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The Miracle Zone is the state of being we lived in when we were small, before we found out we could not fly, that fairy tales are not true and people die and leave us.
You’ll feel like Dorothy landing in the colorful Land of Oz after watching Miss Gulch cycle off in black-and-white Kansas with her wee dog Toto. In the Miracle Zone, the extraordinary is ordinary and suffering is what is unplanned and unexpected.

You can create the space for miracles to happen by living in the Miracle Zone, a place where anything can happen – and does!
Can you choose to receive a job offer where you’re able to use all your talents, make a difference in the world and get paid enough to transform the lives of your family members, too? You have a strong connection to the Divine through your own prayers and leading other people and asking for the blessings the Universe will joyfully provide.

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miracle of god images 2013

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