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Induction-Top Stoves use a magnetic field to heat the cooking pan which then heats the food in the pan, while the cook-top itself stays relatively cool.
The set is constructed of 7 plies, and comes with a total of 17 pieces which include the lids and egg poaching cups. Another important thing about waterless cookware is that waterless cooking is much healthier because it eliminates the need for grease or oil in cooking.
You'll retain 98% of the vitamins and nutrients in your food as opposed to a 58% retention when boiling your food in water using regular cookware. You might cook a roast or chicken with potatoes and carrots in the stock pot on the bottom, a vegetable in the middle pan, and yet another vegetable in the top pan. When you're stack cooking with any waterless set, remember to always start cooking each individual pan on a burner until you hear the steam valve whistle. The double boiler unit has a capsule bottom so that it can be placed directly on your stove-top as a heating utensil when it is not being utilized as a Double Boiler Unit.

Please be advised that this set is constructed of both carbon steel and 304 surgical stainless steel and is heavier than regular cookware constructed of other materials.
The handles are constructed of a heat-resistant phenolic resin, and are superbly styled to fit the hand in a way that allows the pot to be balanced perfectly when filled with food.
The set includes a recipe book with instructions as well as an online demonstration video in its full length. It’s the fastest cooking method and is just as controllable as gas, but you can use only certain types of cookware.
The steam control valve makes waterless cooking easy for you because it lets you know when to turn the temperature down. To use the steam-control valve, you should start cooking on medium heat; remember that you should never use high heat with 304 surgical stainless steel cookware. After hearing the steam release valve whistle, you should close the valve and stack the pots to finish cooking.

Then, when steam begins to vigorously escape from the valve, turn the heat down to low, wait a few minutes, close the valve, and then finish the cooking process. All meats are so much tastier and juicy when you bake them with surgical stainless steel waterless cookware. The handles were tested for durability in ovens up to 350 degrees, however, the manufacturer does not recommend placing the pots in an oven as they were made to be used on a stove-top. During cooking, to know if you are using the correct temperature and that the food inside the utensil is cooking correctly, the lid of the pot should spin freely during cooking. After all, why would want to turn your oven on when you can bake your food in this cookware right on top of your stove?

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miracle ware vegetable steamer instructions

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