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Personally I don’t believe that it is an all or nothing occurrence, but I do believe that we each experience many more miracles in our day to day lives than we may notice or recognize.
Some use the word miracle to describe a rare or unlikely occurrence where supernatural or divine intervention may not be involved–one that is explainable by some method, for instance, the birth of a baby is incredible and miraculous, but it can be scientifically explained.
In modern day the word miracle has been broadened to include events that are beneficial and unlikely, though not supernatural or divine in nature.
I would venture to say that most of our curiosity lies with miracles that cannot be explained away; ones that are supernaturally based, works of God, or divine intervention, and those that defy the laws of the universe as we know them and surpass all known human abilities.
Belief in miracles exists in all cultures and nearly all religions, but even among the devout and observant, perspective plays a role.
Supernaturally occurring miracles are seen by the faithful as evidence that an almighty God or other unseen divinity do in fact exist. Faith healings and the casting out of demons are occurrences of miracles often seen in Pentecostal churches.
The relationship that Native Americans have with God is experienced as a relationship with all of creation. Eastern religions such as Hinduism and Buddhism believe that miracles come from the purification of the mind; that stringent ethical and meditational training is what endows the person with miraculous powers. The explanation that miracles are not so much occurrences as they are observations rings true for me because I believe that everything one experiences in life is based on perception. There will always be scientists and skeptics who say miracles don’t happen, as well as atheists who say God does not exist. One day out of frustration I set my sites on cleaning out the disastrous mess in that closet and claiming it as my own. With a large plastic garbage bag by my side, I plopped myself down in the middle of the mess and began going through everything.
When I thought about it, I remembered that he and his ex-wife had been at the same prom I attended and for some reason she had taken a picture of me. Miracles sometimes occur and transform our lives when we least expect them—an unexpected phone call, a letter in the mail, a knock on the door, a chance meeting with someone. I find that the more spiritually connected I am, the more miracles I experience in my day to day life. It also shares her insights about faith, the power of the Eucharist, the importance of prayer, and the ministry of vocations.

If you view life from a spiritual, supernatural perspective, then you are likely to reason that events that inspire your awe are supernaturally founded and therefore miracles. There may also be reasons, though unlikely, for someone surviving a terrible car accident, healing from a seemingly hopeless illness, or living through a natural disaster. Some believe that God intervenes and shows us miracles, those that only he can perform, to strengthen our faith and trust in him; to show the omnipotence and the power he holds over life and death. Reportedly, Buddha was able to multiply himself, fly through the air, hear things over a long distance, read other people’s minds, and remember former lives.
Many of the events described in the bible can be called miracles, but there is no word in the bible that means miracle. They call on the laws of nature rather than divine intervention to explain away these awe-filled occurrences.
I wrote about several of them in my memoir, Fine…ly, because the synchronicities actually drove the story to its conclusion. Everything about our relationship from the way we met to the way our relationship ended involved overtly unmistakable synchronicities. The house was a Cape Cod style; the main floor was the living and bedroom area and the upstairs had two dormers and a bathroom that he never used. The closet floor was a chaotic sea of papers, trash, and things no one wanted; things that must have been thrown in there just to get them out of sight.
As I was sorting through all the papers, I came upon a Polaroid picture that was turned upside down.
Miracles occurring through prayer and prayer chains are largely reported, especially where health issues or natural disasters are concerned.
Most of all it points the way to a closer relationship with Jesus, greater knowledge of his love, and deepr faith in his power to do the impossible. Sometimes people in these types of situations are saved through divine intervention; sometimes there are mechanical reasons. They believe that God creates miracles as a way to show his salvation, compassion, and mercy for us. Many cultures have handed down stories of miracles and integrated them into their belief systems. They make no distinction between the living and the dead, past or present, tangible and intangible.

We lived near each other and I casually knew many of his friends, but neither of us had any recollection of our paths ever crossing. But the picture confirmed that I was supposed to be exactly where I was at that very moment. And you probably know someone, as I do, whose life was saved after going to the doctor for one ailment and having another critical ailment discovered. I believe that if we are intuitive, synchronicities will be seen as miracles—as God or the spiritual world intervening in our lives, showing us the most straightforward and easiest path to our ultimate destination.
There was also a walk in closet up there that probably had not been used since he divorced his first wife. An example is the birth of Jesus through Immaculate Conception and his resurrection after death.
As the Talmud says, the skeptic will explain the parting of the sea as a result of nature and the believer will explain the growth of wheat as a miracle. It was mind-blowing to realize that Keith had a picture of me buried under rubble in the upstairs closet of his house, unknowingly, for six years.
What I am talking about are things like the phone call out of the blue from someone who tells you exactly what you need to hear, or something you thought you lost forever turning up in the oddest place.
I am talking about finding money you did not know you had or having someone give you money out of the blue when you need it the most. The Catholic Church recognizes miracles as works of God, either through prayer or through specific saints. Many of us experience these things and fail to take notice of the miracle that has occurred. They have stringent requirements, overseen by the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, in validating them. Among other criteria, before accepting someone as a saint, or canonizing them, they must have performed two miracles.

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