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The seafood industry is using traceability technology to boost transparency and efficiency along its supply chain.
The need for human resources managers opens opportunities for those in other fields to transition into the human resources profession. Knowledge of marketing, accounting, leadership and other management abilities can be essential to a restaurant's success. Using business analytics, companies explore data to make smart decisions based on relevant information extracted. The business world has embraced the use of analytics to streamline operations and improve processes. MSU is now offering for-certificate graduate certificates in Human Resources, Leadership and Management.

Business professionals around the globe can improve leadership skills through MSU's Broad College 100% online courses. Professionals everywhere can access MSU's world-class education through courses offered 100% online.
MSU now offers you the opportunity to work towards your Advanced Procurement Master Certificate, all online! Qualified business professionals and leaders are in high demand in virtually every industry, creating unprecedented career mobility and advancement potential. Accelerate your career and open doors to lucrative job opportunities with a professional certificate program.
With online learning, you've always got the best seat in class from the convenience of your computer or mobile device.

Michigan State University provides the research-supported knowledge, practical skills and recognized credentials you need to excel in your career.
Data is examined and analyzed when making decisions about player recruitment, team building and management, game planning, and strategy to find ways to achieve results beyond relying on athletic ability. From the recently reformatted MS in Supply Chain Management to the 100% online non-credit certificates, for-credit certificates and MS in Management, Strategy and Leadership, the Eli Broad College of Business offers flexible programs in a variety of structures and formats for all working professionals. Bourquin was a Fulbright Research Scholar at Polytech'Lille (Ecole Polytechnique Universitaire de Lille), part of the University of Sciences and Technology of Lille in France.

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michigan state university master of science in accounting

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