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When you are filled with vibrant vital energy, you will reach a level of life energy level that you feel naturally happy. Secret Techniques Of Manifesting And Creating With Imagination Change your life with these 12 Powerful Advanced Techniques now!
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Manifesting your soulmate stems from finding a healthy balance between intending and allowing; between doing and being.
I’ve heard from first-time brides (at 49+), busy entrepreneurs with 80-hour work weeks, as well as divorcees and widowers who were convinced that the opportunity for true love had long passed them by.
Occasionally I receive stories from from men and women who do feel defeated, frustrated because they’ve been actively searching for their soulmates without success. The energetic signal sent through these messages practically jumps off the page and, let’s just say, it’s not one of irresistible attraction, is it? Whether you want to manifest love, money, a new career or a parking space, becoming a successful manifestor requires a certain level of emotional maturity.
As someone consciously focused on manifesting your soulmate, you, too, must recognize the powerful influence your thoughts and feelings have and do your best to keep them positive. Those who successfully manifest love have surrendered to the fact that it’s not our job to know where or how our soulmate will appear. Your job is to love yourself, enjoy your life as it unfolds in each moment, hold a clear intention of the love you are manifesting and have faith in the unseen forces that are (even now) guiding the fulfillment of your dream.
Register with MeetMindful for free today—the fastest growing dating site for conscious singles. Arielle Ford has spent the past 25 years living and promoting consciousness through all forms of media. Master the science of bending reality and create your ideal life with the Silva Manifesting home training program. You already know that your thoughts become thingsa€“and that your mind is the key to your ideal reality. In the early 1960’s, Quantum Physicist David Bohm and Neuroscientist Karl Pribram presented a stunning theory known as the Holographic Universe. According to this theory, the world we live in is in fact an elaborate 3D hologram projected by our minds.
Bohm and Pribram claim that the Holographic Universe theory perfectly explains the existence of countless phenomena that modern science still can’t fully explain. Phenomena that distort and manipulate the hologram of reality, like ESP and psychic abilities. Have you ever wondered how some people can seemingly manipulate reality, and accomplish the impossible? Think about scientific geniuses who change the course of history, like Edison and Einstein. Helene Hadsell, a lady from Texas, miraculously wins every contest and sweepstake she enters. In the past few years, Burt Goldman has taught himself painting and photography, got his work featured in international galleries, written multiple novels, launched a multi-million dollar website, and created one of the most popular personal growth programs on the internet—all at the ripe old age of 80. How is it possible that in a few short years, he’s accomplished feats that some people chase for a lifetime? A few years back, Frank, a 61-year-old man, was diagnosed with a fatal type of throat cancer. Using mental imagery techniques, Frank was able to both avoid the side effects of radiation therapy, and completely eliminate his cancer within just two months. How is it that Frank and countless other people diagnosed with fatal diseases are sometimes able to beat the odds and recover fully? Over the past 15 years she’s used this gift to help heads of states, bestselling authors, and over 10,000 people worldwide.
Empowered individuals with an uncanny ability to consistently manifest the spectacular — these are the people we call Reality Architects.
At The Silva Method, we believe everyone is born a Reality Architect a€” and that all you need to do to realize this ability is to wake up.
A process wea€™ve perfected over 50 years, that takes the frustration and guesswork out of this metaphysical science, and instead gives you a laser-accurate process for manifesting your deepest desires, time and time again.
The ability to manifest to this degree isna€™t just possible a€” ita€™s inevitable, once you learn to control a specific set of functions in your mind. In the past 5 decades, The Silva Method has touched over 6 million lives in 110 countries, and is used by everyone from celebrities to high-flying CEOs to regular people in search of personal breakthroughs. Our books have sold over 12 million copies, our seminars continue to sell out across the world, and our findings have been endorsed and practiced by many of the world’s most respected scientists, doctors, thought leaders and spiritual teachers. The 6 obstacles that sabotage your manifesting efforts—and how The Silva Method helps you overcomes them. There are plenty of books, teachers and programs out there that teach you to awaken your inner potential and live your ideal life. From deep, immersive meditation exercises to effective visualization techniques to the 3-step Desire-Belief-Expectancy process, we’ve created a complete process for every aspect of manifesting and Reality Architecture. Since the day you were born, your parents, teachers, mentors and the media have conditioned you with a certain set of beliefs that silently influence your reality TODAY. Jose Silva found that it’s possible to weed out and remove negative beliefs through positive programming exercises.
When you fail to program your subconscious mind, all those hidden negative beliefs and paradigms embedded in your subconscious will silently sabotage your reality —often without you even realizing it. By guiding you into the Alpha and Theta levels of mind, The Silva Method creates a direct line to the subconscious and superconscious. We are trained to believe that stress, frustration and worry are normal human tendencies, but they’re not. The common perception of personal growth and meditation is that it takes hours of focused effort every day to see even the slightest results. Even thought they have the best intentions, the people around you could be unknowingly hindering your progress. Jose Silva was a firm believer in the power of collective intent: that many people focusing on a desired outcome amplifies its probability. Every now and then, you’ll get an epiphany or a breakthrough that takes your life to the next level.
The problem is, without any guidance or intuitive knowledge, these breakthroughs often take too long to surface. We’ve spent nearly 50 years researching, experimenting and collaborating with leading scientists, researchers and personal growth leaders.
We do this through an optimized curriculum that includes the Centering Exercise, guided meditations, visualization techniques, intuition-enhancing tools and Theta level exercises, which guide our students into an even deeper level of mind than Alpha.
Many top-shelf corporations, including RCA Records, Green Mountain Coffee and The Arnold Agency, have sent their employees for Silva training. Many artists, writers, actors and performers use the Silva Method to enhance their creativity and focus, and come up with highly creative ideas. Best-selling author Richard Bach credits the Silva Method for the inspiration to help him finish his iconic book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, which went on to sell over a million copies and was featured on the cover of TIME magazine. A wide range of top personal growth leaders, coaches and authors use, endorse and are influenced by The Silva Method.
Many healthcare professionals and scientists have integrated the principles of The Silva Method into their healing regimens as a crucial component of effective mind-body healing.
Thata€™s how long the founder Jose Silva spent researching and collaborating with top scientists and personal growth leaders.
And he did this decades before the concept of manifesting became the global trend it is today.
Jose Silva passed away in 1999, before he could fully perfect and share his findings on manifesting with the world.
Today, wea€™re proud to share with you the final result: a complete manifesting mastery system, based on Silvaa€™s research and optimized with todaya€™s technology, designed to swiftly awaken your inner Reality Architect and turn you into a manifesting master. Introducing Silva Manifesting: Mastering the art and science of using your mind to get what you want.

Available exclusively on this site, Silva Manifesting is an audio home training program that trains you, for the first time ever, in The Silva Methoda€™s optimized manifesting process. A brand new step-by-step manifesting curriculum that takes you through the entire scope of manifesting mastery, from perfect meditation to thought control to knowing your purpose.
10 brand new and updated Silva mind empowerment tools and meditations, created specifically for manifesting mastery, including the Life Purpose exercise and the Choice Points exercise. Eye opening insights on manifesting, and cutting-edge research on the human mind, presented by Laura Silva and a host of expert guest speakers. Meditation is a crucial element of manifesting, because it helps you access your subconscious mind and spiritual self.
One of the most empowering gifts you can ever manifest is awareness of your life purpose; the reason you were placed on this planet. The physical, mental, emotional and spiritual: these are the 4 a€?bodiesa€™ that make you, you. One of the most overlooked aspects of manifesting is giving yourself permission to have what you want in life. The people who settle for mediocre lives are those who forget they were born to achieve greatness. The Mirror of the Mind exercise that you just experienced is one of The Silva Methoda€™s most powerful tools. If you want to truly master the art of manifesting, youa€™ll need to be consistent and persistent with the exercises and techniques. And he knew that the key to achieving this lay hidden in the conscious and subconscious mind. At the core of Silva Manifesting is a selection of advanced mind empowerment tools and techniques for engaging every layer of your mind. Silva Manifesting gives you a brand new training curriculum a€” which you wona€™t yet find at any Silva seminar, and definitely not in any other manifesting program a€” at a supremely affordable price.
Which is why wea€™re offering it to you for just $99 for physical copy and $89 for digital copy. Consider it our way of thanking you for being one of the first people in the world to try it out. Certain tracks are designed to bring your mind to the Alpha Level, which makes them unsuitable while operating any form of machinery. Listen to the Lecture tracks when jogging, while in your car during a commute, on the subway or bus or plane. Listen to the Meditation tracks at home or work, when youa€™re seated in a comfortable way and able to relax.
You will be blown away by the sheer quality and attention to detail of every lesson, every technique and every exercise in Silva Manifesting.
Upon using Silva Manifesting, youa€™ll notice a distinct improvement to your manifesting ability. From career improvements to deepened relationships to better health, mastering manifesting will transform every area of your life for the better.
If for any reason Silva Manifesting doesna€™t live up to any of these three points, just drop us an email within 90 days of your date of purchase, and wea€™ll give you a full, no-questions-asked refund.
Whether you choose the digital or physical version of Silva Manifesting, youa€™ll enjoy a high-quality immersive experience that looks as good as it makes you feel. The digital version gives you instant (as in right NOW) access to our stunning private online membership area, where youa€™ll be able to download the entire program to your computer or mp3 player in one click, or listen to it through streaming audio files. When you choose the physical version, wea€™ll deliver the program discs to your doorstep in a* beautiful designer box printed on fully recycled material*.
When you think about it that way, is there any reason to not awaken your inner Reality Architect? How would your life change if you could MANIFEST your ideal life a€” not next year, not next month, but right NOW?
If youa€™re a Silva Method beginner, Silva Manifesting is the ideal first step towards your breakthrough life. And if youa€™ve already used any of our programs or attended our events, the brand new advanced exercises and meditations will help you take your mind empowerment game to the next level. Think about how much more youa€™d be able to contribute to your family, your community and to the world.
The Bottom Line: Silva Manifesting is a brand new program, and we need approximately three weeks to start shipping out physical packages. In accordance with the latest FTC guidelines, we want to make it explicitly clear that the customer letters we have received are based on the unique experiences and circumstances of a few people only. We stand for the ideas, companies, and products that unleash the full potential of humanity and move the planet forward.
You will find that your manifestations appear faster and easier when you have an abundance of Life Energy.
In fact, meditation is a method used by ancient mystics in India and China to accumulate life energy. Great manifestors have learned the art of managing their thoughts and emotions so that even when doubt, fear or other limiting feelings pop up, they are not swept into a spiral of negativity. Sometimes this simple shift in perception is all I need, other times I reach into my toolkit of emotional release techniques and dedicate five or ten minutes to work through my mini-issue so that my creative energies stay aligned with the outcome I desire. She is the author of the international bestseller, The Soulmate Secret: Manifest the Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction, and her latest book WABI SABI LOVE. A moment when your intentions and vibrations aligned with the universe, and materialized from your mind into your reality.
Which means everything, from mountains to skyscrapers to the house you live in… is simply an illusion.
Or creative visionaries who push the boundaries of imagination, like Da Vinci and Shakespeare. Over 50 years she’s won herself cars, 7 trips to Europe, and even a $2 million dollar home.
Through a scientific process that tunes your conscious and subconscious mind to the frequency of manifesting. Some talk about meditation, but completely ignore the importance of emotion-infused visualization. Some of these beliefs are good, but some, like believing money is the root of all evil, or that hard work is the only path to success, are damaging.
They can hold you back in your career, sabotage your relationships, mess with your self-confidence and self-image, and even damage your health.
These exercises use specific words, tone of voice and instructions to penetrate deep into your belief system, and eliminate the negative beliefs from within.
But did you know that it’s not just your conscious, but also your subconscious thoughts that control your life?
And just like a hypnotist who can help you quit smoking, this connection allows you to immediately change the way their mind thinks and functions. True Reality Architects rarely experience these emotions, because like athletes they’ve developed a set of daily habits that train their minds to retain positive stamina all day, every day. That’s why he turned The Silva Method into a thriving global community that convenes at seminars and events throughout the year.
Many people spend years wallowing in the same indecision, wasting time and missing out on opportunities in the process.
Benefits have been reported in various areas, including amplified creativity, improved business management, enhanced motivation and better stress management. Notable students include the Opera singer Marguerite Piazza, singer Vicki Carr, and actresses Carol Lawrence (the first live theater actress to get a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame) and Loretta Swit. He practiced his method on over 6 million people worldwide, carefully noting down the nuances of intention, desire, belief, and other concepts that lead to flawless manifesting. But since Silvaa€™s passing, we, his family and group of instructors at The Silva Method, have spent the past 12 years working on his legacy. To leverage on our knowledge and experience as the pioneers of the personal growth industrya€¦ and create the single most efficient and effective manifesting process on the planet. These are quick, easy and powerful pick-me-up mind exercises you can weave into your daily schedule.

Listen to Jose Silvaa€™s intimate thoughts on manifesting, and learn key concepts for getting the most out of the program, like the Desire, Believe, Connect, & Expect model.
In this part youa€™ll discover what to do (and what not to do) for a better meditation practice. This essential visualization exercise helps you identify and focus on the health goals that will best serve you. Before you can start manifesting to your fullest potential, youa€™ll need to master the art of engaging these 4 bodies and aligning them with your desires.
Through a set of fascinating lessons and exercises, including the From a Distance exercise, this part trains you to release yourself from the guilt, negative beliefs and hidden subconscious land mines holding you back from a blissful state of allowing. The answer to this question will determine the things, people and situations youa€™ll attract into your life. In this part youa€™ll discover 7 powerful ideas for achieving greatness in every area of your life. Learn the 6 ways to create an Abundance Mindset, how to get a little help from above, and try the engaging Money Magnet Exercise for an instant abundance boost. These tunes were specially composed to help you relax, and guide you into a deeper state of mind. Wea€™ve included every single technique found in the program in this handy reference section, so you can get straight into the action without rewinding and fast-forwarding through the main program.
In fact he believed that with the right training, a person could manifest an object, person or desire almost as easily as snapping their fingers. They will not just train you, but also put you in such an amazing relaxed state of mind, that you wona€™t be able to get enough. Even the packaging and the online membership area have been designed with the greatest of care. Youa€™ll also get to make friends and participate in discussions with the global Silva Manifesting community, and get a direct link to our Customer Happiness Team, whoa€™s always ready to help you with any problems or questions you have about the program. The whole program gives you easy step-by-step instructions to follow at your own pace, which makes it perfect for beginners and experienced Silva students alike.
This is the first ever Silva program to feature our brand new a€?Zapa€™ and a€?Stoplighta€™ meditation technology. No other system, book or seminar has the kind of scientific backing or social proof we have.
Get help with questions, weekly updates, free bonuses and more through our online community site, Silva Method Life. Martial arts practitioners who knows the real secrets of life energy, often claim that standing meditation is the best way to gather life energy.
Developing this kind of mental discipline requires us to make a deliberate choice to focus our attention on what we desire rather than on what we don’t want.
Remember the last time you manifested a moment of sheer coincidence, luck or synchronicity?
Some talk about manifesting, but they don’t train you to work on your belief system (we call this your inner identity).
Once these negative beliefs are replaced with positive ones, manifesting becomes that much easier. Even people who are passionate about personal growth often make this mistake, and they end up focusing too much on logical reasoning and conscious commitments to themselves. The key here is learning to speak to the language of the subconscious through symbolism —and the result is a deeper understanding of your true self, and better control over thoughts and actions. When you seek their advice, are they telling you the right things, or are they programming your subconscious with negative beliefs? Using the internet, over 100,000 Silva students interact daily on blogs and Facebook pages. Wilfred Hahn of the Mind Science Foundation in California, who went on to endorse our work. McKenzie, founder of the American Mental Health Association, is also known to have used Silva techniques to aid his patients. Youa€™ll also be trained to master Zap and Stoplight meditations, which are quick, easy, powerful mind exercises you can integrate into your daily routine. The result is your higher intelligence automatically sets you on a straight path towards your goals—just like a compass.
Youa€™ll also experience the profound Life Purpose Exercise for improving your focus, and quieting the Monkey Mind that distracts and holds you back from your goals.
In this part youa€™ll find all the insights you need, along with the immersive Engaging Fully Exercise for connecting with your 4 bodies. This Part reveals why your thoughts are the fuel of creation, and trains you to use the Choice Points and Target Image exercises for better control over your thoughts. Youa€™ll also learn how to integrate your greatness with other key concepts like belief, desires and synchronicity for a truly holistic approach to manifesting. Coincidences, opportunities, and attractive partners: they all seem to walk into your life when you start applying this technique.
You will want to do this daily, ita€™s as pleasurable as taking a nice hot bath or receiving a wonderful massage. The high-quality recycled cardboard is made to last for years, without fading or disintegrating. These are quick, easy and powerful 5-minute mind exercises you can weave into your daily schedule for improved focus, energy and mindset. With 1 seminar million graduates and over 6 million books sold, you know youa€™re using a system that has been distilled and refined to perfection.
Feel the difference without having to add too many new tasks to your already busy schedule. The generally expected performance of the Chakra7 in regards to any specific disease has not been scientifically validated and we cannot and will not make any promises in regards to any miracle cures.
Also, a lack of sleep for one night will drain your life energy reserves that may take you a few days to recover.
And some are so tediously time consuming, they require hours upon hours of struggle and practice every day. This means you’re always able to connect with instructors and members for support and friendship, no matter where you are in the world. Reality Architects have a way of speeding up the answers that come to them through deep intuition: they literally wake up in the morning with answers to their questions and challenges. Silva has an especially huge following in sports that encourage a mind-body approach to physical excellence.
In this Part youa€™ll learn to get even more out of this exercise by learning the 6 Universal Laws in the Mirror of the Mind, and how to integrate gratitude into your daily life. Youa€™ll be one of those a€?luckya€? people who never has to worry about cash for all the things you need and want.
Wea€™ve taken the greatest care to make Silva Manifesting one of the most gorgeous materials youa€™ll ever add to your book shelf. Results may vary but generally speaking most of our customers have been staggered by the speed of results coming in their life. When your body is low on life energy, the fuel of life, you feel depressed and down and powerless. Scientific reports have shown that excess of these activities use up a lot of nerve energy: sex, digestion and excessive negative thinking. They take less than 5 minutes to do, which means you can easily weave them into your daily schedule and practice them even during your lunch break. The Silva Method trains you to become naturally inspired and intuitive, so you can make accurate decisions and find the right answers at exhilarating speeds. And yes, the astounding ability some people have to manifest their desires out of thin air.

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