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This is my miracle Mage deck built around Ice Block, Archmage Antonidas and Molten Giant in late game, so smooth early removals and midrange decks control are critical elements to enable you to delay the game to high mana matches. If your opponents are control style, it will be safe for you in the beginning since they couldn’t drop potential risk minions until mid or late games. If your opponents are weapon oriented classes like Shaman, Warrior, Hunter and Paladin, going Water Element to prevent their weapon to be a good usage.
If your HP is lower enough, go Molten Giant to grind your opponents, or bait out removals, but before that, you should keep you under the protection of Ice Block.
Saving one Mirror Image for Archmage Antondias would give this guy some protection from being traded up, and offer you with one Fireball.
The Romanian Hearthstone player Radu “Rdu” Dima used the Frost Mage deck exclusively in the final set of the DreamHack Summer Hearthstone finals.
Frost Mage uses stall mechanics to draw the game out into the same kind of victory time and time again. If you you’re the kind of person that likes winning wars by attrition, take a look at the deck list below. This deck is all about living until you win through one very specific set of circumstances. Hearthstone, at the moment, is all about burst damage, and Ice Block is the single most effective card in the game at mitigating that threat.
If your opponent doesn’t kill Alexstrasza during his turn you have and eight damage minion and 15 health opponent.
This deck is suited for very specific match ups that often times only appear at the highest levels of play. If you’re running into aggressive decks while playing Frost Mage you’re going to have problems.
Miracle Rogue, the staple deck of those competing at the highest level, is countered by Frost Mage, however. If you’re considering taking the game more seriously this is a deck that will, sooner or later, be something that all players at playing at a competitive level will need to have mastered. It pays off to hone your photography skills, even if you don't want to take pictures for a living.
?oeiaianoaa ii ?aiiioo e?aiai aeaa.Iu iianea?ai, eae io?aiiioe?iaaou i?aeoe?anee e?ao? aauu! In the $100 land, we saw a full Sweden triumph with Legendaren and WhtPwdr taking first and second, respetively. The sixteenth edition of ZOTAC was another reason for celebrations over at the MYM house as Skip managed to take the a‚¬100 over team-mate Ignite in the EU edition.
Below are the decklists of the two champions - the first two are Skips, the second three are Neghr's. For the second time in a row, Managrind's Luigezz made it to the finals of the Golden Egg Weekly and for the second time he fell to a fellow North American.
This weekend, thousands of viewers flocked to Machinima's stream to watch the Deck Wars Season 1 finals, featuring twelve of the best known streamers in all of Hearthstone. Upsets, comebacks and nail-biting tie-breakers colored the tournament and in the end it was TidesofTime winning the sweet $1,000, going 4-0 in the finals against Admirable with a miracle Rogue.

Ice Block helps you survive from OTKs and rush decks in high rank and Alexstrasza can return your HP to 15, allowing you to do much work when coupled with Ice Block in late game.
Mirror Image is perfect opening for Mage when playing against Leper Gnome and Loot Hoarder, while Arcane Misslies and Frostbolt are perfect opening when vs. So you can go your little potatoes on the board while saving Arcane Missiles and Mirror Image for later game until you can have a synergy with Archmage Antonidas. It needs to point out, Warlock may be a weapon oriented class when he transforms into Lord Jaraxxus later on, so saving Water Element for his weapon as well. Since it is a late oriented deck, Ice Block helps you survive from Hunter UTH combos, Miracle Rogues, Mage OTKs, Rogue OTKs, Zoo decks and Bloodlust Shamans – if they can’t kill in their turn, you will kill them in your turn.
If Molten Giant is removed by spells, Archmage Antonidas and Alexstrasza will be safe later on.
It is interesting that, my opponents always give up the matches when they figure out my playing style before I cast Pyroblast on their face.
After three games, the 17-year-old player was crowned champion and walked away $10,000 richer for his efforts. The deck, which had variations that were popular in the beta prior to a nerf to its key cards, has been all but nonexistent for the last several months.
Your job is to live until turn nine, use Alexstrasza on them, and then kill them the following turn.
The two cards that play the biggest role in those circumstances are Ice Block and Alexstrasza. Even with a hefty nine mana cast, the mileage you’ll see from this card, in this deck, is astounding.
This nine mana card gives you an eight health, eight damage behemoth minion and will often do 15 damage instantly to your opponent. Doomsayer, a zero damage and seven health card, destroys all minions—including your own—at the start of your next turn.
If you have Ice Block in your hand you might feel inclined to use it as it costs three mana.
Ideally you want to be playing Alexstrasza on turn nine and already have your Ice Block active.
Miracle Rogue’s tremendous burst with Leeroy Jenkins and Shadow Step is countered by Ice Block, and boy is it glorious when your opponent has 20 damage in his hand and he can’t use it to kill you.
This works very interestingly as Freeze Mage is very spell driven, which will result in a lot of spells cast by Yogg-Saron which can either win you a game or lose you a game. For the former, winning this Sunday was all about running strong control decks in Warrior and Handlock, so here they are. Over in NA, it was up-and-coming players Neghr and Regnen battling in the finals with Neghr ultimately grabbing the $100. Azuzu inherited the Egg throne from DKMR's Hosty by running a Zoolock, watcher Druid and - what's that?
If you are facing with a Giant Warlock, always be care for his handlock and Ancient Watcher + Sunfury Protector. If your opponents miss the key spells, that is great, just keep grinding them with your fatties, ignoring what your opponents do.

If your opponents have spells, just let them go, since you have got what you want; if they don’t, they should call GG. If opponents can remove Molten Giant in their turn, just keep dropping your fatties and they often give up after run out of steam. Even at DreamHack, only two players of the 256 players competing, one of whom was the champion, played it. Of those nine minions, only three are significant damage dealers, with the rest being there for card draw or board clear.
Any damage that could potentially kill you causes your character to become immune to damage for the rest of the turn.
Frequently your opponent will have to use a lot resources, resources that otherwise would have gone towards making your Ice Block pop, to kill him. If your opponent is overwhelming you with minions you can use Doomsayer and either of the board freezes to clear your opponent's side of the deck. Ice Block keeps you alive at least one more turn and Alexstrasza gets your opponent in range to kill them with the grace period Ice Block Provides. In the end, MYM's Semijew came on top of DKMR's Fyrst with a brutal 3-0 after going through some tough MYM team-kills against Skip in Ro16 and ThijsNL in the semi-finals. With decent states, Gnomish Inventor, Water Element and Azure Drake are decent minions in mid stage, especially in board control and deck cycle.
With four fatties in this deck, it is hard for opponents to remove all of them, sometimes, it will be annoying for opponents to decide which should be priority targeted. Frost Mage’s power comes from the fact that it counters the single most played deck at the highest level, Miracle Rogue. You’ll almost always be using this card offensively to lower your opponents health, and very frequently you’ll be lowering their health from its 30 to 15. With Ice Block active your opponent can’t just kill you, so they have to play another turn. If your opponent kills Alexstrasza and and you still have Ice Block, you effectively have two turns to figure out how to do 15 damage.
Freeze opponents’ weapon with Water Elemental to prevent your minions from being removed and go Flamestrike to make a deck wipe if possible. I usually like to apply Alexstrasza on my hero rather than opponents’, because I don’t pick any healing minions. If you don’t have another three mana card playing Ice Block on turn three isn’t horrible either, just try and be aware of what your needs are at the moment. Generally, you just need to fight for your board control and always freeze enemies with your spells and minions to reduce the potential risk you take. If Alexstrasza was killed and your Ice Block was popped things get tricky: 15 damage can be done in one turn if you have the right cards, but if you don’t you’ll likely need to use your second Ice Block.

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