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I was so fangirling all over the house when the Miracles Now Card Deck arrived via Hay House a couple of days ago! Gabrielle Bernstein gave a few lectures during my health coaching education, and I saw her in person at a nutrition conference as well. I received a digital version of the book, but I think this would be great to keep on your desk in paper version, and open up to a random page daily (just like my daily practice of gratitude), or at least whenever you are needing some inspiration and motivation.
Women Food and God: Geneen Roth is another lecturer that I heard recorded and live during my health coaching education, and like Gabby, she has an inspirational story of recovery and self-healing. I did some audiobooks when I was in Mass and had my long Rte 495 commute … but it was never the same for me as reading. I love all things health, wellness, and fitness-related, and I hope to share some of my passion with you. Books are great, but I’m loving the new perspective a business coach can help me with.
This is a deck based on some of the teaching found in Gabby B's book Miracles Now, an awesome book full of 108 tools for your spiritual and life journey.

But this deck is so much more than just quotes from the book and can totally be used on their own too!This is not an angel or tarot deck, this is an affirmation deck. Sure, it's basically a phrase you say to yourself to help you manifeststuff - not only things in your outside world, but also to help you to become who you really want to be. The movie begins and we see a near perfect family- 3 happy girls, 2 hard working parents- lots of love, community, and joy.
You will instantly fall in love with this family- and your heart will drop as the story follows with the heartwrenching medical complications Annabel goes through. Even if you don't feel that awesome at first, after doing this for a few days you will find you start to believe it a little bit, then a lot, and then before you know it you are feeling so freaking awesome it's RIDIC!There are 62 cards in this deck and you can basically use them however the heck you want!
Watching this family see doctor after doctor, searching for answers, gives you a new perspective once again.
They are a beautiful galaxy of 80's colours and seriously, when you ask the Universe for a card and then you pull one, it's like the Universe is talking to you. Gratitude for the blessings in your life, and strength for the hard stuff. And you guys- KYLIE ROGERS ACTING ABILITY!

Or the other supporting roles- Martin Henderson, Eugenio Derbez, and the one and only Queen Latifah. Christian films often have cheesy actors and lame storylines- this is NOT one of those movies.
Even though there is a faith-based undertone, I definitely think this is a movie for anyone of any spiritual (or non-spiritual) background. There was a mixture of Christian and secular music- and if you are a fan of Christian music like our family is, you’re going to LOVE the songs they put in there, and the way they did it. And it made me want to jump right into that small little Texas church and belt out some praises!While I was sitting in the theater, I would have given almost anything for my kids to appear so I could squeeze them close. It’s that kind of movie- the kind that makes you thankful for everything in your life.

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