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This is an inspirational meditation plus workbook to help you take control of your life in a more meaningful way. Authentic SpiritHelping clients to create a more authentic and inspired life by connecting to their heart-centered awareness, overcoming ego fears, and expressing more fully their Authentic Spirit.
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With my meditation classes going successfully, I decided to teach a one-day workshop on a specific way of manifesting. I loved everything I heard about the manifesting technique – three different strands from my spiritual learning had been fused together into an easy, practical manifesting technique. The second aspect that appealed to me in the technique was the picturing of that which you are manifesting from the third eye. In addition, picturing myself doing the things I wanted to do automatically spurred me on to start doing those things! The process of writing down the seven desires and then picturing them also helped me to re-evaluate what was really important to me. Through my teaching I learned that grasping the principles of how the universe operated in the manifesting process was even more important than the technique that you used. I taught that being in a state of gratitude is a powerful way to attract more positive into your life. The opposite habit, guaranteed to keep you in a lower vibration in which it is difficult to manifest your dreams, is complaining. I also learned that it is quite easy and common to manifest something in a form which is not the highest version of that thing.

Included is a 25 page, step-by-step workbook guide and worksheet and a 35-minute guided meditation. It was a technique which had been passed onto him by the guru named Guruji, specifically so that he could pass it onto large western audiences. It consisted of making a list of seven things that you wished to manifest, picturing each thing clearly, and then placing that image into your Medulla Oblongata at the base of your brain.
The instant affect of the chanting while visualising myself having already manifested all my greatest dreams, instantly put me in a great mood!
I had just started writing my first book - a spiritual fiction adventure aimed at older children. Sometimes I found myself crossing off an item on my list as I was shown why it was not for my highest good. I taught the combined Guruji-Lunar technique plus the principles of manifesting, and I watched open-mouthed as some of my students started manifesting things on their list like magic. First and foremost was the understanding that only when we know one hundred percent that we are worthy of having something are we able to have it.
Gratitude is a component of the law of attraction, which underlies all creation – all manifestation in our universe. It is so accepted in our society to moan about the weather, the government and the state of the world in general that one feels almost rude if one doesn’t join in!
This was and is part of the process in my learning and teaching about manifesting – that it is extremely important that what underlies all of your desires in that it is manifest only if and when it is for your highest good and the highest good of all.
Although I enjoyed the content of the lectures on the six tapes, I was not particularly excited by them, already having learned most of the spiritual principles he was teaching.
This was an example of an ancient wisdom-way from the east which had been kept secret up until now. As I pictured the lines of Light that would radiate out from the book, awakening both the children and parents who read it, I would be inspired to sit right down and start writing!

I was also given visions while chanting about what was blocking something from coming into my life. Some of these manifestations came from the practise sessions we did on the one-day course, without any further effort on their parts!
When you revel in the joy of the gifts you have been given and are given each day, your positive thoughts and emotions underlie those feelings, attracting more positive into your life. This time on Earth is one in which many powerful ancient secrets are being given to humanity to assist in our accelerated evolution. I already loved chanting OM, the sacred sound of all that has been created, and I was excited by the idea that chanting AH meant you were using the sacred sound of creation in action! I developed a practise where I would read an affirmation for the first thing on my list out loud, do the chanting and picturing of that thing from my third eye, and finally place the image in that part of my brain before going onto the next thing on my list. No matter what frame of mind I’d been in before, I moved into the feelings of optimism and excited anticipation when I started chanting. It dissolved any insecurity from my ego mind around being a writer, and motivated me to get on with it. After a while I realised that this was another way of receiving insights from my guides, often about questions that I wouldn’t have thought to ask them. I had experienced first-hand that my power to create my reality lay in my power to choose my thoughts and beliefs more consciously.

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meditation for manifesting free downloading games

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