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Your level-headed approach is the best way to approach things that are of an extraordinary nature. I suspect that some people are afraid of what they may discover, and so quickly turn away and try to put such things out of mind. If you look at the drawing I found, regardless of the date of it, it is identical to your "photo".
God gave us His word and in that word God tells mankind very clearly that his morals are always in the toilet. LazeretH [mirror "Of eye you choose, aka, Ophiuchus"] The rez all, the reason all, the resolve all, the resolve for reason is all.

I just had that picture in amongst thousands of others and had no info about it, but it stood out straight away as being very similar.
NO , jesus died 2000 years ago and the first photograph was made in 180 years ago so you tell me, is this a photo of jesus? Misfit, I was addressing my comment to Jeddyhi when I said that the date of the drawing had been neglected. The picture that probedbygray compared to the photo did have the date when it was made but it does not look like the image of Jesus in the photo. The Above Top Secret Web site is a wholly owned social content community of The Above Network, LLC.

If it was made after the photo then it is probably just a drawing made from looking at the photo.
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miracles spiritual gift jobs

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