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DETROIT - A 24-year-old Michigan mother is now a multi-millionaire!Detroit's Kelsey Zachow recently came forward to announce that she hit the $66 million Mega Million jackpot. As people are rushing to grab their Mega Millions tickets for tonight's $344 jackpot drawing, a local lottery winner is saying he wouldn't count on the big cash out.
Palmarchuk, a resident of Barryton, 30 miles northwest of Mount Pleasant, is somewhat of an expert on winning lotteries, having won two separate jackpots of more than $1 million each since 2011. That's what led Saginaw County resident Cindy Thiel to buy a Mega Millions ticket, despite the fact that she isn't a big lottery player."That's the popular draw right now - Mega Millions," said Thiel, owner of First Turn Convenience Store, 2935 S. In March, her store received some lottery-prompted publicity after a Hemlock man won $80,000 in a Fantasy 5 drawing.

Thiel said she is happy to see the large number of customers buying Mega Millions tickets, since she hopes to sell another big winner. After tonight's big drawing, the spotlight falls on the $122 million Powerball jackpot, with a drawing held Wednesday, Dec.
A Michigan man who lives near Mount Pleasant has beaten one in 10 million odds to win $1.35 million in a recent Michigan Lottery Classic Lotto 47 drawing. Palmarchuk doesn't have that problem, as he plays with money acquired through his two jackpot wins. The official Michigan Lottery site offers more information on instant tickets, raffles and other lottery games.

Palmarchuk thinks that what is now the fourth-largest Mega Millions jackpot in history will keep climbing until it is the single largest in history."I think it'?ll probably hit the $1 billion mark," he said. What makes Joseph Palmarchuk's win even more unbelievable, though, is that it's his second million-dollar lottery win since 2011, the Michigan Lottery reports.
He said he might grab five more easy picks before the numbers are announced tonight."You can only chase it so much," Palmarchuk said.

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mega millions jackpot michigan lottery

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