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College welcomes MDOT Youth Development and Mentoring Program students to campusAugust 01, 2012DETROIT  (Aug.
MDOT YDMP is an eight-week summer program that prepares students ages 16-18 for college and the workforce. The 85 participants who visited the college watched an engineering admissions presentation from Casey Rue, academic services officer, and had the opportunity to ask a panel of engineering students questions about their academic experience. The high school students also learned about extracurricular activities at the college from civil engineering students Stephanie Boileau and Paul Chabot. Wayne State University is a premier urban research institution of higher education offering 370 academic programs through 13 schools and colleges to nearly 31,000 students. WKO4 iLevels, the newest metric for cyclists and triathletes training with a power meter, are specific training levels based on an athlete’s unique physiology and current level of fitness.

WKO4 software has changed how coaches and athletes are able to analyze data and prescribe workouts. Second, it has evolved in a much more balanced approach between hard and soft skills.  Emotional Intelligence and Strategic Relationship Planning have become as critical as the technical skills to succeed, grow personally and professionally, and to engage and influence others often without authority.
1, 2012) – Participants in the Michigan Department of Transportation Youth Development and Mentoring Program (MDOT YDMP) visited the Wayne State University College of Engineering on July 17 to learn more about careers in engineering.
The program takes students on college campus tours, helps them gain interviewing and team-building skills, and offers mentoring. These iLevels will be displayed as 9 power zones on the Garmin head unit and be available in the Garmin workouts. Fully customizable charts allow users to view and compare any data they want in order to gain clearer insights into their training. Sharing knowledge, insight and wisdom that one person has with another person benefits everyone who is involved in such a program.

MDOT YDMP participants were able to see not only the types of materials used in construction of the steel bridge and concrete canoe, but the finished products as well.
Based off the introduction of the Power Duration Curve, WKO4 has introduced several new training metrics including Functional Reserve Capacity and Pmax tracking to better help coaches and athletes track their specific fitness. It is so important to know why you are getting involved in a mentoring program, what you want out of it, and which program to choose from.

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mentoring programs university

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