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Technological advancements resulted in enhanced communication between employees and clients. Also known as UC systems, these solutions were often utilized by large companies years back. Aside from faster communication means with clients, UC systems also promoted productivity among employees by strengthening collaborative efforts in between company professionals. Thanks to these developments, solutions like IP telephony and online messaging are now available all day for communication purposes. Statistics present the boost of planned and initiated UC system use by up to 54% since 2012, with results supported by Plantronics’ commissioned poll in November 2013. First is the mobile extension integration, a solution where employees receive forwarded calls from the company’s landline even if they are out of the office. The second solution is IP telephony, which is like an all-in-one communication solution because it allows phone, video and fax communication over the Internet.
Furthermore, it eliminates the need to get separate phone lines since all communications are done through the Internet. Another benefit, which is probably the least regarded advantage, is constant communication between employees and headquarters. Similarly with clients, employees should be reachable at all times for possible inquiries or other errands. Aforementioned study didn’t only recorded the types of UC systems used by smaller and medium-sized businesses. This solution offers convenience because every message of varying type will be gathered in one inbox. By having all messages in one location, employees will find management and reviews easier than the usual. Upon listening, employees can start doing their assigned tasks like transcribing and sending to colleagues or team leaders. Most companies meet through conferences. This technology made it possible for companies to set a meeting even for employees outside the office or branch.
As its name implies, presence will let employers know about the employees available at the time and follow up if they are working at their current site. Chat or instant messaging is perhaps the most common procedures many companies do today in their companies.
If you use this feature, you’re allowing the other party to view your computer’s screen or desktop. Since it has the same chat platforms, the other party or viewer can ask questions in case the process is unclear or for other clarifications. While other solutions are designed for employees and employers, one-number reach is made specifically for clients to boost customer service.
The employee who is assigned to answer questions will select his preferred telecommunication mean or device. In contrary to popular opinion, small and medium-sized businesses spend more time and effort in managing the business. Utilizing these UC systems will certainly boost competitiveness in the market and challenge larger companies sooner than expected. If you would like to download my One Page Appraisal Form for small business, please click here. There are a great many different types of communication systems, due to the fact that each one has the potential to contain a vast array of components. Power line communication systems are used to transmit electronically from a source or array of sources to their destinations. Optical communication systems offer many improvements over other types, and have also been responsible for revolutionizing the telecommunications industry. As mentioned, communication systems are far from simple and can contain a wide range of components to uphold continuous operation. Simply put and as some of you have stated, it is all about the mobile communication systems in this day and age.
I think about the advent of today's modern technology including the first use of satellites as a means of caring a voice signal over huge distances. While we have all experience land based communication systems, it is the wireless ones that bewilder me. I think that a huge advancement in communication systems in the last decade has been the implementation of voice over internet protocol services, also known as VoIP.
Many people will recognize the name Skype as a major software application and system of communication that allows people all over the world to converse for free using voip technology. For those of you still confused, this technology allows the sending and receiving of voice signals of the internet. Internet communication takes people way past the point of just using voice, however; video web cameras have now become so ubiquitous that many individuals and groups are able to actually have a face to face video conversation using the internet bandwidth. From tin cans to voip, our nation and world have truly advanced the way that we can talk to each other, and good thing because communication is the key to resolving issues. Be cognizant of these three elements every time you speak to a prospect, and you’ll increase sales. Every salesperson should have at least a rudimentary grasp on how to use body language to support your sale.
To learn more, join me in San Francisco at the Sales 2.0 Conference on Monday and Tuesday, April 2 and 3. PGi has been a leading global provider of collaboration software and services for over 20 years. The large scale nature of business marketing and its requirements for collegiate working especially between the retailers and the wholesalers means that communication is an absolute essential element of all the marketing strategies. The starting point has to always be that communication ought to be maximized at every available opportunity. The various forms of communication can include advertising campaigns, public relations initiatives, direct mail and communication services, forums such as trade shows, additional benefits incurred after sales, branding prestige services and technical support services. The business statement is a method through which the company can direct and explain its general philosophy and the vision it hopes for the business marketing relationship. Company that has a strong value system and is able to communicate it to its customers will have a competitive advantage over other firms because customers will be in a better position to develop a relationship with the brand. This then leads to the marketing campaign through which the organization will be able to send its resources and expertise to those areas of the market where it expects to get the best returns on investments. Where an agency is involved the organization might decide to prepare a briefing document that outlines the core values and principles underlying the operations of the company.

The final challenge is to establish a system whereby you are able to review the success of the marketing campaign based on the agreed metrics depending on the nature of the business. The differences in gender communication styles become obvious when comparing and contrasting verbal as well as non-verbal contact methods.
The way people communicate in the modern office has changed the way business is done and it has contributed significantly to the successes of companies. Implementing this type of system in your company will save you money on setup and general costs, as well as maintenance costs. You have special features available to you, including electronic messaging and call forwarding, videoconferencing, advanced call distribution and 3-way conferencing.
The use of online communication tools such as Skype, and even Twitter and Facebook, together with direct online communication via your website is growing more fashionable by the day. Patrick Whalen is a part of an elite team of writers who have contributed to hundreds of blogs and news sites.
This has enabled small and medium-sized businesses to be more competitive in connecting with clients and to compete with large companies these days. With the help of the Internet’s development and its widespread use, smaller businesses are able to enjoy the same solutions and give way to employees reaching their clients faster. The infographic results heighted two main UC solutions utilized across small and medium-sized businesses.
Aside from call forwarding integration, this solution also allows employees to know that the forwarded call came from the company line. Many individuals wishing to integrate all these procedures in one solution find IP telephony as the best investment.
Being able to answer inquiries will also help improve customer service for companies and generate lasting clients.
The company also took note of crucial components that every UC system utilized in a company should integrate. Messages received include emails, video, text messages, voicemail and other messaging options companies may use.
All the messages are right in front of them and no need to open multiple accounts just to gain access on the solutions.
Training activities and lectures can be streamed online, which gives way for companies to educate employees outside the office. They are able to reach out to employees within the office or those outside faster than regular emails.
This is beneficial if you’re training an employee about file manipulation or data entry on document processors. The video can be played on the desktop and screen sharing will stream the same video to the other party.
All calls will be routed to the device and no need to have several devices on hand just to extend high caliber customer service.
Know more about the best UC system you can use for your business to see it grow right before your eyes because of its promoted efficiency. There are, however, several categories that each type of system can usually be placed into. The medium through which information is transmitted iselectromagnetic waves, and more specifically those with frequencies that are lower than the frequency of visible light. A type of electronic system that often is referred to is cable television, widely known for its transmission of a plethora of channels throughout homes in addition to their use for providing Internet access. The main reason for this is because the medium used in optical systems is light, which allows for them to be faster, clearer, and more reliable than electrical or radio signals.
In addition to the above systems, communications networks may utilize Internet, cellular, wireless, satellite technologies and more. These primitive satellites could only handle a few calls at any given time but as the technology progressed there are now almost unlimited possible communications between individuals.
Imagine if we did have nuclear capability but no way of contacting the other side or our enemies, mutually assured destruction almost seems likely in that event. I can only imagine what it would have been like the first time someone heard a voice broadcast over the airwaves.
As conversations progressed and rapport was established, the participants began to coordinate movements such as blinking, hand motions, and head nods. PGi's cloud-based software applications empower business users to connect, collaborate and share ideas and information from their desktop, tablet or smartphone, enabling greater productivity in the office or on the go. It is important to understand the different methods of marketing communication available so that the marketing manager can choose the most appropriate for the different marketing situations.
In this article we would look at some of the various information channels that are being used in the modern business context.
These are subject to industry quality assessments and certification is sometimes available depending on the level of commitment to the communication strategy. This statement could also include social responsibility clauses such as care of the environment which could attract ethical buyers.
This is the implementation stage of the business marketing process and is the culmination of all the previous research and the branding ideas that have been placed in the mission statement. You cannot sell a product that you do not understand and therefore unless the agency fully understands the values of the marketer, they will not make an effective representative at sales meetings.
It is also advisable to check the process development for future reference and organizational learning. Understanding the differences and recognizing how to communicate in spite of gender barriers makes it possible to prevent miscommunication. Online communications have become very important and business VoIP is another blessing that hit the telecommunications market. You will find it particularly useful when you are stuck in traffic, working from home or abroad even. Businesses are able to effortlessly communicate with customers and customers can reach a company’s customer service personnel much easier via the website, which saves time and effort for all concerned. As for phone messages, accessories like Bluetooth headset can be used to listen to these messages. Messages can be exchanged and update employees about the latest news presented in the company. However, modern technology also gave way to integrating other features like screen-sharing, which is helpful for teaching an employee or colleague about certain tasks. This option can also be used in teaching program operations if they are necessary for the company.

Employees also have several forwarding options in case routed call to the first device is not answered immediately. The types of communications systems are usually discernible by the primary medium through which the information is transmitted.
On one end of these radio systems is a transmitter that will take the information and electronically convert it into radio waves.
Power line communication systems are often used because of their relatively low cost, even though there are other systems that surpass them in quality and efficiency. These reliable signals are usually carried through optical fiber, although an optical signal can be sent over relatively short distances through the air, usually only over a couple of miles. Those systems which take advantage of two or more media are referred to as hybrid communication networks. But when you limit communication with prospects to email and telephone, you miss out on one of the most important aspects of closing the sale: nonverbal communication.
From this, the organization will then develop a coherent message which talks about values and principles in a way that is meaningful to its intended customers. If the brand is communicating values that it is obviously not representing, then customers will resent the hypocrisy and may turn away.
At the conclusion of the business marketing process you will be in a position to decide whether to move on to consumer marketing strategies or to concentrate on your relationship with the retailer. Trying to find the best communication medium is a must to keep in touch.There are many types of communication that we can use these days when we try to keep in touch. Online communication tools, for example, have made it so much easier for companies to communicate with employees, each other and even with customers. It is easy for all employees to learn how the system works, which is very easy and it saves time and money. Overall efficiency has been improved as well, without compromising the quality work that is produced.
Communication systems may also be classified as one-way, two-way, or multiple-way systems, depending on how many parties can exchange information through its various components. These radio waves travel to the other end of the radio communication system, which is designed to detect and decode the waves and convert them to recognizable information. Much research is being devoted to finding better ways of developing communications systems through countless combinations of all of these communications technologies. Mirroring and matching is the process of entering your prospect’s world and matching your mind with theirs during conversation. Keeping in touch is very important to have a healthy relationship not only with couples with family and friends too.Verbal Communication Verbal communication includes sounds, words, language and speaking. It is not only fast and cheap, but it is reliable and the most convenient method of communication by far. The fact that employees are able to work remotely as well has a positive impact on their work satisfaction and productivity. The mobile revolution has been improving office communications too, which can now be done on the go and from anywhere, at any time.
A simple two-way radio system may comprise of two handheld transceivers, for example, which are more commonly referred to as walkie-talkies. This sends the nonverbal message that you’re in tune with their state of mind, and helps establish rapport. That means making eye contact with your camera, relaxing your shoulders, and bringing your hands into view to emphasize certain points. VoIP is being used a lot more in companies all over the world, with numbers rising all the time. Several of the benefits mentioned above are experienced with both mobile and online office communications as well. Essentially, you need to translate all of those body language techniques into the area from the shoulders up.
What makes something such as VoIP an easy choice for companies is the fact that it uses the existing data networks to transmit your voice. The basis of language formation are: gender, class, profession, geographical area, age group and other social elements.
As Susan RoAne says, these meetings can be even more powerful than in-person meetings because you can use technology to focus in on the most important source of nonverbal communication: the face.
Also, in business communication self-confidence plays a vital role which when clubbed with fluent communication skills can lead to success.Non-Verbal Communication Non-verbal communication involves physical ways of communication, like, tone of the voice, touch, smell and body motion. Creative and aesthetic non-verbal communication includes singing, music, dancing and sculpturing. Physical contact, like, shaking hands, pushing, patting and touching expresses the feeling of intimacy. Reading facial expressions can help you know a person better.Written Communication Written communication is writing the words which you want to communicate. E-mails, reports, articles and memos are some of the ways of using written communication in business. The written communication can be edited and amended many times before it is communicated to the second party to whom the communication is intended.
This is one of the main advantages of using writing as the major means of communication in business activity.
Written communication is used not only in business but also for informal communication purposes.Visual communication The last type of communication is the visual communication. Visual communication is visual display of information, like topography, photography, signs, symbols and designs. Television and video clips are the electronic form of visual communication.Effective communication is essential for the success of any type of business. One must understand that all the four types of communication are equally important and one must develop communicative skills in all the mediums. Communicative media is growing day by day to ensure clarity and to eliminate the ambiguity in communication.

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