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A Dexter man didn't know whether to laugh or cry after winning $1 million playing Mega Million.
John Rehm, 76, matched the five white balls drawn in Tuesday's drawing to win a $1 million prize.
Rehm quickly tucked the winning ticket into his money clip and went home to tell his wife of 48 years, Tina, the good news. The Lake County woman's ticket matched the first five numbers, but did not match the Mega Ball number, which typically carries a prize of $1 million. A Topeka, Kansas resident has claimed a "mega" cash prize in the December 18 Mega Millions drawing.
The lucky winner, who always picks her own winning numbers, has been playing Mega Millions for several years and has won $5,000 a couple of times. A Howell man is ready to help his family after winning $1 million playing the Michigan Lottery's Mega Millions game.
Kopczyk visited Lottery headquarters with his wife and two of his three children on Monday to claim his prize.
In addition to a $1 million winner, Kopczyk's ticket also included a $1 winner for matching the Mega Ball - 15 - drawn on Dec. If Kopczyk had matched the five white balls and Mega Ball on the same line, he would have won the $57 million Mega Millions jackpot. With his winnings, the retired Kopczyk plans to pay off his home and bills, supplement his retirement income, travel, and help his family. A Detroit man promised his wife "the best Christmas of her life," but didn't tell her it's because he won $1 million playing the Michigan Lottery's Mega Millions game.
Michael Williams, 60, won $1 million after matching the five white balls drawn in Friday night's Mega Millions drawing: 14-20-43-54-69. Williams kept the news about his big win quiet, wanting to surprise his wife with the check he got on Monday. A group of seven coworkers has won $1 million playing Mega Millions from the Nebraska Lottery. For the past four years, lottery players at Baldwin Filters in Kearney have pooled their money to buy Nebraska Lottery Mega Millions tickets.
A lucky Kent County man is busy counting cash after winning $1 million playing the Michigan Lottery's Mega Millions game. Michael Hicks, of Comstock Park, won $1 million in Friday's Mega Millions drawing after matching the five white balls drawn: 05-11-31-50-67. The 34 year-old Hicks found out a couple of days later that his unplanned Lottery purchase turned out to be very lucky. Hicks put his ticket in a safe until he came to Lottery headquarters in Lansing on Wednesday to collect his big prize.
Ahumada, who works at a chicken processing plant, said he and his wife, Rosa, plan to "try to find a nice mountain home and stay there." He also plans to go back to Mexico to visit his family and his mom's grave.
Blue Island residents John Williams and Neal Logue are sharing the second-largest prize in Illinois Lottery history.
The day after the drawing, Logue called the Illinois Lottery hotline to hear the winning numbers.
The Blue Island store that sold the $262 million winning Mega Millions ticket is Supermercado Imelda, 13036 South Western Avenue.

Steven Peloquin, of Mechanicsville, Virginia, claimed a $91.8 million Mega Millions jackpot from the July 21, 2015, drawing. Lottery Executive Director Drew Svitko today presented a ceremonial check for $91,781,644.00 to Mr. The winning ticket correctly matched all five white balls, 20-30-62-65-74, plus the Megaball, 01. He then took a photo of the ticket and shared it with several close relatives, who confirmed that his ticket matched the winning numbers. Peloquin said the jackpot win will enable him and his wife to retire early and spend more time with their family.
This afternoon, Peloquin presented the Mega Millions ticket for validation at Lottery headquarters in Middletown, Dauphin County. About two weeks ago, Jay Cranney of Sandy, Utah was competing in a fishing tournament in southeastern Idaho, near Clifton.
Cranney, who selects his own numbers, matched the first five numbers but not the Mega Ball and won $1,000,000 in last Friday night's Mega Millions draw. With his winnings, Cranney plans to pay off some outstanding debts, buy himself a new bass fishing boat, and then invest his remain amount. Asked where he was headed when he left Boise with his winnings, Cranney replied, "Going fishing. A Mableton man has cracked the code on winning a $1M prize using locker combinations from his freshman and sophomore years of high school from over four decades ago. Henry "Calvin" Nash, a 1972 Pebblebrook High School graduate, won $1 million from matching the first five winning numbers from the June 2 Mega Millions drawing.
Nash got the peachy surprise when he checked the results of the June 2 drawing on his computer the following day. The winning numbers from the June 2 Mega Millions drawing were: 02-09-11-22-23 and the Mega Ball was 12. The map is the same for Mega Millions and Powerball, which had very different jackpots as of Wednesday, Sept. The Mega Millions jackpot went up to $72 million for the annuity, because no one matched all the numbers drawn Tuesday night. With excitement building for Friday night’s $400 million Mega Millions® jackpot – the second-largest jackpot in that game’s history – the Pennsylvania Lottery today encouraged players to please play responsibly. In addition to offering space to list the names of pool members, the forms include the current jackpot and next drawing date. The Lottery today also reminded players that its games make great holiday gift ideas for anyone age 18 and older, but players should refrain from giving tickets as gifts to minors. The Pennsylvania Lottery has teamed with the National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) and other lotteries to educate the public about age-appropriate lottery play. Lottery stands around America have seen a sharp rise in ticket sales, as the new lottery systems see bigger and more frequent jackpots. Huge Powerball Jackpots are becoming more and more common since the lottery system was restructured last year. He bought his winning ticket at the Grand Party Store, located at 5760 Whitmore Lake Road in Brighton. Because Barnes added the Megaplier for an extra dollar, she multiplied her winnings by three and walked away with $3 million before taxes.

He bought his winning ticket at the L&F Mini Mart, located at 9801 Linwood Street in Detroit. In the November 24 drawing, they purchased a quick pick ticket at Thirsty's, 3004 West Highway 30 in Kearney. They indicated that they were "stunned" and "amazed" to learn they had won after checking the winning numbers with the Nebraska Lottery mobile app.
Hicks bought his winning ticket at the D&W Quick Stop, located at 1810 Breton Road Southeast in Grand Rapids. After occasionally buying lottery tickets together for the past twelve years, the two friends hit the jackpot when the first row of numbers on their $5 Mega Millions ticket matched all six numbers to win $262 million in the Tuesday, June 2nd drawing.
The ticket had an annuity value of $153 million or a cash value of $91.8 million, less 25 percent federal withholding.
Lottery officials confirmed it was the jackpot-winning ticket after examining the ticket and executing proprietary security measures.
18, is the deadline for someone to cash a Philadelphia ticket and collect $1 million from from the Sept.
26 is the deadline for someone to cash a Philadelphia ticket and collect $250,000 in the Sept. Forms are available for the Mega Millions, Powerball®, Match 6 Lotto and Millionaire Raffle games. Forms are not a substitute for a lottery ticket, may not be used to claim a prize, and will not be accepted as evidence of an entry into any lottery game. The lucky winner of the Mega Millions draw will win a life changing $119 million, while the Powerball winner will see around $317 million. The changes mean that bigger and more frequent jackpots occur, with the price for a ticket having risen to $2.
He bought his winning ticket at the VG's gas station, located at 2392 West Grand River Avenue in Howell. One play on the five-play ticket matched all five of the winning white ball numbers (02, 19, 30, 38, 70) for $1 million. When asked about their plans, members mentioned paying bills using their share of the winnings. He let the computer select the number combination on his winning ticket for the July 31 drawing. This was the only ticket - among the many Mega Millions tickets purchased in 44 states, the District of Columbia and the U.S. The plaza, a Lottery retailer since September 2010, earns a $100,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket. This is mainly due to the fact that the jackpot has been steadily growing since the last big win on Aug 7.
18th Street, and matched the first five numbers: 7, 10, 22, 32 and 35, but not the Powerball of 19.
It wasn't until he took his ticket to the Lottery's Springfield office that he discovered he actually won $25 million.

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