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Miracle Animal è un prodotto naturale al 100%, a base di frutta fermentata, piante e batteri lactobacillus.
Miracle Animal stimola la digestione, l’appetito, la pelle, i colori e la salute delle koi. Continuously replenishes the mineral and trace element concentration in the aquarium, making this the most comprehensive filter medium available.
Van Gerven Koi FeederVan Gerven Koi FeederFeeding your fish with an automatic feeder has many advantages.

Saki Hikari Growth Koi FoodSaki Hikari Growth Koi food, the revolutionary Pro-biotic Koi Food, Saki Hikari Growth food comes in size Small, Medium and Large. Saki Hikari Growth food promotes well balanced form and superior growth, accelerates digestive activity while improving nutrient absorption and assililation. If so,login to view pricing and enable ordering features,or contact us to register your online account. Saki Hikari Growth Koi food is most effective when used as a daily diet, intermittent use will not allow the beneficial bacteria to flourish and remain active in the intestinal tract of your Koi.

Saki Hikari Growth will provide maximum results when your water temperatures are above 20C (68F).

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miracle animal koi fish

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