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Travel to aid the needy in far-flung and desperate countries is a meaningful calling for Alabama pumpers David and Deborra Byrd. As the owners of a Roto-Rooter franchise in Huntsville, Alabama, David and Deborra Byrd are dedicated to resolving customers’ issues of clogged drains and full septic tanks and grease traps. The Byrds’ journey began innocuously enough in 1996 when the couple attended a presentation made by Curtis Silcox, the founder of Good News Today, a global missionary organization. After careful consideration, David agreed to make a mission trip to South Africa later that year. She did not accompany him because the couple didn’t think they both could take time away from the business for 15 days. It certainly isn’t easy to leave work for 15 days at a crack, especially one that has grown so significantly in the last two decades.
Over the years, the Byrds say they’ve been criticized at times for devoting so much effort to people in foreign countries when so many local people also need help. The Byrds say it’s difficult to pick a most memorable trip, but some definitely stick out more than others.

Then there was a trip to the poverty-stricken shantytowns of South Africa and another to Kenya to work with women saved from slave trafficking.
But the couple has no difficulty citing their most harrowing experience: the time they were arrested for carrying religious literature into a country where the Gospel is considered akin to pornography, she says. Despite the obvious risks involved, the couple remains committed to taking more missionary trips.
Comments on this site are submitted by users and are not endorsed by nor do they reflect the views or opinions of COLE Publishing, Inc. They’ve been detained by foreign authorities and have seen unfathomable hardship and tragedy. Afterward, David was asked to give Silcox a ride to an airport – a two-hour drive away. But David was so moved by the experience that they agreed to take future mission trips together. Former managers of numerous Wal-Mart stores in Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee, the Byrds started out with 11 franchise employees and offered only plumbing and sewer and drain cleaning services.

Today, the franchise owns 20 Ford service trucks; three vacuum trucks outfitted by Ibex Inc.
But Deborra points out that the couple also does mission work through their church, the Rock Family Worship Center.
One such trip: a medical mission to Haiti just three weeks after an earthquake devastated the country in 2010. In fact, this past August they traveled to Honduras, where they helped complete a children’s feeding center for two small villages. But undeterred, they continue to make four to five sojourns a year, spreading a message of hope and helping those who need it most. Nearly 25 years later, the franchise employs 32 people and has branched out into cleaning septic tanks and grease traps, pipeline inspections, backflow testing and trenchless pipe rehabilitation.

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miracle tools america llc davenport ia jobs

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