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Hockey coach Herb Brooks (Karl Malden) leads Mike Eruzione (Andrew Stevens), Jim Craig (Steve Guttenberg) and team to a gold medal in the 1980 Olympics. You will be able to Stream and Download in High-Definition on PC (desktop, laptop, tablet, handheld pc etc.) and Mac. Lauderdale, FL04 Dec 2013, 7:24 amLike the previous reviewer I was 10 years old when the US Hockey Team wonthe gold. Jim Craig was my main inspiration and I started playing hockey in1981 in Northern Virginia. At this point my dad and I were busy destroying thefamily room playing floor hockey and reinacting the series and breaking mymoms valuables.Steve Guttenberg did a great job portraying the star goaltender, I rememberhim counting the rows looking for his father and being wrapped in theAmerican flag.I had never known how little time there is to pull together an Olympichockey team!

I need to transfer it from my betamax tape (hopefully Ican still find it).One year going up north to hockey school, my parents and I visited LakePlacid in the mid 80s and we asked the security guy to let us see the rink,told him the story and he obliged. I did make itpastthe first regional cut(then was just outclassed) but was just happy to havea shot at the dream!Lastly I want to say how disappointed I am that the Olympics are no longeran Amateur event, that was what made this so special. The way the last US Hockey Team acted inJapan was an embarrassment to our country, they need to watch this movie toremember what the spirit of the Olympics are all about! Karl Malden was 30 years too old for the part, and whilehe tries his best, he never overcomes this obstacle. TV-actors of thetime like Bill Bixby or Robert Conrad would have been far bettercasting, as some have suggested.

We learn more aboutgoalie Jim Craig, and his relationship with his father that culminatedin the dramatic moment of him draped in an American flag at the end ofthe gold medal game, looking for his dad in the stands.

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miracle on ice movie netflix

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