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And since the 4-3 ‘Miracle on Ice’ victory over the Soviets which is considered to be the greatest American sports moment of the 20th Century and a moment that transcended all geo-political boundaries, the equipment the then American captain Eruzione used had been sitting in a bag in his attic. Now, Michael Eruzione in an effort to help out his family and a charity organization auctioned his personal gear from those games.

23, the day after the 33rd anniversary of the historic game, the historic jersey that Michael Eruzione wore when he scored the game-winning goal against the Soviet Union gold sold for $657,250, along with the stick for $262,900 he used and other notable doxycycline monohydrate 100mg dosage doxycycline hyclate 20 mg uses doxycycline reviews Notably, the one piece of ‘Miracle on Ice’ memorabilia that Michael Eruzione declined to put on auction was his gold medal, which he said will never be sold as order retin-a long as he’s alive. However, the final $657,250 sale price of the road style jersey graded A7 by MEARS, isn’t surprising, as it’s been reported that back in dec 26, 2014 - active ingredient: baclofen .

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miracle on ice jersey for sale

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