers, representing over 180 faculty members.
The leadership competencies and behaviors she developed now serve as the foundation for all leadership talent programming and development.
More specifically, it focused on mentoring the new generation of teachers, entering into a less than attractive career due to the changing socio-political landscape of education throughout our nation, and the connection to increasing the retention of these education-pioneers. In this role, Laura will be driving organizational change as PwC simplifies its audit through innovation. In this role, Nicole will be responsible for driving talent management initiatives as well as deploying leadership development workshops for 38 countries in the region. Sorin Group is a global medical device company and a leader in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases (CVD).
Then as a fellow with Vittana, an entrepreneurial start-up in international education microfinance, she directed a Peruvian microfinance organization’s first available education loan as part of a broader mission to increase access to higher education in developing countries.
Her past experience spans a wide range of industries and functions ranging from working within politics in Washington D.C.
MSLOC provides an opportunity to create your own line of focus; I was drawn towards the flexibility that the program offers students to shape their experience with the Capstone project, electives and internships.
Success lies in the intersection of being able to apply new knowledge but also in being able to effectively work with others in order to execute it.
I believe that there is something to be learned from absolutely everyone and that it is my responsibility to make the effort to reap that knowledge. At Social Edge Christina works with various Fortune 1000 clients to implement Jive enterprise social network communities designed to create strategic opportunities for innovation and increased productivity via online collaboration.
NOD Consulting Network is a network of premier independent Human Capital and Organization Development consultants. Brad is now the CEO of doc&i, a software company that bridges the relationship between the pharmaceutical and the medical community by providing medication pricing and coverage transparency to physicians.
He actively applies what he learned in the MSLOC program about knowledge management and strategic change to demonstrate the industry need for doc&i.

As massive organizations completely shift their talent acquisition strategy away from agency and instead leverage LinkedIn for talent branding, recruitment, job postings, and marketing initiatives, the change management required is off the charts. In this role, Cathy will lead the school in developing best practices, strategy and policy, while ensuring the highest compliance standards are met. Stephanie is responsible for setting and implementing the strategy for leadership and organizational development, developing and optimizing leadership programming to support the human resources and organizational strategic objectives. Now, with the healthcare landscape changing in the same fashion, she’s able to use similar research practices and data to create ways to retain, develop and support new leaders entering the organization. Laura is excited to bring together different areas of her background including process consulting, instructional design, and change management. With the future launch of multiple cutting-edge CVD products, Sorin Group is primed for growth and change. Nowhere else is this more clear than in the MSLOC community where instead of competition, I have only seen collaboration and support.
Getting to know the individuals on my teams personally and professionally has added a tremendous amount of value to my MSLOC experience.
Teresa has been a product consultant and President and CEO of Affinity Circles prior to taking on her new role at AfterCollege. Christina was introduced to Social Edge through the MSLOC network and leveraged her master's research on knowledge sharing and experience as a student in The Hive, MSLOC’s learning community powered by Jive, during the interview process.
This new consulting model makes it easier for clients to access leading consulting expertise without the big consulting firm price tags.
This allows physicians to prescribe and recommend the best and most cost effective prescriptions to their patients, preventing overpayment. As an HR Consultant, she is responsible for coaching people through change in an environment that has thrived in tradition, hierarchy, and service. This is where Will comes in to implement the LinkedIn product, help clients through the change curve, and prove ROI with analytics and quarterly business reviews.
Additionally, she serves as an internal consultant for implementation of large scale behavioral, strategic, operational and change initiatives to over 400 leaders.
Sorin Group created the position for Jim after his discussions with the Director of Human Resources unveiled his knowledge of navigating and leading change within the healthcare space and the need for these topics to be explored in a paced and methodical setting. Recently, Peggy was able to use her problem solving and consulting skills to facilitate an employee engagement impact planning session. Will believes that if it were not for the thorough courses, constant support, and amazing community found at MSLOC, this job would still be just a dream. The coaching and adult learning skills she has acquired have given her the confidence to lead and development such a large team. After completing the MSLOC program, Stephanie joined the hospital as the Manager of Organizational Development & Physician Services.
Nicole will be joining the talent management team in Hong Kong, led by fellow MSLOC alumna Janet Man, Senior Director, Talent Management. Many of Jesse’s MSLOC colleagues in HR leadership roles have already benefited from this new expertise model. During the session, employees took time out to examine underlying organizational issues and brainstorm possible solutions to increase employee engagement and decrease employee attrition. In the field of research administration, which is subject to the federal environment, change is always on the horizon. He will have the opportunity to marry both the business and technical expertise acquired while employed at Pfizer, with the change management skills developed as an MSLOC graduate student.
The results of the employee-driven plan have yet to be seen, but the sessions proved to be engaging and collaborative, empowering participants to implement change regardless of their role.
However, change professionals are few and far between, so Cathy’s experiences in the MSLOC program have been incredibly valuable.

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