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We feel like we’re at rock bottom, digging ourselves deeper until it’s too difficult to see the light from anywhere. But the best of us know how to kick back the bullies of life, get back up, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. The importance of having it in your life doesn’t change with the magnitude of your aspiration. Dreams inspire people to be better than they are and to believe that they are capable of reaching higher. Don’t let others tell you that your dreams are too high or they sound absurd or impossible to attain.

They feel like being vulnerable will encourage people to take advantage of them at a time when their guards are down. It may be true for some situations, but most often than not, we worry about worst case scenarios that never come. Getting hurt is a part of life, and as such, is something you need to experience along with all the joys and the victories.
Our beliefs, our character, our strengths and weaknesses all form what we project on the outside and what we call attention to. If you need to make changes to make your life the kind of life you dream of living, then make those changes.

Sometimes we feel like we get more than our fair share of mishaps rather than the good stuff. And to believe that, you need to actually make yourself deserving, that’s why it makes you a better person.
Everything that we experience stems from whatever it is that we have created for us inside.

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miracle manifestation in 7 days 500107

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