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From the battlefields of the American Civil War through World Wars I and II, from Korea and Vietnam to the front lines in Iraq and Afghanistan, soldiers of all faiths have struggled for understanding and called on a higher power when faced with the realities of combat. Read an ExcerptSigns from GodI’m thankful, Lord, that all the darkness in the world has never put out Thy light. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site.
God in the Foxhole is a stunning collection of true personal accounts from generations of American soldiers whose faith, in the words of author Charles W. The amazing occurrences shared within these pages teach us to be conscious of God’s work in our everyday lives.
Sasser, "has been born, reborn, tested, sustained, verified, or transformed under fire." A renowned master of combat journalism and a former Green Beret, Sasser has gathered an immensely moving collection of war stories like no other -- stories of spirituality, conversion, and miracles from the battlefield.
Be they Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or atheist, churched since childhood or touched by the divine for the first time, here are the riveting experiences of army privates, bomber pilots, navy lieutenants, marines, prisoners of war, medics, nurses, chaplains, and others who, under desperate circumstances and with every reason to fear for their lives, found unknown strength, courage, and heroism through their remarkable faith. Even though she had died a long time ago and presumably had gone to heaven, as all good people do, she also somehow had appeared to children about my age in a place across the ocean called Fátima, Portugal, to give them some messages.
The apparitions had occurred in 1917, when our country was involved in the First World War (although we American Catholics did not hear about the sightings until many years later).
Just a few months after the apparitions ended, communism took hold in Russia, and the Second World War did turn out to be worse than the first. After being pinned down at Anzio, Italy, in May 1944, he tried to explain combat in a letter to his brother. I decided eventually that miracles were spectacular, sun-spinning events, bestowed on rare occasions upon special saints so the rest of us would not forget our ultimate destiny: heaven. If God would do this for us, just an ordinary family, would he do this, was he doing this, for others?
It seemed to be a well-kept secret, but soon I found more than enough people from a wide variety of religious faiths with angel stories to contribute to a book.

He shifted the M-60 machine gun to a more comfortable position across his shoulder; he would trade out the gun later with his assistant gunner, a new in-country cherry called Bill.
Yet less than two years later, the popularity of angels had swept the country: talk shows featured them, stores carrying nothing but angel merchandise opened, and both Time and Newsweek devoted their Christmas covers to the subject.
Marines trudged into one side of the settlement and out the other, scattering pigs, geese, chickens, and bare-assed little kids. We find people bearing the stigmata (the wounds of Christ) in the United States and other countries.
Although her longest-running alleged appearance (daily since 1981) takes place in Medjugorje, Herzegovina, she is no longer limited to hillsides in predominantly Catholic areas but seems to be touching all cultures, appearing on a Coptic Orthodox church in Zeitoun, Egypt, and in Rwanda, Syria, and Korea. Since April 1987, on the first anniversary of the explosion in Chernobyl, as many as half a million people in Ukraine have claimed to see ongoing apparitions of her, accompanied by angels. Protestant missionaries recount an amazing flow of God’s Spirit in places such as Australia, Taiwan, Thailand, and the Philippines.
Wherever they went, miracles shot out from the Nha Trang Biblical and Theological Institute into the countryside like Roman candles.
In the mid-1990s, there were four lunar eclipses over Jerusalem, all coinciding with significant Jewish holy days; in 1994, the birth of an all-white buffalo in Janesville, Wisconsin, fulfilled a Native American prophecy that portends new spiritual knowledge. About that same time, reports came from India that statues of Ganesha, the Hindu deity with the head of an elephant, had started drinking milk from spoons. Word quickly spread via phone and CNN to temples in the United States and elsewhere, as Hindus of different castes and educational backgrounds flocked by the millions to their holy places with milk. As the fighting raged back and forth, Jones listened with alarm and dread as one M-60 after another ceased its chugging. The episode lasted for little more than a day in India, and about a week in other countries, as most Indian scientists debunked it.
Yet it undoubtedly drew the Hindu world’s attention to spiritual matters, just as tears flowing from Greek Orthodox icons, the sun spinning at holy shrines, and other unexplainable happenings seem to do.

By comparison, the tinny cacophony of M-16 rifles sounded ineffectual and last-stand desperate. Artillery from Camp Evans poured high explosives (HE) into the fray, trembling the earth and choking the air with smoke and dust.
Illumination flares filled the sky like fierce miniature suns, skittering fearsome shadows like shape-shifters. From out of these shadows and light appeared a runner crawling, ducking, and dodging, shouting the password repeatedly to prevent being shot by rear security.
He wants our love and attention because, without him, life is so much more difficult to understand and endure.
Both Gallup and Fox News polls in the summer of 2005 found that nearly 80 percent of Americans now believe in angels, the largest percentage ever. According to the Bible, there have always been satanic beings roaming the earth, tempting humans to turn their backs on God and to live in selfishness and sin.
Charisma, October 1996 Last year Americans spent more than $8 billion on hard-core videos, peep shows . Children weep over a broken home, teenagers find life deprived of meaning, young couples worry about finances and broken promises, the elderly grapple with disease and loneliness; and then there are wars, famine, prejudice, destruction of nature.
When these periods come, our job is simply to endure, getting through them with the help of God and those around us.

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