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Have you been thinking that mentoring with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Saskatoon and Area only includes one-to-one, long-term matches? Be it a parent, teacher, coach, or family friend, there’s no question that an adult can serve as a powerful role model for a youth in the transition from childhood to adulthood. This new report takes a close look at the research that has accumulated over the last decade and identifies the aspects of mentoring programs that seem to help – or hinder – kids’ development across many domains.
In their meta-analysis, the authors review over 70 existing evaluations of mentoring programs and confirm that mentoring programs do confer many benefits. Yet despite the overall benefits of mentoring programs, improvements in youth outcomes tend to be modest, and it is not clear how well such gains hold up over time. The authors urge that in order to achieve the biggest return on investment in mentoring programs, policymakers should support the use of evidence-based practices, such as mentor screening and training.
The International Interior Design Association understands how important a mentoring relationship can be for an aspiring designer and therefore spearheads mentoring programs for students that are currently enrolled in design school.
Each year, the organization puts together Student Mentoring Week, which pairs International Interior Design Association student members with local design professionals to offer them a hands-on taste of what a true day-in-the-life of an interior designer looks like. Participating students also have the opportunity to partake in the Lloy Hack Essay Competition for a chance to win $1,000. To learn more about Student Mentoring Week and how you can become a part of it, please be sure to visit the International Interior Design Association webpage. Over My Shoulder Co-Founder Grammy Award Winner Patti Austin singing our mentoring song Over My Shoulder in honor of Dr. I never meant to cause you any sorrow- I never meant to cause you any pain- I only wanted to one time to see you laughing- I only wanted to see.. Through shared outdoor experiences, team projects and internships, and intensive mentoring, DDCSP scholars will build connections that will last a lifetime. Guided research projects with faculty and graduate student mentors will help students develop the necessary knowledge and skills for a career in conservation.

Students that are accepted into the program will attend a week-long conservation leadership program in coordination with the U.S.
At the end of the week, students will return to their home institutions to work in teams with faculty and graduate student mentors on field research projects. During the following academic year, students from across the Collaborative will maintain their connections and learn valuable communication and leadership principles through a 1-credit distance-based courses focused on human dimensions of conservation and achieving academic and professional success. I am pleased to announce that my new, unique Come Paint-A-long with Albert Handell Program has taken another giant step forward. Albert will first explain how he has built his own career and give you important insights and information on how to build your career. Virga by Albert Handell Mixed Media (watercolor and pastel) 16X20, actual demonstration painting Join Albert for his Summer Mentoring Paint-A-Long Program to be held in beautiful Santa Fe, New Mexico. Coastal Fog by Albert Handell, Pastel, 15″x14″ Come Paint-A-Long with Albert Handell in beautiful Northern California!
Mentoring programs across the United States have tried to harness the power of such positive role models in the hopes that relationships with adult mentors will support kids’ socioemotional and cognitive development. In general, mentoring programs seem to improve kids’ outcomes across behavioral, social, emotional, and academic domains, and they can help improve outcomes in several of these areas at the same time. Furthermore, while mentoring does seem to help boost kids’ academic test scores, there’s little rigorous research on whether it contributes to other policy-relevant outcomes, such as overall educational attainment, juvenile offending, substance use, or obesity prevention. Mentoring practices that are grounded in scientific evidence will help to create and sustain high-quality mentoring programs for youth. This invaluable experience not only helps to give students a brief look at their future, but also helps to foster long-lasting mentoring relationships.
Each contestant is to write a two to three page essay about his or her experience during Student Mentoring Week and the impact that this important mentoring relationship has created. Possible projects will vary by region but may include studying the influence of domestic animals on hatchling seaturtles, learning about the ecology of imperiled desert fishes, and studying the effects of invasive exotic species on native plant and animal communities.

At their university, students will finish analyzing data from their summer research projects, attend biweekly group meetings or activities and interact regularly with graduate student and faculty mentors. Starting in 2006, I began offering this format in France and in select locations within the United States.
TAOS, NEW MEXICO Sunday 5pm October 2 – Saturday October, 2016 Tuition $975 KACHINA LODGE 413 PASEO DEL PUEBLO NORTH TAOS, NM 87571 575-758-2275 or 800-522-4462 Join Albert for his annual Taos Paint-A-Long mentoring program, Albert has painted there often and knows Taos and its area intimately. And research suggests that it’s never too late to establish an effective mentoring relationship, as mentoring programs seem to make a difference for youth of all ages. By looking over your shoulder to the rising generation and offering a guiding hand, you can make a positive impact in that person’s life. Students will forge strong relationships while exploring nature together and learn valuable field and leadership skills in the indoor and outdoor classrooms of the National Conservation Training Center. Students will be employed through their home university and will work full-time on an ecological research project for approximately 9 weeks during the summer.
Students are expected to earn approximately $5,000 for the summer while learning valuable research skills and field techniques. In this program we will all paint together during the day, every day both in the morning and afternoon you will be painting along with me as I start and finish my paintings on location.
In the evening, we will have our critique of the day’s painting and continued instruction, plus valuable (and effective) information on career-building. Yet there is much, much more – all presented to you in the evenings after the day’s painting. Handell finishes his afternoon painting, he will then give detailed help at each artist’s easel.

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