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When John Zucalla, of Dive Time Recovery, was called to recover a small, sunken boat in Lake Havasu in Arizona on Saturday, he certainly didn’t expect to find a stowaway on the boat. It is believed that Lucky survived on the sunken boat by finding an air pocket in her compartment. After surviving an hour trapped underwater in a sunken boat, Lucky, the cat, will now hopefully stay put in her new home, and steer clear of any water, or boats, from here on out. This is the moment that a tiny kitten is brought back to life after a young boy found it frozen in the snow on Thanksgiving morning. Incredible footage was posted to social media of the adorable cat being rescued by a kind-hearted family on holiday in a rented cabin in Bear Lake, Utah. One of the family members performs CPR on the animal for more than an hour in a desperate attempt to save it.

The video, filmed by Branden Bingham, begins with his younger brother racing into the cabin with the kitten after Mr Bingham’s son found it in a foot of freshly fallen snow.
After a while Mr Bingham says ‘I think he’s gone’ and stops filming over concerns that it’s too morbid to film a dead kitten.
Mr Bingham says that after taking his kids back outside to play in the snow ‘and forget about their sad start to their Thanksgiving’ they come back inside to find the kitten alive and well and being nursed in a blanket by a family member.
The Binghams posted the video to their Facebook page where it has been viewed over thousand times. Genaro Rudaldava, who owns the boat in question, told Zucalla that his family doesn’t own a cat, and had no idea Lucky had even managed to get on his small boat. It may not display this or other websites correctly.You should upgrade or use an alternative browser.

Tucked into a side panel at the front of the boat was a cat — dubbed River by workers at the Western Arizona Humane Society, and then later renamed Lucky. Lucky was unhappy about her situation, but was relatively unharmed, says Zucalla despite the length of time she spent underwater.

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miracle animal rescue lake elsinore

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