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WestJet, an airline based in Calgary (Canada), first set up a virtual Santa who asked various passengers what they wanted for Christmas via a live video feed.
He would know each passenger’s name after the boarding passes were scanned at the kiosk, enabling him to surprise children and adults alike. Some asked for toys, others for clothes, while one couple jokingly asked for a really big flat-screen TV. While the passengers’ flights were in the air, 175 WestJet volunteers ran out and frantically gathered the list of gifts the people had asked Santa for.
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The footage shows WestJet employees provide random individuals with a variety of things, not limited to: airline vouchers, tea and pastries, Christmas dinners, warm blankets of the homeless, broadway tickets for tourists and a trip to Walt Disney World for a family. Perhaps the most poignant scene was when a wounded Canadian veteran and his family was given an all-paid vacation to Hawaii. The footage of the good deeds had amassed more than 1.2 million views on YouTube at the time of publication.
Our expectations were absolutely shattered,” said Richard Bartrem, WestJet Vice-President of Marketing Communications.

Not only is the entire program a heartwarming and inspiring undertaking, but to get so many people and airline employees to deliver the gifts is fantastic,” echoed another.

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miracle stories youtube animated

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