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From three weeks into his paleo transformation, Joseph Salama was so inspired by his health and happiness level that he began sharing it with his friends and family - with smashing success, helping his mother with her type II diabetes and his father with his Parkinson's. When he isn't working on paleo books, Joseph is busy being a father, a trial attorney, and a mediator in the San Francisco Bay Area, and sits on the Board of Directors for several non-profit organizations.
Sorry for the delay in updating been busy trying to find a flat, organise a trip to London and also watch Game of Thrones.
A disappointing loss but, even more so as we lost Schiavi who is the only person we have who can play DM so we will have to change formation. Well the table could read worse but, not by much we are only a point above automatic relegation. I also included one game from November as we only have 2 games that month one on the second and the other on the 28th so that will be in the Jan update. With some more luck and better finishing we could have taken a point from the game against 3rd place Foggia. We lose the game and Terrace for two months to an ankle injury meaning we now have two wingers left. Hopefully it can help us not rely on Kastrati to try and keep the scoreline close and gives us enough of a threat up front. We played really well vs Avellino but, they had the extra quality which is why they are top of the league.
Trapiani have picked up some form which isn't a massive surprise as they were predicted to finish fourth.
As this update has been quite sad with all of the results here are some bears playing with a balloon.
I decided to make this game a one off as I realised that we don't have a game after for 35 days and it is a big three points that are at stake for both teams. 46 minutes: A cross is whipped into the box and bounces around from six yards out it hits off a striker and rolls just past the post. 48 minutes: Rozzi gets the ball 1 on 1 with the keeper from a tight angle he smashes the ball off of the post. 55 minutes: Rozzi is played in on goal and fired a low shot under Kastrati's dive only to see his celebration cut short by the flag of the linesman. 84 minutes: From clearing a corner we start a nice passing move that ends abruptly when Matute scissor tackles Ciogli two feet off the ground and he is off the pitch for that Trapani have ten men for the rest of the match.

87 minutes: Rozzi gets in on goal again at a tight angle but, his shot is weak and right at Kastrati. A big point and we get a point closer to Rende and stay the same distance away from Trapani. Lasagna joins us on loan from Palermo for the rest of the season I'm sure you can find a joke in that if you try. By the end of ten months, he had over 80 converts under his belt - all of whom reported improved health, weight loss, and more energy and vigor than they had felt in years.
We were behind after 23 minutes Bortolussi rising in the six yard box and hammered a header just under the bar and in.
Di Matera got us ahead after 5 minutes with our only shot on target, a low Terriaca cross made its way to Di Matera on the edge of the box and he took a touch before firing a low drive past the keeper. In better new Matteo Monteforte has returned from his injury and will be available to play again. He scored after 3 minutes Magni hit in a cross it deflected off of two players and fell to Moreo to fire emphatically past Kastrati. Kastrati made numerous early saves however, Abagnale decided he hadn't been tested enough so bundled over some one 12 yards out trying to head the ball. Savioa took the lead after 6 minutes Illari beat and man and whipped in a cross for Torin to head in. A game full of shots but, almost none on target we get point number four and the league must be shaking in their boots now. They opened the scoring after 3 minutes Montesano beat a man outside and whipped in a cross that was headed onto the bar and Palombi was first to the rebound and fired it in. Granola put us behind after 19 minutes a decent shot from inside the box was to well placed for Kastrati.
We were level after 43 minutes Di Matera played in Ciogli and he hit a low shot past the keeper and in. A decent point but, I want us to add more points soon so I want to win these sorts of games. We were level again after 33 minutes unpressured 30 yards out he took a couple of touches and then launched an effort into the top corner to level the scores.
Monteforte scored after 25 minutes to show his value and level the game Iaboni hit forward a long ball Monteforte got onto the ball and he fired a low shot past the keeper and in.

Kastrati saved the penalty and we cleared but, Foggia came right back at us and Ronchi was played in on goal Kastrati again saved but, the ball fell to Maza and he volleyed in the rebound. We let in a second goal after Gabriele was then left unmarked to tap in a free kick at the back post although this is probably the only goal so far that I would lay some blame on Kastrati for as he should never have come to try and claim the free kick.
After 17 minutes we were two down Montesano whipping in another great cross and both defenders ran away from Litteri leaving him free to head in past Kastrati.
So he sought out and contacted hundreds of others who have transformed, and selected the best stories to share with the rest of the world in a book.
Taranto scored the winner after 46 minutes Nyantakyi smacked a shot off the post from 15 yards out and then fired in the rebound with Kastrati on the ground to condemn us to defeat. We again let a goal in just after half time as Guerreia fired in the rebound of a header that hit the post. Just when I thought we would get a point Moreo struck again Colea hit in a poor cross Kastrati came out to claim it but, Moreo got to it first took a touch and then scored a simple tap in to give us another game without a win.
We did have a couple of good chances, but a combination of luck and Kastrati are all that stopped a cricket score. Abagnale got hit by a cross after 37 minutes and it rolled just inside the near post to put us three goals down.
Consenza got a late goal on the counter to add to the scoreline Ficara smashed an effort past Kastrati and in from 20 yards out again leaving Kastrati stranded. Another loss in an awful game that featured 8 shots in total but, I'm sure the home fans were pleased by the win. We scored after 78 minutes though a defender had the ball facing his own goal thirty yards out, De Chirco stamped on his achilles to knock him down took the ball and finished very well to get us a goal. We let a player take three touches in our box and he passed it back to De Vaio and he hammered a shot in from the penalty spot.

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