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Join us for this special Interactive fire lab as Priest Premaraja will invoke Radha and Krishna. Krishna spread love and wisdom throughout his life, which is now celebrated and followed all over the world.
Your intentions and prayers will be magnified by the participation and prayer of fellow group fire lab members.
Why a person without a college degree goes on to become the richest man in the world, while another person with a PhD can’t make money at all? 13th Moon phases (waxing or waning) are the special times when the earth plane receives concentrated energy for the dissolution of stubborn karmic thoughts and negative psychic impressions imprinted in one’s consciousness.

Siva, the Archetype for destroying negativity, and Nandhi, the Sacred Bull of Siva, are especially active during the 13th Moon phases, and their potent energy can be accessed through Pradosham (removal of sin) rituals.
It will involve bathing the idols of Siva and Nandhi with milk, while invoking their energies through the recitation of their quantum sounds. Keep this on your meditation altar and wear on your forehead during meditation or other times and expand the beneficial energies in your life. But, if you make an attempt to change your destiny and learn how this can be done, then you can change your destiny”, says Dr. It can bring blessings of great fortune and remove the karmic limitations that cause disappointments and failure.

The energies of Lakshmi (archetype for wealth), Saraswati (archetype for knowledge & music) and Parvati (archetype who fulfills desires & gives peace) - are at its peak during this time.
Archetypal Being Brahma addressed Krishna as Acyuta, meaning eternal, who is never forgetful of the service and devotion rendered by His devotees. It will be performed by Vedic Specialists on the next 13th Moon (May 31st) as per IST timings.

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