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You are currently viewing the Close Your Eyes And Go The Manifesting Abundance Meditation Album Cover. To help out with this challenge here’s a worksheet just for you to print out so that you can keep track of your meditations.
There is no greater tool for transformation than deciding that it's time to start loving yourself. I would like to talk to you about attracting abundance – in an economy which in many places is struggling. I am not talking just about positive thinking here, as although positive thinking has its place, it does not matter how much you say “money is coming to you” if your underlying belief is worry and lack.
If you hate the work you are doing and are just turning up so you can survive, then it is not going to create energy that attracts abundance. If what you do makes your “soul smile” then the delight and joy that you radiate will attract good things back to you. Gratitude is a key factor in creating abundance as it keeps our energy aligned with the thought that the supply is unlimited.

As we hear daily reports on how tough the economy is, it can be very easy to slip into the mindset of scarcity and lack which then will create more of the same. If you are struggling with this it can help to take a moment to write down all of the wonderful things in your life. Gratitude energy unlocks abundance in our life and can turn chaos into order, our stress into joy, a house into a home, a stranger into a friend, puts our past into perspective, brings us peace and creates a positive outlook for the future. Getting rid of clutter also helps as clinging onto items reflects an underlying attitude that you won’t get any more.
For more information please click Karen Ellyard, or visit her personal Karen Ellyard Spiritual Healer website.
There are many ways to quiet your mind to become aware of your Source — to become aware of the Presence of Love within you. Automatic Writing is the process of allowing yourself to enter a waking trance so that you can channel the information from a higher-source. Plan, but don’t let the planning take over to a point where you cannot enjoy the present time with what and who is with you at that moment.

It drew from the energy of all my smiles past and endorphins stared to rush through my body. When I have a desire or need I have the thought, know that it will be fulfilled and every time my reality is that it is fulfilled.
As you say, if you wish for fame and ridiculous fortune, you are not learning the lessons you need to learn. It doesn’t mean that if I expect a million dollars it shows up but if it is extra money for the family, somehow it presents. It could be extra work comes my way, so I have to put in the energy for the outcome but the point is the abundance I need has been met.
It can be fore five minutes, fifteen minutes, an hour… whatever you have time for is great.

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meditation manifesting love pdf

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