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First of all, you should know that an HID (High Intensity Discharge) Grow Light System isn't the right choice for all cannabis growers. Yet it's worth it when you can grow rows of high-yielding marijuana plants like the ones displayed here to the left. When I originally started growing weed, I was worried about excess heat, high electricity bills, and making sure I was as stealthy as possible. Yet at the same time, I was also worried about spending a whole bunch of money on grow equipment since I wasn't even sure if I could successfully grow.
As a general rule of thumb, CFL grow lights are most suitable for very small grows with just 1-2 plants, and especially when there is limited height of the grow area.
This is a great example of using enough CFLs to prevent any shadowy spots and get good yields. I'm glad I first started growing cannabis with CFL grow lights, because they were cheap, gave me beautiful buds, and taught me how to grow. I knew that if I upgraded to HID grow lights, I could spend less time worrying about adjusting lights, and more time on learning new, better ways to improve yields, potency, and taste. Timer - Standard electrical timer to turn your lights on and off for you on a schedule. Grow tent (highly recommended) - Many closets are too small and not a suitable shape or size for growing.
Metal Halide bulbs produce a bluish bright light which mimics the spring sun, and using MH bulbs during the vegetative stage will promote short, bushy growth in your plants.
You will need to choose a ballast that is made for the type of HID light you would like to get. Digital vs Magnetic Ballasts - Digital ballasts cost a bit more than a magnetic ballast, yet a digital ballast runs cooler, uses less electricity, tend to produce higher light intensity, and will save you money in the long run.
This gives you the most flexibility as you can use either type of bulb, and digitally control how intense you want the light to be at any moment.
With a digital, dimmable ballast, you can adjust the ballast to put out less light (and use less electricity) when plants are small and don't need full-strength light yet. Some ballasts support both Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium, and will clearly state that on the box.
Some sellers will actually replace burnt out bulbs within a certain time period, so definitely take advantage of new bulbs with guarantees if you can! The biggest wear to HID light bulbs come from turning the lights on and off, as opposed to how long they run. There are many different kinds of hoods for HID lights, from wings to cooltubes to air-cooled hoods.
A winged hood is basically just a reflector with a socket for your bulb and a plug to connect to your ballast.
Additionally, many cooltube owners have reported that they can create unexpected hot spots (places where light can focus and burn plants).
However, Cool tube grow lights are a great choice in situations where you can't let air out from your grow room, for example when using CO2 enrichment where a sealed grow space is necessary. Air-cooled hoods reflect light directly towards your plants, and have piece of glass or plastic which keeps hot air contained near the bulb (and away from your plants).
They generally come with a very wide reflective surface, which allows you to spread the light from your bulb over a greater area in your grow space. Please note that you want the hot air exhausted out a window, up a chimney or otherwise out of your grow area.
Seals well (as air-tight as possible) to keep heat contained and ensure odor-proof ventilation. The more wide and smoothly curved the reflector is, the more even the light spread will be.
There are a couple factors you must consider when deciding how far away to keep your grow lights from your plants. Please note: The further your light from the plants, the less powerful the brightness but the greater and area the light will cover. If you have a Lux Meter to measure your brightness levels, you can get even more accurate with your grow light distance. A much better way to control odors is to get a carbon scrubber and install it where you're exhausting your hot air. Optimally, you want the exhaust to pull air from your hot lights and directly out a window, in a short, straight line if possible.
Exhausts become less and less efficient at cooling the further your air has to travel, and the less straight the path.
When worried about heat, it's important to create enough suction with your fans to completely replace all the air in your grow tent as rapidly as possible, at least once every few minutes. It's important to have as strong-enough exhaust fan for the grow space to make sure that you are completely changing out all the air in the tent often. Designing your exhaust will be much simpler if you take the time to understand airflow in a room - the whole idea of setting up an exhaust system is to create negative airflow in the grow space or grow tent so that any hot air is regularly replaced with new, fresh cool air.

Exhaust Efficiency -  Every exhaust system has some level of inefficiency which will lower the amount of air being moved by the fan.
Even with a good exhaust system, it is recommended that growers still install small oscillating fans in their grow space to blow air above and below to the plant canopy to improve air circulation and help prevent any hot spots or humid pockets of air. Cannabis plants like having a lot of fresh air all the time, and they will reward you for your diligence in setting up a proper exhaust system.
Consider that you want a direct line to the exhaust, with as short a distance as possible, so that hot air is quickly and easily released outside of your home.
Having trouble finding a cheap & easy way to stealthily exhaust out hot air from your grow tent? I bought a huge sheet of foam and glued (super glue and hot glue for best results) it to a sheet of corrugated plastic. Use a staple gun to reinforce anywhere you use duct tape, including where the ducting goes through the hole you made in the foam. For a limited time, you can buy a complete HID grow light system and starter kit for cheap on Amazon! Getting a complete set is much easier and cheaper than getting these parts individually, plus everything you need to start growing with an HID grow light is included!
The following is a list of manufacturers of vintage cinematographic equipment, with some of the apparatus they marketed. If you like to find out more about a certain apparatus, click on the first letter of the name of the manufacturer to go to the relative section of this list.
As models often have a different name than that of the manufacturer you might also search with the Ctrl+F keys. The Spiral, Motion Picture and projecting Lantern, 1897 camera and projector, 200 pictures on glass plate (ad from Jan. Standard Cinematograph 4 pin registration camera # 2709 1912-1958 (click for more info here) and Sam Dodge. Bingoscope, Great Britain (Various distributors and names in the UK: Bing British, Hunter, Indcol, L. Biofix, London, Great Britain(Biofix is also a term used to describe the principle of flip books. Buisse-Bottazzi Mythique projector serie 8 Ampli a lampe, 16mm sound projector 1000 Watt lamp. Universal 35mm military camera of 1918, used in WW1.Only two copies are known to exist - one in the Smithonian Museum. CineGel Royal (Le Mans, 205, 210, 220, 225, 500) 1954-1960 projectors mono, bi-, triformat, adaptable to magn. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. We welcome visitors, and encourage you to come in and take part in our 50 year tradition by enjoying a free bag of popcorn and cup of coffee on us. Our 85+ locations have an outstanding product mix with items such as livestock feed, farm equipment, agricultural parts, lawn mowers, workwear, fashion clothing, housewares and toys.
Notice how many bulbs and light sockets are required to prevent any shadowy areas from appearing on the plant, and how the grower had to use creativity to place all the lights around the plant. The power and color spectrum of HPS grow lights tend to get better yields than any other type of grow light for the amount of electricity used, with the possible exception of some of the modern LED grow lights.
However, I will teach you how to set up exhaust systems and show you the relatively inexpensive way I set up a stealthy exhaust system for my house below. Instead, they use a socket which requires a special ballast to start and maintain their arcs for power. In many closets, there is no convenient way to exhaust hot air out, waterproof the floors, make all the walls reflective, and keep the plants safe from dusts or light leaks.
MH lights are not as efficient as HPS bulbs, and used in the flowering stage MH lights don't seem to cause buds to bulk up as much as a similar wattage HPS. Please contact us if you'd like to share your experience using both MH and HPS grow lights during the cannabis flowering stage. At the same time you want to keep bulbs as close to your plants as possible, so you want to keep an even canopy.
For example, if you want to run a 600W HPS bulb, you'll need a 600W ballast that supports HPS bulbs.
This is popular choice for beginner growers as it creates less heat than it's larger counterparts, but will still bring in impressive yields. This can shave quite a bit off your electricity bill and make it easier to nurture young plants. These bulbs generally last 1-2 years of normal use, so you will not have to replace them for quite a while. The worst thing you can do as far as wear and tear is turn off an HID light and then turn it on again before it's had a chance to fully cool off. So make sure your ballast matches your bulb in every way that's listed on the packages.

When you buy your bulb and ballast together as part of a set, you generally don't need to worry about incompatibility, and you can make sure to always get the same type of bulbs if you ever need to replace it. The hood will reflect the light from the bulbs down at your plants, and may come with special cooling features, too.
For Air-Cooled hoods, the best design is when you have latches on one side and a hinge at the other. I'll share the hints and tips I've learned along the way to help you achieve the best results with your new lights! The most important is to make sure it's not causing too much heat where your plants are. If the light feels too hot for your hand, it's too hot for your plants and you will need to either move the light up or find a way to better control heat. While a Lux meter isn't perfect for everything, it works well for measuring light levels under fluorescent, MH and HPS grow lights. One option is to control odor with products like Ona Gel, which neutralize and cover up smells. This cleans the air of any smells right before the air is vented outside, and with a strong fan as part of your exhaust completely venting all the air in your grow area every few minutes, none of the smell will escape to other parts of the house, even in the midst of the budding stage. A short, straight, direct line to a window is the best case scenario when it comes to setting up your exhaust. You can calculate the strength of exhaust fan you need based on the dimensions of your grow space. You can buy both these items for a few bucks at a home improvement store like Home Depot. If you're serious about growing cannabis, HID grow lights are going to give you the best yields, most ease of use, and (in my opinion) the most enjoyable growing experience. Since that time Rural King has added over 85 stores in a ten state area (Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan, Missouri, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Florida). You never know what you will find at your local Rural King and that's why every trip is an adventure. Either one can be used for the whole grow, though most growers who choose just one opt to use HPS for the whole grow.
Some growers use a MH bulbs for the entire grow, but most growers who choose just one bulb opt for using an HPS for the whole grow.
You plug the ballast into an electrical outlet, and then connect your hood to your ballast (your bulbs will connect directly to the hood). If your ballast supports 1000W High Pressure Sodium, you need to get 1000W High Pressure Sodium bulbs. Plants that are allowed to be too hot for too long will begin to show signs of heat stress.
These products are great in a pinch, or when you need to cover up smells in your living areas, but they shouldn't be placed in the same area as your plants as they can eventually alter the smell of your buds.
With an efficient exhaust, air goes in a short, straight line after passing through the fan. For example you could use a speed controller or put the fan on a timer if the exhaust fan is moving air out of your space too fast. This projector was designed and engineered by Maxwell Kerr and former Bell and Howell designer Stephen Platt.
The heart of Rural King is the corporate office, distribution center and flagship store, located in its city of origin, Mattoon IL. Our friendly staff is dedicated to serving your needs and can help you find whatever you're looking for.
Some ballasts are digital which give you additional options for controlling the amount of light given off and electricity used. The ballast converts the electricity from the wall into what's needed by your bulb to ignite and stay lit. In big grow operations in the US where indoor space is very limited, some growers opt to use several 1000W grow lights, as even plants along the edges get strong amounts of light, and this reduces the total number of grow lights to adjust up and down as rows of plants grow taller. An inefficient path is when air has to go a long way after leaving the fan, or if the air has to go around turns instead of being in a straight line. There are often times during a grow where it’s helpful to be able to move more air, so size up if you can when it comes to exhaust fans.
In general this list closes in the year 1965 with the introduction of super 8mm to replace regular 8mm. This step will help make sure your fan is moving enough air to properly ventilate your space.

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