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In fact you better be careful when you put your heart asking for God to send you a sign… Yes readers, I was quite depressed with the world and asked him to send me ANY sign and he did!
Following the dust storm it rained heavily and the next day while watering my trees, I was attracted to a very shiny golden deposit in my back yard. I realized the Arizona desert still has tons of dust very fine gold particle that is easily picked up by the powerful wind during a sand storm then, because gold is much heavier, it falls down faster while the dust is carried away in the big dark clouds.
While God usually display his will with nature devastative forces to destroy homes, livelihood and human lives he showered us with gold! Now will this REAL MIRACLE go viral or do you think it normal for gold to pore on top of your house? I guess this is how God wants it to be and all I did last few years was to work my ass off trying to shove down your throats a rare wisdom the majority of you is not ready to assimilate nor appreciate. As you know, if you are a long standing VIP everywhere we go, everything we do, every pictures and videos are shared with you because you, as a VIP travel with us. Liberal feminists embrace postpartum depression because its fits their narrative, but they vehemently deny loss of a baby via abortion has any negative psychological consequences whatsoever. Enter the emotional fallout from miscarriage, which feminists don’t like to talk about, because it is problematic. This leads to singer Mariah Carey and singer husband Nick Cannon’s revelation that they suffered terribly after miscarrying a baby 2 years ago, this while making the happy announcement she is pregnant again. Mariah and Nick spoke candidly about… a terrifying miscarriage they experienced not quite two years ago. After the miscarriage, Nick said that the experience has made them stronger as a couple and he admires Mariah’s strength. Billy also asked Mariah about the stress she was under after enduring so much speculation about a possible pregnancy. What’s truly ridiculous is that those who claim that post-abortive stress and grief is not real (these liberal feminists) deny scientific truth. Uh, well, I guess the pictures of human fetuses in biology textbooks are “shopped” as well. Yeah, those biology photos are definitely photoshopped, but the artist illustrations in the evolution section of the textbooks are always completely, 100% accurate.
I pray daily for both of you, for God’s abundant blessings of peace in the midst of this storm. To the person who believes the photo to have been altered, I ask what your background is in pathology. What one needs to bear in mind is that living organisms begin to change in appearance in the moments following death as oxygen-deprived tissues begin to change. My mom has a book from the 70s about fetal development, and the unborn babies in that book look a lot like this picture. The red appears to be blood by the head, and above the left foot is the umbilical cord with some blood around it. I’m running to a few appointments, but will be free after 7 PM EST for any other questions.
Given those possibilities – please explain to us your evidence to indicate these are faked photos.
Way to wound all the bereaved mothers who have held their little 10 week miscarried babies in the palm of their hands, witnessing firsthand their personhood, naming them, and laying them to rest.

The point that the pro-aborts consistently fail to miss that that we pro-lifers endeavor to stop the slaughter of the unborn because they are innocent, defenceless human beings, not because of what they look like.
Inconvieniently for the pro-abort, a 10 week human fetus does indeed look like a tiny human baby.
I suspect dotdotdot was a member of the Planned Parenthood debate team that was recently featured here that was claiming that fetal hearbeats begin at 24 weeks.
Even if aborted babies didn’t have identifiable fingers, toes, faces, rib cages and spines as they very often (but not always) do, I will still fight to my very last breath to see all innocent human beings of any age protected from being killed, no matter what they look like. When miscarriage is treated as no biggie that is terribly confusing to a woman that loves her baby. I would say it is also terribly confusing for those who do not experience grief from miscarriage to say that a woman should grieve or that it is abnormal not to. If someone does not grieve their miscarriage I am sure they will not be looking into resources about grief would they? I will tell you that my miscarriage stirred some very deep emotions for me about my abortion. Of course, your particular doctor was a jerk, as I said, because you did need emotional comfort and she dismissed that. One would think it common sense that a woman sobbing about a miscarriage would indeed need some words of comfort or a hug!!
When a woman loves her baby from the moment she sees the positive pregnancy test and plans and dreams and begins buying baby clothes and the doctor is cold and hard about the death of her child, it is terribly confusing.
Most pro-choice feminists are reasonable, empathic men and women who feel, as I’m sure you do, that they are only receiving attacks from the other side of the argument and not any sort of reasonable dialogue.
Eh, I don’t think we told more than, oh, four people or so (not including medical personnel) about the miscarriage, partly because (at least on my part) of not particularly wanting to deal with unwanted sympathy. Remember that I originally objected to the idea that the termination of a pregnancy, whether spontaneously or by artificial means, necessarily results in depression and grieving.
Whether you object to the idea or not there are women that grieve miscarriage and women that don’t. Are there any proabort commenters here who would support mandated waiting periods and mandatory counseling that includes alternatives?
I said that I object to the idea that an abortion or miscarriage necessarily produces grief and depression, not to the idea that it can. That is what we would generally call an embryo – that is, post-blastocyst up until about the eighth week post-conception or ten weeks from LMP. Mean time even with the rational explanations on how gold ended up in my house, let me ask again any skeptics out there if this is a normal recurrent event…and if its not (and it is not) then its a miracle or the answer only God can provide! I will be 64 years old in 5 months and one thing I know, my rare wisdom is priceless and like gold can not be disregarded.
I came in the privacy of your home for years, months or may be only a few days asking you to become a cosmic coder, to join my VIP’s and reward me but unless I stop the cosmic fluid coming to you for free, you will never join. Like attracts like, a magnet will not attract a piece of gold and if my VIP’s do not voice their frustration with me its because they know I own a huge heart and gave much too much away. I know they love us, I know they enjoy our work and commitment and I am getting tired to go against God’s will.
Mariah and Nick revealed they were getting ready to tell their friends and family the good news that they were expecting over the holidays back at that time, when they found out she was no longer pregnant.

I suppose they’re half-way decent; enough to fool someone who isn’t knowledgeable about light, a developing fetus, or how forms move. In one of the photos, the refraction of light as a function of the clarity of the fluid and the curvature of the sack cause the image of the researcher’s fingers to be bent and shifted, the same way a pencil appears when placed in a clear class half-filled with water.
A physical model: someone was able to use a variety of silicones and resins to recreate a pliable, fluid simulation of an actual sac of amniotic fluid and 10 week old fetus. In the past few months, I have personally witnessed, with sight and sound, the rhythmic beating hearts of about 50 1st trimester pre-born humans- a moment that often brings tears to the eyes of anyone in the room- but hey, we’re the ones who are making this stuff up. If you can point me to that resource I would be glad to read it and so would my friend Bethany(another moderator here)who is working on a book about miscarriage. But I do think it’s a mistake for doctors to start out assuming that comfort is wanted or desired. I sat there with my head in my hands trying to talk to her through my tears for goodness sake!
If it doesn’t in the case of miscarriage, there is no reason to think that it necessarily does in the case of abortion. Proaborts who like to cite European countries as having lower abortion rates tend to fight against passing similar laws here. For example, the Dutch have a requirement for mandatory counseling that addresses alternatives to abortion and the welfare of the unborn child. Becoming famous means contracting myself to an incredible crazy busy time and losing myself  and my freedom by committing to the public. And when pregnant again, do liberal feminists really believe psychological conflict is nonexistent, as if the abortion never happened? Internal organs are visible through a translucent skin – consistent with the skin of a 10 week old fetus.
A “wanted” child comes with ultrasounds, books with photos on fetal development and with time a baby is born! My experience with pregnancy loss has led me to so many women that have told me the same thing and validated my experience with theirs.
I do not regret the miscarriage, knowing that if I had not had it, I would not now have my younger son. I’m not accusing anyone affiliated with this blog of creating them, just stating that those picture are obviously not photographs taken from real life. If you start above the baby’s head, you can see the image of the gloved finger curving down toward the baby. They are my babies but we can not travel as much as we anticipate with them and their lives is changing too!
It then gets lost behind the baby and appears again below the torso with that extra fold of glove appearing as a fleshy fold.
One must be rational all of the time, except in their perspective when scientific truths and logic work against them. The discoloration of the amnionic fluid from the blood imparts a darker, flesh-toned appearance to the white glove behind it. I don’t find any purpose for me in mourning a potential that may never, given the genes that embryo carried from conception, have existed at all.

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