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Just like Elijah and Elisha, when our hearts are completely devoted to God, He can work through us to finish the work that He has called us to do. Heavenly Father, Thank You for the examples and stories that You have placed in Your Word for us to learn from. My wife Emily and I started this website to show others how God provides for us on a daily basis. Isaiah - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, The first verse of the book of isaiah states that isaiah prophesied during the reigns of uzziah (or azariah), jotham, ahaz and hezekiah, the kings of judah .
The Lord took Elijah up to heaven, and Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah’s prophetic ministry. When our motives are pure in God’s eyes, we should not be afraid to ask great things from God. By sharing positive stories, scripture, and other inspirational posts, we hope to bring God's joy to people every day.

God wants us to show compassion to others and to help those who are in need as we carry His message to them. Elisha then continued his ministry, and God performed some amazing miracles through Elisha.
Please help us to always follow Your ways for us, obeying and praising You through all circumstances in our lives. Follow along to read more about the miracles God performed through Elisha in        2 Kings 1-4! Please be with those who have rejected You, and help them to return to You, Father, before judgement. Help us to treat others with kindness, and help us to show the same traits to others as You do, following Your example. Even though we do not always get what we want in life, we know that You know what is best for us.

Please help us to draw near to You, and please protect us from giving in to the pressures of this fallen world.
Help us also to be more compassionate toward others who are struggling in this evil world, as well. Help us to be Your hands and feet in this world, and guide us in the right paths for our lives. Thank You for the unique gifts and talents that You give to each one of us; help us to work in unity with others to accomplish Your plan. Please guide and protect us, our friends, families, pets, and our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering.

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miracles of elijah and elisha compared

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