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This DVD can only be sold in the US and CanadaIn 1948 Aurora Marin arrives with her family at the convent of the Canossian Sisters of Schio, Italy, where Sister Bakhita has just died.
This DVD can only be sold in the US and Canada.A special 2-DVD collector's edition of the acclaimed epic film on St. This DVD can only be sold in the US, Canada and Mexico.Mary of Nazareth is an epic motion picture on the life of Mary, mother of Christ, from her childhood through the Resurrection of Jesus.
The Miracles of the Church website is devoted to the extraordinary miracles that have occurred in the Catholic Church throughout the centuries including miracles of the Eucharist, miracles through the intercession of the Saints, blood miracles, incorruptable bodies of the Saints, the crucifix of Limpias-Jesus comes alive, miracles during the appearances of the Blessed Virgin Mary and many others.
The liquefaction (becoming liquid) of the blood of St Januarius (Gennaro) is an extraordinary miracle of the Church that has been occurring up to 18 times each year for the past 600 years. This practice of gathering blood for relics, admittedly a somewhat surprising religious practice, nevertheless was a common practice beginning in the days of persecution when the early Christians soaked cloths in the blood shed by martyrs or, if possible, actually collected the liquid in flasks to keep as devotional items. While it is scientifically known that blood once removed from the body soon coagulates and eventually spoils, and since this natural reaction was common knowledge among the medical faculty of the Middle Ages, a claim made by them of remarkable liquefacations can hardly be ignored and would seem to indicate a transcendence of their experience. The saint's history begins with the Roman Emperor Diocletian whose persecution during the dawning years of the fourth century made martyrs of innumerable Christians.
On the feast days of the saint the silver bust that contains the head is exposed upon the altar or taken in procession. When the liquefacations occur, these dreaded occurrences are not expected to take place, and this gives vent to great rejoicing and notices in many secular presses throughout the world. Every possible argument has been presented by skeptics, but all have been dismissed in view of the contrary reactions of the blood whose liquefaction occurs under the most diverse circumstances and physical conditions, The phenomenon has no need of special conditions to verify itself. Those reluctant to admit the supernatural quality of the happening have argued that the press of the spectators, the lights and candles on the altar or the warmth of the priest's hands have helped in producing re heat that encourages liquefaction.
After the liquefaction the blood frequently presents a variation in volume since at times it decreased while at other times it almost doubles s size, nor does it necessarily return to its original volume. The color of the coagulated blood changes from dark rouge, almost black, to a bright vermillion that appears opaque when held to a light. At other times the blood does not entirely liquefy and maintains a hard globule in the middle of the liquefied part, this condition lasting a day, weeks or sometimes months with no explanation being formulated by scientists for this behavior. The impossibility of a natural explanation increases by the fact that the substance contained in the vials is true blood.
Some of the truly remarkable conditions that scientists could not explain was why the blood sometimes forms tiny bubbles that rise to the surface and collect into a foam, nor why, when it bubbles, it becomes a crimson color while at other times the color of the liquefied material is dull and its movements sluggish.
Skeptical scientists from time to time have attempted to reproduce a liquid with similar characteristics by the mixture of various chemicals, but they have consistently failed to produce something that not only changes from a solid to a liquid form, but also changes its weight, volume and color.
Unable to disqualify the miracle with arguments of a scientific nature, some have grasped elsewhere, even offering the improbable explanation that the blood is affected by some form of psychic force, that concentration and will of the expectant crowd are held responsible producing the physical action that their minds and wills demands is dismissed since the liquefaction has often happened unexpected and in the presence of only a few spectators. While scientists have been unable to explain how the phenomenon can be accounted for, the mysterious liquefaction of the blood of St. On the St Januarius' feast day in 2011 (September 19), the blood again liquefied, but this time before the phial was even removed from the reliquary safe where it is kept.
For those interested, there is an excellent brief eyewitness account from Father Alexander Lucie-Smith entitled "The day I saw a Saints blood become liquid".
To downplay the event, the Pope Francis quipped: "The bishop just announced that the blood half-liquefied.
Soon afterwards however it was noted that all of the blood had liquefied completely, as testified here by "Vatican Insider" news. Hi Anonymous,Well, the Catholic Church does not base Her faith on these things--they are simply signs given by God to strengthen one's faith. The Catholic church is probably the most hated church and persecuted in our present age its great that we have great Popes to look after it and is protected by Jesus Christ and his Most Blessed Mother and that StGennaro is still very much with the church and this Present Pope Francis , thanks for this sign of love and devotion to the ONE true church in Christ .
It is only one of a number of blood miracles that have taken place, and in the case of St Januarius-Gennaro and others, are still taking place with blood that was collected soon after the death of certain martyrs. In the catacombs these flasks were buried with the dead, their discovery indicating that the person had died a martyr. And In our own day, the specimens that are still active are no less scientifically inexplicable than they were centuries ago, even amidst intense scientific investigation.

A procession was making its way about the ca¬thedral when the priest holding the flasks containing the saint's coagulated blood noticed that the contents began to liquefy and bubble.
The blood has failed to liquefy several times, each time coinciding with the outbreak of disease, famine, war or political suppression.
The bones are kept separately while the head is enclosed in a magnificent silver bust that is enshrined a distance from the relics of blood. Prayers are recited while the priest or cardinal holds the reliquary of blood by its handle in full view of the assembly while making certain that the glass is not touched. In the evening the reliquary is put into a silver case and placed inside the altar where the next day the blood might be found coagulated or it may be found in a liquid state and might retain so for days or months. For example, the liquefacation's occur at different temperatures as indicated by the records kept for more than a century, and by the studies of Professors Pergola, Punzo and Sperindeo who concluded that there is o direct relation between the temperature and the time and manner of liquefaction. Since the miracle occurs several times each year in various seasons, and since the blood is protected by NO layers of glass and since there is no constant point at which the liquefaction takes place, the miracle is contrary to every physical law that exists regarding the temperature needed to liquefy a substance. Sometimes the coagulated blood occupies half the vial while at other times it occupies almost the entire space. This has been confirmed by the constant tradition and by the documents that are im¬possible to refute.
Januarius that has occurred for almost 600 years remains a challenge to the skeptic, a mystery to the scientific, and a truly inspiring miracle to the believer. On that day back in 2001 Father Alexander relates how the blood prodigy only occurred after much praying from the assembled congregation, and how the change was almost instantaneous. The liquefacation occurred during Pope Francis' one day pilgrimage to Naples, during which time he visited the poor of the city and also a prison. If a sinner like me could perform miracles in the name of Jesus then how much the saints can do, just imagine.Jesus never told that we should only follow holy scriptures. Have read all the posts you have put up here and most I have never heard of before, it is beautiful to read about the majesty of the Church and all the riches it contains. They also come for many different reasons, and one is to constantly be there to remind us of Gods presence and loving touch. She gathers her children around the picture of Bakhita and tells them of the incredible life of the woman that had raised her as her nanny. There is a well-documented history of these samples of blood liquefying at various times of the year, especially on the Saints' feast days.
Throughout the centuries, blood has been collected from holy persons recently deceased, especially martyrs for the faith, with the specimens being carefully kept with devotion and veneration. The liquefaction takes place when the vials are brought in close proximity to the silver bust containing the head. The blood may liquefy at temperatures of 77 degrees or higher with the phenomenon taking as much as 20 to 40 minutes, while smaller amount of time may be required when the temperature is 15 or o degrees or less. Likewise there have been occasions when the blood has failed to liquefy under app¬arently ideal circumstances. It was discovered that its weight was no more constant than its bulk, that is, its weight might increase as much as 25 grams, thereby defying physical laws.
Sometimes the mass is almost gummy, at other times fluid, and it is independent of any movement that occurs to the reliquary.
It is likewise confirmed by scientific research, especially that of 1902 when Professor Sperindeo was permitted to pass spec¬troscopic beams of light through the liquefied material.
He was met by tens of thousands in the city of Naples who came out in great numbers to see him. We need to know the time and culture when Jesus was alive to understand the scriptures clearly.
As an adult there were times when I was confused about what religion was the true religion of Jesus. Born in a village in Sudan, kidnapped by slavers, often beaten and abused, and later sold to Federico Marin, a Venetian merchant, Bakhita then came to Italy and became the nanny servant of Federico's daughter, Aurora, who had lost her mother at birth.
These samples have been known to liquefy under various circumstances, at different seasons of the year, in various countries and in varied ways.

The recurring miracle of the liquefaction of his blood 18 times a year is often reported in the secular as well as the religious press, and is the occasion of great gatherings in the Cathedral of Naples.
The theory of heat or the lack of it affords o adequate explanation of the phenomenon observed. The strangest element is that there is often an increase in weight when the mass actually decreases, and a decrease in weight when the volume increases - this in direct opposition to the laws that dictate an increase in weight with a corresponding increase in mass. This test yielded the distinctive lines of the spectrum of blood with definite characteristics of hemoglobin.
So being the apostolic church catholic church has the ability to do it better.Catholic church only first brought Bible to public. I prayed for the Lord to show me the truth and asked the Holy Spirit to guide me to the truth no matter what. She is treated as an outcast by the peasants and the other servants due to her black skin and African background, but Bakhita is kind and generous to others. Many samples still display wonderful reactions in our day, one of which, that of St Januarius we will here consider. Here the people pray fervently while the resident cardinal, who usually presides over the ceremony, holds the vials of blood. 305 when he journeyed to Pozzuoli to offer encouragement to Sossius, a deacon who had been imprisoned. The smaller contains only a trace of blood, but the larger measures four inches in height and about two and a quarter inches in diameter and is usually a little more than half filled with coagulated blood that appears as a hard dark mass. The cathedral is always filled to capacity when the resident car¬dinal or a priest holds the reliquary for all to see, being careful not to touch the crystal sides. If you say that these things are done by the devil, by whom do your ancestors do these things? Since I have been praying for this answer the Lord has guided me back to the Catholic Church in more ways than I can even explain. Bakhita gradually comes closer to God with the help of the kind village priest, and embraces the Catholic faith. The miracle occurs when the bust reliquary containing the head of the saint is brought near. The bishop was soon arrested together with several ministers who had labored beside the saint in the service of the Church. The flasks are hermetically sealed and are solidly fixed side by side within a ring of silver and crystal sides that has a stick-like handle at the bottom. The cardinal then announces, "The miracle has happened," words that cause great joy and the chanting of the 'Te Deum'. She requests to join the order of Canossian sisters, but Marin doesn't want to give her up as his servant, treating her almost as his property. When the liquefaction is accomplished in full view of the spectators, the cardinal announces, "The miracle has happened," words that cause great rejoicing and the chanting of the Te Deum. This proves that relics of the saints have supernatural healing power, and this belief has been a part of Catholic tradition for 2,000 years.Rev. This leads to a moving court case that raised an uproar which impacts Bakhita's freedom and ultimate decision to become a nun. Januarius’ body was taken to Benevento, then to Monte Vergine and lastly to Naples where it was entombed in the main church of the city, with two vials of his blood that had been collected by devout followers. Giuseppe Moscati, Doctor Zhivago) and stars Fatou Kine Boye, Stefania Rocca, Fabio Sartor, Ettore Bassi, and Francesco Salvi.
This is a Region 1 DVD (playable ONLY in Bermuda, Canada, the Cayman Islands, United States and U.S.

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