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A Collection of testimonies by readers of True Life in God (TLIG) messages given through mystic, Vassula Ryden. For example: Did you ever notice that Jesus never withdrew a word or modified a statement in His life? Occasionally, someone had the temerity to offer Him advice which was peremptorily refused on every occasion. Can you imagine Jesus, on the road to Samaria, sitting down on a rock by the wayside and calling to Peter, James, and John, saying, “Boys, I want you to come over here and pray for Me. Do you think those disciple ever had to encourage Jesus, or lay hands on Him, or counsel Him, or rebuke the devil from Him, or minister to Him? My spirit rejoices today in thankfulness to my Father in heaven that many years ago He let me hear a secret from His own heart, a secret that few in our generation have understood.
I was thunderstruck by these words because they revealed to my spirit that the purpose of God is not to save us from hell and take us to heaven, but to bring a vast company of Sons into vital relationship with the Father, conforming each and every one of them into the same image of that firstborn Son, TO BE LIKE HIM IN EVERY RESPECT.
Ah – if Jesus did not change, then these Sons must come to the place where they do not change. And this glorious Personage is not something unique in the universe, He is the PATTERN by which your life and mine is being designed! Let me present this glorious company of overcomers, the priesthood of God, even those who have life in themselves. They walk daily in wisdom and understanding, in confidence and faith, in the conscious awareness of the Father’s plan and will, they always have the victory, are always positive, always rejoicing in the Lord. Only such a priesthood can restore all back into God again, delivering creation from the bondage of corruption into the glorious liberty of the children of God. If you enjoyed this post, please consider leaving a comment or subscribing to the RSS feed to have future articles delivered to your feed reader. Hi Brother John, it is my desire to be a Son of God and God will help me to reach this higher calling. Saved and delivered by Jesus Christ just before my 16th birthday, nothing better could have happened to me in my entire life! When I see that something has blessed me in one way or the other, then I have something to say - I want everybody to hear it and get blessed as much, if not much more, especially by being challenged to study their Bible. In the truest sense of it, BrotherJohn.org is now more than the personal blog of the person who started it, it has evolved into a TEAM of some world-wide believers, who prefer to remain anonymous. In the history of mankind, there is no other name that is as synonymous to whoredom, manipulation, fatality and witchcraft combined as that of Jezebel. Wooed, Pulled, Begged, Courted, Persuaded are just a few words one can use to describe the incessant ways the Lord has used to draw away His people from Jezebel’s entrapment. Heaven makes a stern declaration to the Inhabitants of the Earth: “Woe to the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! Anyone following the News would agree that there have been a lot of events taking place around the world in recent times.
Satan taught me his deep secrets, but Christ saved me from the edge of darkness – I am delivered from the power of darkness!!
Start with some kind of food that naturally has a lot of oil in it such as peanuts, soybeans, corn, rapeseed (canola), sunflower, safflower, cottonseed, coconut, palm, etc. A collection of real-life stories of encounters with God, the first in a series of His Mysterious Ways gift books. When He walked this earth in human form He was altogether unlike anyone who had ever lived before.
Even Moses the lawgiver had his counselors; and Solomon, the wisest of them all, had those from whom he sought counsel and advice. When He breathed into my listening heart, my whole being was charged and my entire life and ministry changed, for I could never be the same after hearing His words: JESUS IS THE PATTERN SON!
If Jesus never apologized, because He never spoke or did anything wrong, the Sons must also come to the place where they do no wrong. These are they who have discovered the river of life flowing from deep within their own beings, life full, abundant, and triumphant! They do not tell you how the old devil has been fighting them, in fact, they don’t talk about the devil at all, for he no longer exists for these victorious ones! It comes to the fore when you allow Him to gain control of your SOUL (intellect, mind, emotions, will). If you have not read the part one (Overcoming Jezebel!), I encourage you to do so before you read this second part. John the Baptist was a special man, he was unique and anyone who truly worshipped God in his time loved and respected him.

Would you like to have that kind of experience?A Well, that is exactly what happened to the children of Israel when they left Egypt and wandered in the wilderness for forty years. He was quite different in so many ways – many that perhaps you have never thought about. While not associated with his ministry or even agreeing with or holding to his many beliefs, I wholly agree with THIS article as being the plan of God for His children. Yes, when one is as ignorant as we are, so ignorant that we have no earthly cure for our ignorance, then, indeed, we need counselors. It is axiomatic in the spiritual realm that the holiest of men have been those who were most conscious of their sin and guilt. If Jesus received all His wisdom and knowledge from the indwelling Father, the Sons, too, must receive all wisdom and knowledge from the Father within.
While there is no harm in asking for prayers, but in the matter, no one prayed for Jesus to become the Son of God. Because God called me that, and it's the highest calling, so I don't need any other title, because none can surpass that.
These parasites not only irritate, they cause many to become reclusive and depressed because of embarrassments. While it is not my intention to cause you a friction in the wrong place, I believe it is my duty to speak the truth, even the truth that sets free.
But there were some people praying for the manifestation of The Son of God in the form of Anna and Simeon (John 2:25-38). The word a€?tempteda€? comes from the Greek word peiradzo, an old Greek word that means to put to the test.
If Jesus never needed to be encouraged, the Sons must become so triumphant in His life that they do not need to be encouraged. It meansA to test an object to see if its quality is as good as others have claimed, boasted, or advertised. Be pleased to open the eyes of Thy children that they may see to what a high and holy calling Thou hast called them in Thy Son. If Jesus did not need to be prayed for, or ministered unto, the Sons also must so grow up into Him, needing not to be continually ministered to, but ministering and pouring out HIS LIFE to those about.
Only one who has life in himself, only one who is the offspring of Jehovah, the self-existent One, can be an overcomer. Forinstance, if you hear that a certain product is the finest of its kind in the world, it would be naturalA for you to want to check out and test the product to verify whether or not it really lives up to itsA claims. Some other things have been bothering Me lately and this physical condition isn’t helping any. Within that life was contained every element of victory, righteousness, and power He could ever need. If Jesus lived every moment by the life of the Father, then the Sons must also live victoriously by the life of the Father. If they hadna€™tA had the divine intervention of God, they would never have survived their flight from Egypt or their yearsA in the wilderness.
Jesus was asleep in the back of a boat in the midst of a storm with waves breaking over the railings, filling the ship. Jesus very calmly said it in such a way that few people even so much as raised an eyebrow because from Jesus’ lips the words seemed absolutely natural. Ah, you can be a Christian and be broken-footed, you can even be a Spirit-filled Christian and have a broken foot. This is a nature and a life that is not dependent upon anything without, for it is a self-existent life, not requiring sustenance, not derived from another, not drawing from anything, all-sufficient, abundant and unchanging life! Job was the patient one, but Jesus was altogether lovely in every way…the meekest, most humble, most patient, most loving, most gracious, most courageous, firmest, wisest, everything. You can teach Sunday School, pass out tracts, win souls, and do many wonderful works and have a broken foot. Although you didna€™t intend to get into that financial mess, you found yourself in a situation where you needed to see the goodness of God! All creation groans for a people who can manifest and demonstrate IN THEIR STATE OF BEING the life and love and nature and power of God. You had heard and believed that God is a supernatural Provider;therefore, in a certain sense, your situation created a moment when Goda€™s goodness and delivering power could be tested. This situation would be the equivalent of you saying, a€?Lord, You say that You are a great Provider, so I need You to show me who You are! The word a€?proveda€? is takenA from the Greek wordA dokimadzo, which describes something that has been tested and found to be true and genuine.

It can be also translated as something that is authentic, reliable, approved, trustworthy, and real.A Moses had declared the goodness of God to the children of Israel, but each challenge they facedA gave God an opportunity to prove that He is exactly as Moses had declared Him to be. But in a broader sense, horao carries the idea of seeing, perceiving, understanding, experiencing, and assimilating into onea€™s self.
This tells us that the children ofIsrael saw and experienced enough of Goda€™s power to fully understand and assimilate it into theirA consciousness. If this is true, and if you take into account that God fed His people every day for 40 years, this meansA 65,700,000 tonsA of manna supernaturally appeared on the ground over a period of forty years!
A This manna appeared so regularly, so faithfully, so a€?day in and day out,a€? that after a while, theA children of Israel didna€™t even think too much of it anymore.
Supernatural provision became so commonplaceA among them that they forgot how supernatural it was and began to accept it as a normal,A regular occurrence. Thata€™s right a€” if each Israelite ate only one quail a day, in one month it would amount to 90,000,000 quail. If they ate two quail a day, the total numberA needed to feed them all for thirty days would rise toA 180,000,000 quail. Thata€™s how many quail it took to feed that crowd of three million Israelites in a thirty-day period. The thick clouds of quail must have been dense enough to nearly block the peoplea€™s view of the sun! From what distance did God supernaturally call in the quail to feed the children of Israel?A This phenomenon simply could not be naturally explained.
It was just as miraculous as the 4,500 tons of manna that miraculously appeared on the ground everyA morning for forty years.A How about the water that came out of the rock to meet the Israelitesa€™ need for water in the wilderness?
Do you have any idea how much water it would take to support three million Israelites in the blistering hot temperatures of the wilderness?
And consider the amount of water it would have taken to adequatelyA nourish 3,000,000 people and all the animals in the hot temperatures of the wilderness. But because there was no natural source of water, it had to be provided for themA supernaturally.A So God told Moses to strike the rock (see Exodus 17). And once water started to flow, it continued to flowA and flow and flow, providing all the water needed by the people of God.
After experiencing this kind of miraculous supply on such a continual basis, they should have trusted the Lord andA found it easy to follow Him. Hadna€™t He always supernaturally provided what they needed when there was no natural provision to be found? What a privileged generation they were to see such marvelous acts of God!A But in spite of all the Israelites had seen, experienced, and assimilated about Goda€™s goodness, they became hardhearted.
It was also used to describe the hardened soil of the desert a€” soil that was so hardened that water was unable to penetrate it and instead rolled right off. Is it possible that they became calloused toA the goodness of God because He had showered them with so much goodness? The word a€?hardena€? seems to imply they becameA so calloused that nothing impressed them anymore.
No matter how much of Goda€™s Spirit was poured out on them, His Presence justA rolled off them, unable to penetrate their hard hearts. He changed you, healed you, delivered you, rescued your family,A gave you a new job, answered your prayers, and provided for you financially time and time again,A showering you with blessing upon blessing over the years. He proved Himself again and again, repeatedlyA demonstrating that He is reliable, trustworthy, and true. ItA is true that You have showered me with nonstop blessings a€” and today I want to take thisA opportunity to thank You for every good thing Youa€™ve done in my life. The situations I haveA faced in my life have put You to the test, and You have jumped at every chance to prove howA good You are. I have everyA reason to trust Him, for He has proven Himself to me again and again and I know He willA never let me down. As you read todaya€™s Breakfast, did you begin to think of all the times God has supernaturally provided for your own life? It would be very beneficial for youA to take a few minutes to reflect on all the times God has miraculously suppliedA what you needed.A 2. Have you had so many miraculous provisions in your life that youa€™ve begunA to lose your appreciation for all that God has done for you?

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