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This is my life story, of a young girl subject to the cruelty of molestation and rape and eventually falling into a drug hell hole.
Some of the content in this book may upset sensitive readers, but sadly in our day and society, many children from a very young age are being abused and are subject to the drug scene. They are referred to by a variety of names: coincidences, blessed encounters, happenstance, miracles, awe-inspiring experiences, anomalies,or just plain luck. Patricia Green gives biblical proof that Yahweh has Seven Spirits full of supernatural power that He desires to impart.

Millions of people have reported extraordinary experiences(EE's)when dealing with the changes imposed by the death of a loved one and these events have a major positive impact on the course of their grieving.
Patricia describes each of His Spirits and recounts dreams, visions, and stories, revealing how the Seven Spirits of Yahweh operate. This groundbreaking book gives numerous examples of EE's and a step by step approach for using them as a potent resource for helping a mourner accept the death and adapt to the changes it imposes. Do you desire more spiritual power to proclaim His truth with mighty signs, wonders, and miracles?

It is a book for both the helper who is providing support and for the mourner who has the experience.

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miracles of mind pdf free download youtube

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