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Originally little more than a book storage mod, Bibliocraft’s base purpose is to provide you with more places to put your books. Bilbliocraft’s display units (desks, shelves, display cabinets, tool racks and more) are all made in four variations to correspond with the four wood types in the base game. This mod is Forge compatible and tries to be compatible with other mods, however there may be some conflicts. Bilbiocraft takes minecraft publishing to a whole new level, introducing the printing press and changing the way books work forever.

The Bilbioocraft bookcase can store sixteen books to a shelf, and the Bibliocraft desk can store nine books. Which means that this mod is not only hugely functional from a display and storage perspective, it’s also one of the best mods out their for decorating and customizing your minecraft home. The printing press allows you to make copies of signed books, which can then be disseminated throughout the land. Each combination will result in one book.And there you have it, three pieces of paper = one book.

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minecraft how to make a book xbox 360

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