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It is the day before Christmas Eve , and Mac is on his way to see his imaginary friend, Blooregard "Bloo" Q. Bloo, who is upset that he will be getting only one gift for Christmas, decides to do some scientific tests disproving Mac's theory that there is no Santa. Meanwhile, Bloo is still distraught over the fact that he is only getting one Christmas present while an Imaginary Friend named Moishe, a dreidel, rubs salt into the wounds by telling Bloo he's getting eight gifts (a reference to Hanukkah). Christmas morning comes and Mac, along with his mom and his older brother Terrance, are unwrapping presents, and Mac is unhappy to not find any underwear in the batch, so he asks his mother "What does a guy have to do to get underwear for Christmas?", and then walks off to Foster's.
One of Mac's Christmas presents is a book that appears to be titled The Art of The Powerpuff Girls. When Mac is walking towards Foster's, he passes by Snoopy's decorated doghouse and Charlie Brown's Christmas tree from A Charlie Brown Christmas. The episode was made available on Warner Archive's Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends: Season 3 manufacture-on-demand DVD set, released on November 4, 2014. This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.
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The artist listed above may or may not have contributed information to our database, and is not responsible for the information above. In the book, Matilda overcame her neglectful parents by teaching herself how to read Dickens and perform complicated math. On a recent spring night, Mara and I are having dinner at Joe Allen’s, the renowned Manhattan-theater-district restaurant. At the movies, Matilda’s box-office grosses were modest at $33.4 million, but the film became a cult hit.
It’s almost as if being a child actor for so long has made Wilson an ambassador to the adolescent world. Wilson says that as she watched the musical, she remembered how it felt to read the book and make the movie. The episode, originally aired on December 1, 2005, was written by Lauren Faust and directed by her husband, series creator Craig McCracken. So on Christmas Eve, he sends Wilt around the world in a sleigh with winged unicorns in place of reindeer. We’re on our way to see Matilda the Musical, based on Dahl’s 1988 story that enchanted a generation of girls before Hermione Granger or Katniss Everdeen.
None of the fans in the audience of Matilda the Musical realize there’s another Matilda in their midst. During the scene where Matilda shows Miss Honey she can move a glass of water with her eyes, Wilson flashed back to her own day on set many years ago.

It features homages to A Charlie Brown Christmas in sight gags and the jazz musical stylings of that Christmas tradition, and also spoofs the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol.
After Mac puts the star atop the Christmas tree, Santa Claus suddenly arrives and asks Mac and Bloo what they want for Christmas.
Then he tries sending Eduardo down the chimney of the house, but Eduardo gets stuck in the process. All the imaginary friends are playing with their gifts while Wilt explains that Santa brought him home, Eduardo says he felt something pushing him down the chimney and Coco's lawsuit against the mall for wrongful termination was settled out of court. Mara’s parents, who met at Northwestern University, raised all their children to be voracious readers like Matilda.
The stage production made its debut on London’s West End in 2011, sweeping the Olivier Awards (the English Tony Awards), and opened last week on Broadway to rave reviews that compared it with The Lion King. The musical includes the infectious number “When I Grow Up,” choreographed to schoolchildren on swings, daydreaming about what they’ll do as adults. The episode won an Annie Award in 2005 for McCracken, Mike Moon, David Dunnet and Martin Absolabehere for "Best Design in an Animated TV Series". Then Bloo and Mac go to a mall to prove Santa exists, only to find out that the Mall Santa is none other than Coco, who is working there to pay for a vacation home.
Taking a cue from A Christmas Carol, he dresses first as the ghost of Bob Marley (instead of Jacob Marley), then later dresses as "The Ghost of a Christmas Present" and a robot (representing The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come), frightening Mr. Frankie calls the police and describes what happened, believing at last there is a Santa Claus. Onstage, four different young actresses play our heroine, but they all owe a debt to Wilson. Like in the book, Matilda finds comfort in her teacher Miss Honey, although Trunchbull tries to destroy them both. Suzie Wilson underwent chemotherapy and a mastectomy, but she still bravely accompanied her daughter to set on most days like nothing was wrong. I felt like I was in control of it.” Even though she doesn’t act in movies, she does storytelling at places like the People’s Improv Theater and Union Hall.
Ultimately, after both Bloo and Mac exchange larger (and more outrageous) gifts, the two Santas get into a fistfight. Herriman out of mind so much that he misunderstands Bloo's request for more presents, and as a result, decides instead to outright cancel Christmas at the home, much to Mac's dismay. Madame Foster gives Mac a Christmas stocking with his name on it, and finds out that it's filled with underwear, and he too believes in Santa. It’s impossible to reread Dahl’s book and not see her face or hear her determined, steady voice from the film.
It took me a while to get there, because for a while everybody was calling me Matilda.” She made two other children’s films, A Simple Wish and Thomas and the Magic Railroad, before she quit Hollywood in 2000 because she thought movie acting had become monotonous.
I wanted to be that.” One of her favorite memories at a red carpet was meeting Jodie Foster, who knelt down to speak at her level.

Unlike most child stars, she’s happy with her transition to adulthood, and she’s managed to let Matilda go. Frankie soon breaks that up, and brings them along with a whole bunch of other Santas of all shapes and sizes to Mr. At the home, Madame Foster tells Mac that it's all a phase that all kids go through and that sooner or later, the truth will find him out. Her agent was on the phone one day with her mother, talking about all the scripts they had passed on, including Matilda. She’s working on a screenplay set in college, a stage play about teenagers, and a young adult novel. Herriman's office, explaining that every year, kids get so excited about Santa that they create imaginary ones "that are about as real as my Aunt Fanny". So when he gets home, Mac asks Santa for the one thing that will make him believe Santa does exist: underwear. Trunchbull, a towering villainess who likes to chuck small kids over the school fence like a shot put.
How could you be yourself when you spent most of your life being someone else?” She believes this is why so many child actors revert to childlike behavior.
She got glimpses of sex while playing a kid on the original Melrose Place and when she Googled herself.
It seemed just like a chronic condition, like having a mom who had asthma or diabetes that was under control.
Upon hearing that, Mac then has a breakdown disbelieving that there is no such thing as Santa. Herriman panics, trying to tell the ghosts that he tried to take out the presents and pleads to be spared punishment. Danny DeVito, who played Matilda’s crooked car salesman dad, performed double duty as the director. Matilda wins through her intelligence and a blossoming superpower to levitate objects with her mind. They did make it so the Wormwoods [Matilda’s parents] were vile people in a way that people today are vile. Looking back, Wilson says she wishes that she had taken some time off to deal with her grief.

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