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That's because William and thirteen co-workers pooled their resources, bought a few lottery tickets, and won ten-thousand dollars in last Friday's Mega-Millions drawing. At the risk of seeming greedy, they're now hoping for an even bigger prize -- in fact, the largest prize in American lottery history: 540 million dollars, and counting. The employees from Bobby Van's clearly aren't the only ones fantasizing this week about becoming multi-millionaires when the Mega-Millions numbers are called out at 11 o'clock Friday night.
Retail stores all across the country have been churning out large numbers of lottery tickets for several days now, and will no doubt be churning out a lot more right up until the deadline at 10:45 Friday night.

No one has matched the magic five numbers and Mega Ball since January 24 -- a full 18 drawings with no winner. If there is no winner from Friday, the jackpot would increase to an estimated $975 million, said Athena Hernandez of the D.C. That drawing would occur Tuesday.The multistate jackpot has grown to become the largest ever offered that could be won by an individual. He said the store has proved to be lucky before, having sold winning tickets of $3 million and $5 million.JUST WATCHEDMega Millions: What if?

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mega millions lottery pool

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