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Robot-JapanSoul of Chogokin, Super Robot Chogokin, Fewture, Brave Gokin.Miracle Productions Diecast Vehicle Voltron.
Go for it, this is what I found out the face is molded in black plastic then painted blue then painted silver, red, and gold yeesh. I dont have a Golion YET in my collection because of these very reasons.Ill wait til a good one comes out. I've owned both the metal and the plastic and believe it or not the plastic is actually a better poser. I'm not trying to be mean but really its the same statements every time and nothing comes of it.

Yeah, but Alistair always has a noble facial expression, you know, he is like "one of the guys". FYI, in the latest episode (#5) of the Let's Voltron podcast, the hosts interview George Sohn of Toynami, who does discuss MA-01 for a while. The behind one is V1 the front one is V2.I am happy now, the only issue I have is that the black car foot attachment disconnects too easily. About hughesl3 on eBay, when I messaged him, asking whether he would offer any more MA-01s for sale, he said he'd just listed his last one.
Voltron can be broken down into the 15 individual vehicles of the air, land and sea teams (5 vehicles per team), which also combine to form their respective team's larger machine.

Toy Freakz has vehicle Voltron available for $249.99 with a special limited edition die-cast blazing sword for those who pre-order.

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miracle productions voltron review

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