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Many of you have recently completed or are nearly finished with your 40-day practice of May Cause Miracles. If you love the book, you can tell a friend and get free gifts as a thank-you for sharing the message! Disclaimer: I may receive affiliate compensation from the resources and websites mentioned on this website. The Koreans seem to specialise in tear-jerking prison films featuring children and executions.
Miracle is an enjoyable but uneven film that doesn’t quite know where to place itself.
Her father, Lee Yong-gu (Ryu Seung-ryong) is a simpleton, but a devoted, adoring, single parent to the little Ye-sung (an exceptional performance by Kal So-wan, who turned six during the filming). Soon after, the police chief’s daughter improbably approaches Yong-gu in his lunch break and invites him to follow her to another shop that sells the backpack.
Yong-gu is placed in a cell with five other prisoners, who treat him with the usual contempt (and slap him about, naturally) when they discover the nature of his charges.
In time, all Yong-gu’s cellmates - and indeed the prison warden - all come to the conclusion that he could not have killed the little girl (and certainly could not have made the detailed confession the police allege he drafted).
Miracle joins a growing list of Korean films with an anti-capital-punishment heart, all finding reasons to keep the trapdoor shut. All golfers interested in the history of the game, especially fans of Ben Hogan, should want to add “Miracle at Merion” to their library. Vascular surgery saved his life following a problem with blood clots, but it hampered circulation in his legs, making walking a problem.
Barrett’s research also revealed that it was a 1-iron that Hogan hit to the final green in regulation play that I can see every day in one of the most famous photos of all time that sits above my desk.
I couldn’t lay down the book after starting to read it on a recent airplane ride to Raleigh Durham and actually finished it on the return. Hogan’s ball rolled four feet closer as he prepared to putt on the eighth green in the third round.
It was interesting that Mangrum had been on the other side of a penalty that resulted in him winning the 1946 U.S. Hogan left no doubt about the outcome by making a 50-footer for birdie on the 17th and finished with a one-under par 69, four ahead of Mangrum and six ahead of Fazio. Garland, TX, who has extensive experience both as a writer and editor plus as a golf administrator.

In this week’s vlog I shine light on Week Six and the importance of accepting your true purpose. Click here to tell a friend and they will receive one an email from me introducing the book. Yong-gu works as a supermarket traffic controller, and is saving up to buy Ye-sung a Silver Moon backpack, for which she has been longing. But then, in a scene a bit reminiscent of Pros & Cons (1999), he prevents the boss of his cell, So Yang-ho (Oh Dal-su), from getting stabbed (in the process getting stabbed himself), and the grateful Yang-ho offers to repay him. From a strictly prison movie perspective, one of its difficulties is that none of the interactions between the prisoners is as you would expect in a movie where a good portion of the action takes place inside a 6-man cell; pretty much all the energy is directed towards the young girl or how to get her father out of his predicament.
In Maundy Thursday (2006) it was a young man with a sad and tragic upbringing who was soon to be executed. Writer David Barrett did extensive research to provide a stirring story of Hogan’s amazing recovery from a near-fatal collision with a bus 16 months earlier to win the 1950 U.S. Of course, this also was back in the days where you had to play 36 holes on the final day of the national championship.
Some questions arose when Hogan or his editor mistakenly called it a 2-iron in “Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf” Later, Hogan confirmed it was a 1-iron.
There were plenty more of second tier stories about other players from the era, including the opening record round of 64 by Lee Mackey, a 26-year-old professional from Alabama, which I found interesting. He worked for various newspapers in Texas and Oklahoma early in his career before becoming an editor with Golf Shop Operations and Golf Digest in the 1970s. Then you’ll immediately receive my MediDATING lecture on fearless romance and my God is My Publicist lecture on manifesting media for your message. They are about to buy it when the last one in the store is snapped up by the Police Commissioner for his little girl. As his trial date approaches, Yong-gu is as well prepared as he can be to tell his side of the story, but just before it kicks off the Police Commissioner beats him and threatens that if he doesn’t confess he will do to Ye-sung what happened to his little girl.
It may be comedic melodrama, but it’s popular comedic melodrama - the film being one of the highest grossing Korean movies ever. In Breath (2007), the young man awaiting the gallows call was remorseful and guilt-ridden. In The Executioner (2009) it was a decent, God-fearing elderly man, and in Harmony (2010), a wise and gracious elderly woman.
As I recall, the 1-iron went missing after the tournament, but later was discovered by a golf club collector in North Carolina, who returned it to Hogan.
Byron Nelson’s caddie inadvertently kicked his ball going through the gallery ropes and the resulting one-stroke penalty forced Nelson into a playoff with Mangrum.

Jong-gu tries to resuscitate her, and loosens her clothing; when the next person comes across the scene, Jong-gu is giving her mouth-to-mouth and her clothing is in disarray.
Ye-sung is smart, wise and a bit precocious, and she soon charms the entire ensemble cast of other prisoners, holding court, teaching Yang-ho to read, and smuggling in a cell (!) phone. Yong-gu falls apart in court and sacrifices himself to save Ye-sung’s life, and the time they spend together before he goes to the gallows is predictably heart-wrenching.
Here it is a loving father with an intellectual disability… who also happens to be innocent. I agree there are some moments in the film that show uncanny remarks and cheesy lines, but these bits can be ones only understandable to Koreans such as the number 1004 being Angel in Korean, etc (word-play).
It is assumed to be a revenge killing; he is charged with her abduction, sexual assault and murder and led off to jail.
Frankly, I’m ready for a South Korean prison movie where there is absolutely no-one on death row. Limping at times, Hogan avoided a back nine collapse where he lost a three-stroke lead and then managed to save par from four feet on the final green to tie Lloyd Mangrum and George Fazio.
Then he made the putt to apparently stay just one back of Hogan. However, USGA official Ike Grainger then notified him on the next tee that he had suffered a two-stroke penalty for lifting the ball, which was allowed back then only when it interfered with or might assist another player. Yet all he can do is worry about Ye-sung, who is home by herself - maybe a little young to be left on her own throughout the day - and fretting. There are several prisons in Korea that are fairly similar (American and Korean prison systems are different) to those of the movie, although it may have been exaggerated.
If there were any misunderstandings in my behalf, I apologize, but you should review films with less disinterest, even if it’s a review. Regarding the other characters, this movie solely holds the memories, testimonies, and experiences of Lee young Gu.
Once my 17 yr old could make good contact, managing shot curvature was the big hurdle to get him to break through to the next level of scoring.

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