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Old and new methods of communication were combined recently when a Cincinnati radio station used carrier pigeons to speed pictures of a baseball game between Cincinnati Rends and Pittsburgh Pirates to its studio for immediate transmission. For my master’s thesis at Georgetown University, I was interested in how 21st century communication technologies are changing the ways in which people interact with members of their social networks.
I recently began thinking of my research in light of Pew’s recent Writing, Technology and Teens report, and saw several interesting connections between the two. In my survey, I asked respondents about the amount of time they spend on an average day using a variety of communication methods to keep in touch with friends, family and associates. One of the most important things I have learned from my master’s thesis research, and something I believe the Writing report echoes, is that we now stand at a turning point in communication technology. About Pew Research Center Pew Research Center is a nonpartisan fact tank that informs the public about the issues, attitudes and trends shaping America and the world. In this section, you will be studying the best method to convey the complex information onto another person, or a group of people in a manner that these people will be able to fully absorb and use it. Therefore communication is a kind of social interaction where at least two interacting agents share a common set of signs and a common set of semiotic rules.
Our UK Government takes communications very seriously, in fact there is an Central Office of Information, take a few moments to view their website by clicking this LINK click onto services then the A-Z of services to see the wide range of communications that are covered.
The Government considers that electronic communications very important, particularly how computer based communications are used, to support this there is a British Educational Communications and Technology, click this LINK to visit the BECTA web site, you will find their list of publications useful.
We even have a communications Act to cover some of the legal requirements of digital information transfer.
It is the way in which we interpret things, as the diagram alongside shows, our minds try to put data inputs into a logical pattern. Several communication barriers exist exist between sender and recipient, these can be responsible for a message not being correctly understood. Problems arise when you are uncertain about who is receiving the information, in this aspect standard business talk is a good starting point. Internal communications become more difficult with organisation's who operate from a number of bases each separated geographically. Similar to the internal methods, there is now a growing range of methods used to externally communicate to both other businesses and consumers. Before proceeding into the next learning block, visit this page at the web site Mind Tools and see the comments concerning the need for effective communications. In part 2 above, you covered some of the barriers to communication, these notes target some of the problems encountered with face contact communications. Are you dealing with a listener during your contact session, because true listening is crucial to critical thinking. Do you, and does your audience have the characteristics shown in the diagram below.  But more importantly do you see this sort of response with either your audience, or those who you are passing on information to?

You have a listener who is collecting a whole range of inputs, but what happens if the actual words become mixed up in a sentence, will the listener be able to inseminate the true meaning?  Therefore the words that you use should be pragmatic rather than philosophical.
In everything you say or hear, you must look out for possible misunderstanding and clarify the ambiguity. However if you have taken the time to understand who your oral AND written communication targets, there is a greater chance of success. These are the oral delivery supported by visual methods, some of these will be covered in 6 below. One of the most common methods in use today is overhead projection slides and electronically produced presentations, such as the types produced by software such as Microsoft PowerPoint. If you are seeking information, the meeting would start with a short statement of the topic or problem and then an open discussion supported by notes on a display, or even brainstorming session.
If it is to have others assisting you to make a decision, you will probably start with a topic review before considering options, agree who should make the decision and how, and then do it to ratify or explain the decisions to others.
If the purpose of your oral communication falls within these three reasons, often you will be tempted to support your communication with projected graphics, if so read the next section. However, as previously explained, visual aids should complement the information transfer not to replace your oral communication. Avoid excessive words - keep all captions brief - Economy of word and line is the hallmark of a good aid. Many people find passing messages using formal business letters difficult, before proceeding with this section covering written communications, read the notes at MIND TOOLS. Writing letters, reports, notes and other communications are important skills for anyone involved in business.
Specifically, I focused my research on how Facebook is altering the methods users employ to build and maintain a network of friends. Older students may be using formal communication methods more because they are looking beyond college and working on establishing a more professional online network and image. The younger respondents in my survey tend to spend more time each day interacting with others via communication methods that encourage text shortcuts such as abbreviations, acronyms and emoticons. Longitudinal research should be conducted in future years to see if the results of these two studies are merely a reflection of a current fad or if the way we write and interact with the different types of people in our social networks is evolving. It conducts public opinion polling, demographic research, media content analysis and other empirical social science research. Communication processes are in most cases sign-mediated interactions which are governed by three levels of semiotic rules, syntactic, pragmatic and semantic.
In a simplistic form information is sent from a sender or encoder to a receiver or decoder. It is becoming reasonably obvious that the way in which we pass information onto others is taken very seriously by all concerned, the next step is to evaluate if there can be problems with any process that passes information from one person to another person (or establishments).

This can present problems when it is important for senior managers to have oral communications, particularly when an absence from their base location might impinge upon the effective running of the business operation. Your task is to firstly collect sufficient evidence to support the second stage of the task, which is to produce a short bullet pointed briefing guidance note which could be used during the video conference. The big problem with many presentations is the concept of the deliverer that the visual display takes over from the oral explanations. The use of these multiple media helps a wide range of people to link ideas, helping them build deeper understandings.
This research was facilitated by a survey of 644 Georgetown undergraduates on their uses of various communication technologies, and especially the internet, in keeping connected with others. Conversely, freshmen were twice as likely as upperclassmen to spend more than an hour each day on social networking sites to communicate and more than twice as likely to be spending that much time text messaging on an average day. Younger students may be spending more time on newer technologies because they have, for all intents and purposes, grown up with them, and see these newer methods of communication as both quicker and easier ways of interacting. Therefore, the question that arose in my mind was, do the trends we found in our Pew report among younger teens also apply to young adults?
See the chart below for a breakout of communication usage results from my survey across students’ year in school. When Facebook launched in 2004, for example, current college seniors were just finishing up their high school years.
In the college environment, however, these students are unlikely to find sympathy from their professors if such informal writing styles appear in their midterms and exams. Current college freshmen, however, had just begun high school; at this age, text-based gossip and IMing are a virtual institution.
Likewise, these students may have learned in high school about separating their formal and informal writing and do not allow the informal styles discussed in the Pew report to appear in their collegiate writing.
Communication development is the development of processes enabling one to understand what others say (or sign or write) and speak (or sign or write, translate sounds and symbols into meaning, and learn the syntax of the language. Consider, for example, Verizon’s recent series of commercials centering on young teens and their text messaging habits. Communication is based on the idea of respect, promises, and the want for social improvement.

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