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January will be the month to consider how mentoring, in all of its various forms, will benefit you, your family, colleagues, friends and business. NMM celebrates how mentoring influences the future success of individuals by providing a positive influence or reassuring presence in their career path. A mentor is an individual, usually older, always more experienced, who supports, helps and guides the development of someone’s potential. Yes, in some cases friends and family, the Web, periodicals, Industry analysts, consultants, employees, good networking contacts and even casual acquaintances can provide support and information from time to time. There will always be good value in keeping current with news, industry developments and various opportunities.
The well-known Business Coach, author and International Motivational Speaker, John di Lemme, has said “A friend will tell you what you want to hear. Today, particularly in technology, we see many young companies with founder’s right out of university or making a mid career change. A mentor becomes the trusted confidante over an extended period of time – and usually free of charge.
There are a number of periods in one’s life when mentoring can offer great career benefits.
Today many forward thinking organizations, both large and small, recognize the value of incorporating and supporting mentoring programs in their workplace. Up until just a few years ago, corporate mentoring programs were designed primarily for high potential employees. Developmental mentoring – the mentor is helping the mentoree develop new skills and abilities. Mentoring benefits are NOT LIMITED to just the development and advancement of the employer’s future. Mentored employees stay on the job longer because they feel a greater sense of loyalty and commitment.
Golden Globe, Oscar and multiple Grammy Award winner, Herbie Hancock, is a great example of someone mentored at a young age that went on to achieve tremendous success.
Some well-known personalities share their experiences with mentors. Definitely worth a peek. Simply put, Janis Strathearn is an experienced business leader who has led high-performance organizations in a variety of industries and functional areas. The Executive Mentoring Program provides a powerful way for students to gain professional insight, receive support and expand their network.
The program is intended to bring experienced mentors and Merage School students together so that the students can learn the informal, subtle knowledge that cannot be offered in general classroom instruction. For our Executive MBA and Health Care Executive MBA students, The Paul Merage School of Business also supports the Executive-to-Executive (E2E) Program through each of these programs.
Ways To Get InvolvedThe Young Women’s Leadership Academy Foundation is the founding sponsor of the Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy. Make A Gift Today: Your contribution will help support the many programs allowing our girls to succeed at CGLA.
Vendor OpportunitiesThe Chattanooga Girls Leadership Academy is currently not receiving proposals. In September 2013, CGLA launched a mentoring program looking for individuals and organizations with enthusiasm and commitment to mentor students in grades 6-12 throughout the school year. EMPOWER Mentoring Program has expanded and collaborated with other mentoring advocates to recruit mentors for youth across the City of Chattanooga!

Compared to 50 years ago, today's parents have generally abdicated their mentorship stature with children. Back then, parents were confident in their moral authority and considered schools their allies. When I asked applicants why they wanted to come to our school, this became the typical discourse: "To get better grades." Why? I hypothetically offered one candidate a 4.0 transcript from a major university with a guarantee no one would ever discover it was bogus.
Today's academic achievement emphasis has taken its toll on the natural development of children, particularly undermining children's critical mentors: parents. Parents, fearing their children will fall behind in the race to the best college, unwittingly accept the achievement value system and unconsciously abdicate much of their authority to the school system. Today's system values students for their academic proficiency, but not for their individuality.
When parents fail to effectively fulfill these two responsibilities, youngsters experience inner tension that leads to conflict with their parents.
Young people in this dynamic have a less challenging upbringing, but they know --subconsciously -- they will eventually pay a price for it. They love their parents and want their parents to be the best they can be, for both their sakes. Created in 2002 by the Harvard Business School, the month of January is dedicated to promoting mentoring. I am one of the lucky people fortunate enough to have had one or more people take a vested interest in me. This guidance is not done for personal gain; it is offered because there is a mutually promising outcome. The real advantage of a mentor is in the sharing of expert knowledge, timeless wisdom and specific experience on an ongoing basis.
A mentor will tell you what you need to hear.” As with most everything in life, the value of an objective second set of eyes and ears (possibly brains, too) often provides the much needed perspective and honest opinion that helps successfully overcome challenges. In many cases these start-ups may not have enough real-world experience to grow and succeed on their own.There are new side-line companies being founded by professors, doctors or scientists who lack the business knowledge required for their ideas to be commercialized.
Sound advice and much needed objective emotional support helps manage stress and protect sanity. In specific instances external career coaches may be better equipped than a mentor to help resolve issues as they have the ability to grant greater confidentiality and objectivity – particularly when a mentor may be a manager or investor. Executives with a focus on talent want to nurture, retain, and grow the people who will become their future leaders.
This practice was turned upside down when the technology sector started rapidly growing and competing for talent. He has been awarded a lifetime achievement award from the Jazz Foundation of America and was named UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador for the promotion of Intercultural Dialogue. In 2013 Hancock became a professor at the University of California, Los Angeles where he teaches jazz music.
Having hired a number of talented professionals for her own teams, Janis has a unique perspective on identifying talented individuals who will make a positive difference in her client’s business. If you do not wish to make an online gift, you may click here to download a General Donation form to mail or fax in your donation. The Empower Mentoring Program connects CGLA students with caring adult advocates who will provide encouragement and support in academics, college and career planning, life skills, and leadership development.

Whereas 50 years ago parents would see the school's authority as supporting their own, now parents might challenge a teacher's or the school's authority in an effort to support, protect or enhance their child's school performance. Today their greater concern is with academic achievement, a stance that accepts a generally characterless educational system, which includes widespread cheating and bullying, alienation reflected in inherent inequalities, a 22 percent dropout rate and school shootings. So by supporting this system, parents unwittingly end up valuing children for what they can do, not for who they are.
While today's education system seeks to put something into children, parents' primary task is to draw out the uniqueness of their children. Then as they gain a big-picture sense of their life, they become aware that the quality of their future depends upon how well their parents (1) help them realize their true best and (2) prepare them to be self-sufficient. This usually becomes a highly dysfunctional mentoring relationship with the parent unknowingly teaching the youngster to measure self-worth by achievement, rather than true identity. I didn't then know what my mother saw in me -- but I do know now (even the dance class helped!) She simply had confidence in me as a unique individual -- as she did all her children. Norman Wright - Founder of Christian Marriage EnrichmentThe Parrotts are national pioneers of the new field of marriage mentoring.Michael J. Originally aimed at mentoring youth, the scope has broadened and now also focuses attention on the value and need for mentors of all kinds. Although it is most common in business, mentoring is broadly used in many settings such as schools, non-profits, churches, etc.
But whatever the motivations to become a mentor, the benefits to the mentoree are even greater. They want to share the benefits of their own hands-on experience, and keep ahead of the changing market conditions. Mentoring is regarded by employees as being one of the most valuable and effective rewards any employer can offer their people.
All in all mentored employees end up improving your corporate results, reduce corporate losses and create the type of environment every company strives to achieve – an environment focused on out-and-out success. Hancock is also a Professor of Poetry at Harvard University and author of his memoir Possibilities. All proceeds go towards educational programs and resources that enhance the quality of education that CGLA students receive.
CGLA mentors will be expected to commit at least five hours per month to mentoring activities and to connect with their CGLA mentee weekly.
This sensitivity reassures a child he or she not only has a protector and a provider, but also a mentor -- the source of a deep bond of parent-child trust. Often brilliant visionairies are highly technically skilled but may not possess adequate business management experience. As the mentoree gains timeless wisdom, mentors are rewarded emotionally, develop coaching skills and grow professionally. For those of us who have had the honour of being someone’s mentor, we totally “get” why we do this. My trust in her continued even when she signed me up for tap dance class in seventh grade -- the only boy in the class!

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