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One way to add more tools to your professional tool kit is to head back to school yourself.
Enhance your career online with University of Phoenix Continuing Teacher Education Courses.
It is my desire to make learning cross over from my intervention class to their home environment where reinforcement can occur and back up what has taken place in the day at school. These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a Read Aloud Classic Set)! Gel Crayons, a Tool Set, and a Binder Pouch: These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners, and You Could Win Them All!
These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a Kindergarten Readiness Kit)!
These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—and You Could Win Them All (Including a Magnetic Marble Run)! These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a STEM Challenge Kit)!
These Products Are Teachers’ Choice Award Winners—And You Could Win Them All (Including a Classroom Reading Set)! The research-based math strategies in Motivation Math integrate critical thinking and test-taking skills with classroom instruction.
Developed by Texas educators, Motivation Reading provides extensive supplemental reading practice for STAAR Readiness and Supporting Standards.

Motivation Science provides teachers with an array of investigations and activities that make students excited and enthusiastic about learning science, while preparing students to tackle the rigor of the new STAAR. Motivation Writing provides supplemental instruction and practice as teachers and students prepare for STAAR Writing. Mentoring Minds STAAR Standards and Strategies Flip Charts are the perfect resource to help prepare students for success.
These FREE iOS Apps give you quick access to either K-6 or 6-12 Math, Science, ELA, and Social Studies TEKS. Argosy University offers degree programs that are designed to help you with the challenges you face now and in the future. This $500 award for teachers in general education classrooms can be used in any way to help your students succeed. This blog provides you with timely information on the latest and greatest products and services out there for teachers. In addition to aligning to the STAAR Reporting Categories, Motivation Math fosters a positive attitude towards mathematics and improves math literacy. Available for grade levels 2-5, the student edition for each level contains 25 reading passages, with paired selections as an integral component of the third-, fourth-, and fifth-grade levels. Motivation Science provides an opportunity for your students to question, wonder, and investigate the world around them, while developing the skills necessary to succeed on the STAAR.
Motivation Writing is aligned to the STAAR Reporting Categories as specified in the Assessed Curriculum Document.

In addition to containing higher-order thinking strategies, the TEKS are presented in a checklist format making this a powerful resource for teaching the TEKS. You can use the STAAR Standards and Strategies iPad Apps to guide collaborative conversations during grade-level or team meetings, develop lesson plans, construct engaging learning activities, and much more! With battles over the budget, increasing class sizes, questions about Common Core State Standards—even the most confident teacher can use a little encouragement.
Books, games, websites, grants, contests, freebies, and professional development opportunities—you’ll learn about these and much more at Tools of the Trade.
The materials are presented in easy-to-use formats, from flip chart guides to decision-making wheels. To take advantage of this great offer, complete a quick entry form to share why you’re ready to pursue continuing teacher education. This little book includes nuggets of wisdom to help you get yourself ready for the year ahead or to fortify yourself if you’re in the midst of it already.
Then read on to find a collection of resources that will help you find knowledge, encouragement, and a little extra help in the school year ahead.
I think the Mentoring Minds would be wonderful to help us be on the same page with classroom management.

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