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Responses and may delete or remove them (without notice to you) in our sole and absolute discretion, for any reason or no reason. Lomi Life Healing Arts -  The Ascension Process ~ Spiritual Evolutionary Journey into Higher Consciousness    This year of 2016 is a time of completion, letting go, integration and forgiveness.  We are being re-calibrated with energy downloads so that we can hold and shine our light as we align more deeply with the New Earth frequencies and our Divine purpose.
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Any issues related to streaming service, including any system requirements, are covered and limited by these terms and conditions. So much is falling away,? that sometimes we may feel overwhelmed?, confused? and exhausted.?  Anything and everything that no longer serves our highest good is being raised to the surface to be released and transmuted. It is an awakening of soul expansion and soul ascension, assisting us to reclaim our magnificence and restoring us to our natural state of harmony and balance with all of the cosmos.

The ascension process was specifically designed to create loss and the letting go of old programming.
We are being supported as we go through the many internal shifts and changes that are created by this rare and unique journey.  As we continue to let go of old limiting ways, many new opportunities for spiritual growth are arriving. We must honor and love both our light as well as our shadow and dance the dance of sacred union within.

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meditation manifesting love amazon

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